Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 7417

Chapter 7417: Greedy Breath

Wang Qiancha leaned on Ye Wennian's back. Although his stomach hurts, he could feel the warm breath of Ye Wennian.

Wang Qiancha felt that Ye Wennian's back made her feel so secure.

Although he walked fast, he was steady.

Although her stomach hurts, she doesn't know if it's a psychological effect, and she doesn't feel so painful.

However, Wang Qiancha was embarrassed to think that she was suffering from a stomachache.

I don't know how Ye Wennian would look at her when she turned around.

Wang Qiancha thought about these things, but still firmly held Ye Wennian's neck with his hands.

I'm afraid she will fall.

Although Ye Wennian carried her on the back steady.

Wang Qiancha was so close to Ye Wennian that he could still smell a slight rosin-like smell on him.

Very light but fragrant.

Even made her greedy for this breath.

Smelling this breath, Wang Qiancha forgot to have a stomachache.

Soon, Ye Wennian sent Wang Qiancha to the hospital.

However, you must also register in the hospital for emergency services.

Ye Wennian put Wang Qiancha on a chair and sat down.

Wang Qiancha instinctively reached out and grabbed Ye Wennian's sleeve.

Ye Wennian Wen Sheng explained: "I'll register you and line up!"

Wang Qiancha nodded.

Her face was very pale, and there was no power to speak.

Looking at Wang Qiancha like this, Ye Wennian frowned, but still went to the registration line.

When Wang Qiancha was waiting, Wang Qiancha had an examination and it was acute gastroenteritis.

Hang the bottle.

Wang Qiancha didn't have any energy at all. He felt uncomfortable with stomachaches and didn't want to move or talk.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Wennian was beside her.

Wang Qiancha looked at Ye Wennian's side face, he was helping her look at the hanging bottle, the side faces were all tight and condensed.

His facial features are deep and sharp, three-dimensional cutting, almost 360 degrees without dead ends.

If such a person enters the performing arts circle, it will definitely be in flames.

Feeling Wang Qingcha's sight, Ye Wennian bent slightly, "What's wrong? Stomach hurts?"

Wang Qiancha said weakly: "Stomach is better!"

"You don't need to control me anymore, go back to class, don't delay your class."

Wang Qiancha knew that Ye Wennian was a good student.

He should take his studies very seriously, and there are classes in the afternoon.

She didn't want to delay his class.

"It's okay!"

Ye Wennian will not leave Wang Qiancha alone in the hospital.

And looking at her like this, her face was still pale and still very weak.

"But there are also important lessons in the afternoon." Wang Qiancha felt that she would be very guilty if she delays the evening classes and delays his studies.

"It's okay, I have previewed it and it won't affect it."

"Moreover, I called the teacher to ask for leave, and helped you to ask for leave."

Wang Qiancha felt a little warm inside, "Thank you."

Although she was worried about delaying the study of Ye Wennian, she still hoped that Ye Wennian would stay with her.

At this time, Wang Qiancha's strong heart is also fragile.

Ye Wen said in a young voice: "No need to say that, your appearance is also related to me."

Ye Wennian thought, if Wang Qiancha couldn't eat at that time, let him eat, he can help eat it, maybe she won't have to support it.

Hearing this sentence, Wang Qiancha moved inside.

"I don't have much to order by myself. If I can't eat it next time, can you help me? I don't want to have a stomachache anymore."

"And if I order less, I will also be hungry. If more, I won't be able to eat again, and I'm afraid of waste."

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