Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 7419

Chapter 7419: Like The Sun

Soon, the meal Wang Qiancha ordered online was sent to the hospital.

Wang Qiancha said to Ye Wennian: "I just ordered the rice, can you go to the door to get it?"

Wang Qiancha would only be a well-behaved person like a white rabbit when he was in front of Ye Wennian.

When looking at Ye Wennian, there was a watery light in his eyes, pitiful, and people couldn't help but suddenly become soft.

On weekdays in Yewen years, there are not many words.

He glanced at Wang Qiancha, nodded, and then went to the door to get takeaway.

The phone number for the takeaway is from Wang Qiancha, but the name is from Ye Wennian.

The takeaway asked, "Is it called Ye Wennian?"

Ye Wennian was stunned, and then nodded, "Yes."

"This is the takeaway you ordered."

The takeout person delivered it, and Ye Wennian instinctively continued.

But his expression was still in a trance.

So Wang Qiancha was ordering something with his mobile phone just now. Was it the meal for him?

He remembered that Wang Qiancha just asked him if he didn't have dinner.

At this moment, Ye Wennian could not tell what kind of feeling he felt in his heart.

There seems to be a warm current flowing from my heart.

Ye Wennian returned to the ward and passed the meal to Wang Qiancha.

Ye Wennian has no habit of being passionate.

Wang Qiancha blinked, "This is the dinner prepared for you. You see, my stomach hurts. You can't eat these."

"If you don't eat, it's wasted."

"Besides, if it weren't for you, I don't know what it is like now. Eat quickly, don't make me feel guilty."

Wang Qiancha wanted to treat Ye Wennian well, but was worried about causing a psychological burden on Ye Wennian.

He always finds various reasons to let Ye Wennian accept her.

In fact, Wang Qiancha was very careful when looking at Ye Wennian.

A pair of Shang Wang Qiancha's eyes, Ye Wennian had a feeling of being unable to resist.

In fact, Wang Qiancha didn't know that her eyes were beautiful, and when they were agile, they seemed to speak.

Especially deliberately showing a pitiful look, as if acting like a baby, few people can stand it up.

Ye Wennian said: "You take care of it, don't talk, I will eat."

Hearing Ye Wennian say this, Wang Qiancha felt relieved.

Then she laughed and laughed happily.

When Wang Qiancha laughed, her eyebrows were crooked with a bright light.

It seems to light up a person's heart.

Wang Qiancha didn't know that sometimes, she was like sunshine, illuminating dark places in others' hearts.

Then Ye Wennian ate next to him, and looked at Wang Qiancha from time to time.

Seeing her pale face, Ye Wennian frowned.

Very slight movements, if you dont look closely, you wont see them.

Wang Qiancha's stomach was very uncomfortable at this time, and naturally he did not notice the subtle changes in Ye Wennian's expression.

When she lay there to rest, she would also watch Ye Wennian eat.

She found that when Ye Wennian ate, it was also pleasing to the eye.

Just every move is so elegant and beautiful.

But after watching it for a while, Wang Qiancha was also sleepy, and she was also tired.

So leaned there and fell asleep quickly.

Watching Wang Qiancha fell asleep, Ye Wennian got up and gently covered her with the quilt.

Then Ye Wennian sat by the bed and looked at Wang Qiancha.

This was the first time Ye Wennian looked at Wang Qiancha so seriously.

On weekdays, she talks a lot and looks very lively.

But at this time, he was quiet and his face was pale.

It looks weak.

It was this kind of Wang Qiancha that made Ye Wennian wonder what it was like.

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