Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 7418

Chapter 7418: Attentive Person

When Wang Qiancha was talking, he looked at Ye Wennian with watery eyes and looked very pitiful.

"I don't want my stomach to hurt anymore, it hurts a lot."

"You can't help me!"

"It's a big deal waiting for you to work in the future, you invite me to eat more."

Ye Wennian looked at the watery eyes of Wang Qiancha, his throat rolled down, and a voice came out of his throat, "Uh."

Wang Qiancha heard Ye Wennian say ah, he smiled happily, his eyebrows curved and smiled, with the light, like the sun.

Very bright.

Can illuminate one's heart.

Shine the sun on the dark places in people's hearts.

Wang Qiancha didn't even know that when she smiled, her smile was very contagious.

Wang Qiancha smiled happily.

At this moment her pale face was better because of the smile on her face.

"Then you agreed, let's pull the hook!"

With that in mind, Wang Qiancha also stretched out his fingers and looked at Ye Wennian very seriously and wanted to hook him.

The look in her eyes was so obvious.

She held out her fingers like this.

Ye Wennian was silent for a while, and she also extended her fingers.

Then Wang Qiancha hooked her finger like this, and took Ye Wennian's hand to hook it.

Ye Wennian's eyes moved, and his fingers were a little stiff.

But it felt like Wang Qiancha's fingers were soft and slender, and it seemed that they could be broken with just one touch.

So Ye Wennian dared not work hard.

After talking, Wang Qiancha lost his energy and leaned weakly on the chair.

Ye Wennian said: "If you want to sleep, sleep for a while, I will help you look at the hanging bottle."

Wang Qiancha nodded, "I will lie down for a while."

Wang Qiancha leaned on the table.

The stomach hurts, but she didn't make a sound.

It's also that she didn't eat well before.

In fact, she usually drinks more cold drinks on weekdays, which is really not good for her stomach.

It may just be propped up, and the stomach is having problems.

Ye Wennian watched Wang Qiancha lying there, stubbornly silent, his eyes flashing.

He looked at the hanging bottle quietly beside him.

Let Wang Qiancha sleep quietly.

Perhaps it was the hanging bottle, the stomach was better, Wang Qiancha was lying there, slowly falling asleep.

Maybe it was because Ye Wennian was beside him, and Wang Qiancha had a feeling of peace of mind.

It wasn't until the evening that Wang Qiancha woke up.

But this time she had already finished hanging the bottle, and she was much better.

When she opened her eyes, the whole person was confused.

Ye Wennian watched her wake up and put the book aside, "Are you uncomfortable when you wake up?"

Wang Qiancha shook his head, "Stomach is much better, no more pain."

After hitting the bottle, the stomach won't hurt.

So this time Wang Qiancha looks better, but his face is still pale.

She was not too powerful.

Ye Wennian said: "I'll buy you some porridge. Your stomach will be better if you drink something."

Wang Qiancha didn't feel hypocritical at this time, and nodded.

Then Ye Wennian went shopping.

Wang Qiancha looked at the book next to it. This should be the book on the shelf in the hospital.

He should learn all the time and time.

Wang Qiancha felt guilty in his heart, thinking about when to compensate for the night temperature.

Soon, Ye Wennian returned with a box of millet porridge.

"It's still hot, you drink it first, just finished hanging the bottle, you can't eat anything else, you can only drink some porridge."

Wang Qiancha can feel that Ye Wennian is actually very careful.

She looked at Ye Wennian, "Have you not eaten dinner yet?"

Ye Wennian did not speak, and Wang Qingcha knew that he had ignored himself.

Wang Qiancha took out his mobile phone and placed an order online to buy dinner.

You can have supper at night.

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