Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 7416

Chapter 7416: Touched

Many people looked at Wang Qiancha with jealousy.

But it can only be discussed.

After all, in school, everyone can't make conflicts in the face.

The girls who were in trouble with Wang Qiancha last night turned pale as they listened to the sound of discussions around them.

They covered their faces with their hands. "These people have rusty brains. They don't know Wang Qiancha's power at all!"

"Hush, we can't just talk indiscriminately, let the big brother know that he should be angry."

This big guy, they are talking about Wang Qiancha.

These girls still have lingering fears.

When I saw Wang Qiancha, I thought of how Wang Qiancha came last night.

Such people, they dare not provoke.

People around here are mentally retarded, and Wang Qiancha is still being discussed.

Can a girl who is close to Ye Wennian be an ordinary person!

"Wang Qiancha can hear these people, is she not angry?"

"The big brother is the big brother, how can time be put on these people."

"However, how could she be in love with Ye Wennian?"

"Yue Wennian is a female harvester."

"Yue Wennian is so arrogant that other girls can't get close to him, so Wang Qiancha can get close, indicating that the big brother is different.


In fact, these girls now admire Wang Qiancha very much.

I just think a girl is so cool, it is really very tugging.

None of them want to admit that they adore Wang Qiancha in their hearts.


At this time, the discussion among the students around him naturally fell into the ears of Wang Qiancha.

Wang Qiancha pretended not to hear it. Anyway, what others said was that it was someone else's business, which would not affect her.

Do whatever she wants.

Wang Qiancha still ordered a lot of things.

"I can't eat it, will you eat it for me?"

Wang Qiancha still insists on giving the food to Ye Wennian.

But Ye Wennian still said: "How many meals do you eat, don't order so much if you can't eat so much."

"But before I had a meal, I always felt that I was hungry, so I couldn't help but order more. When I was eating, I felt that I couldn't eat."

In fact, Wang Qiancha feels that the food on the plate at night is too simple and too plain, and is worried about his malnutrition.

So think of ways to make him eat more meat.

Ye Wennian has his own pride, so he will not eat.

So Wang Qiancha was eating again.

After eating, Wang Qingcha's stomach began to hurt.

Her face is all white.

When Wang Qiancha looked like this, Ye Wennian's face slightly changed, "What's wrong with you?"

Wang Qiancha looked pitifully at Ye Wennian, "Eating, my stomach hurts!"

When Wang Qiancha speaks, her voice is soft and cute.

But because of stomachache, her voice was weak at this time.

The way she covered her belly was very pitiful.

Ye Wennian's eyes sank, "I'll take you to the hospital!"

"But I can't move!"

Wang Qiancha's eyes were wet, and he was about to cry.

Ye Wennian walked in front of Wang Qiancha and squatted, "I will take you to the hospital!"

Wang Qiancha was stunned.

I didn't expect Ye Wennian to want to carry her.

At this moment, Wang Qiancha was all touched.

She knew that he didn't look so cold on the surface, his heart was hot.

His heart is soft and kind.

Wang Qiancha was very happy, but it would really hurt his stomach.

She reached out and lay on the back of Ye Wennian.

Then Ye Wennian carefully carried Wang Qiancha back to her and hurried to the hospital.

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