Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 7415

Chapter 7415: Near Night

Wang Qiancha is driving in the car. She thinks that she is very secretive. Why was she discovered by Ye Wennian?

Wang Qiancha was in the car, his hands were tightly holding the steering wheel, and his heart was jumping out.

Isn't it true that Ye Wennian discovered something?

But her makeup is still the same as before. This car is also borrowed and will not be discovered.

Wang Qiancha comforted himself and pressed his hat down hard.

It's really nervous.

She felt the insight of Ye Wennian was amazing.

Although Ye Wennian is usually cold and cold, Wang Qiancha doesn't dare to underestimate him.

Then Wang Qingcha drove around the intersection without any problem.

As if just passing by.

Then she saw Ye Wennian through the rearview mirror.

He stood there quietly, not knowing what to think about.

Until more than 12 o'clock in the evening, Wang Qiancha changed his clothes again, and then returned to the community and went upstairs.

After returning to the house, Wang Qiancha's heart was still beating fast.


The next day, Wang Qiancha continued to go to class step by step.

The second session in the morning happened to be a math class. After class, the math teacher called Wang Qiancha to the office and asked her to send the math homework.

Wang Qiancha saw Ye Wennian when he was in the office.

He seemed to be helping to approve papers at the desk of a math teacher.

He lowered his head and gave the paper seriously, not charismatic.

Anyway, Wang Qiancha thinks that Ye Wennian is very beautiful.

She is not a nympho, and her brothers are also very beautiful.

But she thinks that the night is the best.

Ye Suxi felt a sight, Ye Wennian raised her head, and met Wang Qingcha's clear eyes like a deer.

Wang Qiancha smiled brightly at Ye Wennian and blinked at Ye Wennian as he walked over.

Then she moved the workbook back to the classroom and began to distribute it.

After distributing the workbook, Wang Qiancha returned to his seat, took out his mobile phone, and prepared to send a message to Ye Wennian.

Wang Qiancha edited the message for a while, but hesitated when he was about to send it.

Do you want Ye Wennian to give lectures at noon every day?

But apart from these, she did not know how to approach the night temperature.

There must be a reason to be close to him!

But Wang Qiancha also worried that he would be tired at night.

He went back so late last night and did not know whether to rest well or not.

So Wang Qiancha still refrained from sending messages to Ye Wennian.

But at noon, Wang Qiancha went to the cafeteria, the first sight was to find Ye Wennian's figure.

Ye Wennian was originally cold and cold, beautiful as poetry and painting.

It is easy to see him in the crowd.

After seeing him, Wang Qiancha happily went to have a meal.

After the meal, she took the lunch box and sat across from Ye Wennian.

Ye Wennian looked up at Wang Qiancha without talking.

Wang Qiancha showed a smile to Ye Wennian, sweet and a little cute.

Students around me saw this scene and took a breath again.

Many people looked jealously.

"Why did you allow Wang Qiancha to sit opposite him at night?"

"No one knows the temper of Ye Wennian. He is very lonely and arrogant. Other women don't want to eat with him at a table. This Wang Qiancha is special."

"I don't know what method she used."

"She just pretends!"

"Yue Wennian does not seem to be angry."

"The two look familiar."

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