Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2700

Chapter 2700 Dragon Phoenix Pavilions Disappearance

Chapter 2700 Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions Disappearance

Zero Wing Tower, top-floor reception room:

"Shi Feng, meeting you truly isnt easy. This old man has waited two whole days," Duan Hanshan said facetiously as he took a sip of tea on the sofa.

Despite Duan Hanshans jocular words, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng. He could feel something different about Shi Feng, yet he couldnt put his finger on it at the moment.

In Gods Domain, Shi Feng felt like a vast ocean. Now, although he still gave off a calm and vast feeling, Duan Hanshan could also feel hints of wind and rain coming from the youth. It was as if this calm could explode at any moment.

In fact, Duan Hanshan could even feel a faint trace of danger from Shi Feng right now. However, this feeling was intermittent, leaving Duan Hanshan uncertain. Shi Feng himself didnt notice this change. After completing his Tier 4 promotion and exiting his virtual gaming cabin, he only felt that his thoughts had become sharper and nothing more. This situation also puzzled Shi Feng somewhat. Unlike the previous breakthroughs he had, his body didnt become deprived of energy because of the breakthrough. On the contrary, his current physical condition was surprisingly good. He had not entered a state of weakness after this breakthrough.

"Elder Duan, you jest. I truly had to go to great lengths to get out of Gods Domain," Shi Feng explained. "May I know why you decided to visit Zero Wings headquarters personally this time? Did something big happen?"

Duan Hanshan was the Duan familys representative in the Azure Chamber of Commerce. His status was not the slightest bit inferior to that of the Guild Leaders of super-first-rate Guilds. No matter how one looked at it, there was no way someone of such status would escort a bunch of newcomers for training. This was especially true for Azure, a superpower that focused on commerce. Azure was much busier than combat-oriented Guilds, as it had to maintain a vast and accurate information network.

"You really are a straightforward person. You behave nothing like the Guild Leaders of other powers." Duan Hanshan chuckled. "However, I am similar to you in this aspect.

"In that case, Ill get straight to the point. Indeed, I didnt come here for the training meeting but another major event. This matter might even have something to do with Zero Wing."

"A major event that concerns Zero Wing?" Shi Feng couldnt help growing curious. "May I know what this event is, Elder Duan?" If even an individual like Duan Hanshan spoke of this matter as a major event, then it had to involve the various superpowers. However, based on what he heard from Liang Jing, aside from the system update, there shouldnt be any other major events in Gods Domain recently. "You should be aware of what happened to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, right?" Duan Hanshan asked.

"Yes. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions three Pavilion Masters disappeared together with their close aides, and there has been no news of them even now," Shi Feng replied, nodding.

The three Pavilion Masters disappearance had caused an uproar among the various superpowers. He had also asked Mu Lingsha to inquire into the situation, but she still hadnt discovered anything thus far.

"The matter I spoke of is somewhat related to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion," Duan Hanshan said, his expression growing serious. "Two days ago, the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leaders of the Nine-star Family all disappeared." "The Nine-star Familys leadership disappeared? How is this possible?" Shi Feng was stunned by the news. Not only was the Nine-star Family a super-first-rate Guild, but its background was even stronger than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions. According to rumors, the Guild had suddenly gained the support of a powerful corporation. It currently occupied a portion of several empires and was close to catching up with Starlink.

Moreover, the Nine-star Family had six Vice Guild Leaders, who independently managed the Guild Branches in different empires. The fact that all of them had disappeared overnight was even more unbelievable than the simultaneous disappearance of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions three Pavilion Masters.

As for the possibility of someone attacking the Nine-star Familys headquarters, that was even more impossible. After all, powers of such caliber possessed comprehensive security systems. Even several grandmaster martial artists shouldnt be able to kidnap these people in secret.

"News of this matter has been blocked. Not many superpowers know of it," Duan Hanshan said in a quiet tone.

"What does this have to do with Zero Wing?" Shi Feng grew even more curious after hearing Duan Hanshans words. "Could the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion have a hand in this matter?"

"No." Duan Hanshan shook his head. "According to Azures investigations, both the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions and Nine-star Familys leaders disappeared after secretly meeting with Saints Hand. And according to inside information from the Nine-star Family, after the Guilds leaders disappeared from the game, a group of mysterious people took their gaming cabins away."

"A group of mysterious people took their gaming cabins? Is this Saints Hands doing?" After hearing Duan Hanshans explanation, Shi Feng suspected that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had faced a similar situation. "Also, did you find out where their cabins were transported to?"

"While we still dont know if this incident is related to that mysterious bunch in Gods Domain, we did find out where the cabins were transported to," Duan Hanshan replied, chuckling

"Where?" Shi Feng asked curiously.

Logically, with the forces the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Nine-star Family wielded, the two Guilds shouldve been able to locate their leaders quickly. However, even now, there was no news from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. This was truly a bizarre situation.

"TheUpperZone!" Duan Hanshan said these words one by one.

"The Upper Zone?"

The fog enveloping Shi Fengs heart grew heavy. He simply couldnt understand what was going on. Phoenix Rain was merely one of the leaders of a super-first-rate Guild. Why would someone of her status be dragged into such a huge incident?

Shi Feng knew a little about the Upper Zone. It was a special region capable of extending the lifespan of its residents. However, not just any wealthy person could enter it. In the eyes of the Upper Zones residents, ordinary corporations were no different from ants. Even the leaders of the major corporations backing the Azure Chamber of Commerce would have to maintain a low profile while inside the Upper Zone, all the more someone like Phoenix Rain.

It wouldnt be far-fetched to say that there shouldnt be any relations between Phoenix Rain and the Upper Zone.

"Saints Hand is deeply involved in this matter. I came here this time to tell you that its best not to provoke Saints Hand too much during this time. Who knows? Zero Wing might end up becoming the next Nine-star Family," Duan Hanshan warned earnestly.

"Provoke Saints Hand?" Revealing a bitter smile, Shi Feng said, "Ive never taken the initiative to provoke them."

To occupy the Orc Empire, Saints Hand had already set its sights on Silverwing Town. It wasnt that he wanted to provoke Saints Hand. Rather, the other party had already resolved to take his life.

"However, you dont have to worry too much about this, either," Duan Hanshan said, chuckling.

"Dont need to worry?" Shi Feng asked, puzzled.

Although he had adequate strength now, he was certain the security of Zero Wings headquarters was far from comparable to that of the Nine-star Familys and Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions headquarters.

"Frost Heavens Hong Xinyuan has promised that so long as Zero Wing helps Frost Heaven complete the task you two agreed on, he will give Zero Wing three reserved slots to enter the Upper Zone," Duan Hanshan said, smiling. "This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Any superpower would laugh to death if they received such a wonderful opportunity. You should know how extraordinary the Upper Zones are. Those places are possibly the safest locations in the world."

Although both the Nine-star Family and Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion were super-first-rate Guilds, the corporations backing them lacked the power to secure slots to enter the Upper Zone for the Guilds leadership. Otherwise, the two Guilds wouldnt have faced such a predicament.

This piece of news rendered Shi Feng speechless.

Just what is Frost Heaven trying to do for it to be so generous?

These were reserved slots for the Upper Zone they were talking about! All else aside, just the Upper Zones security aspect was already more than enough to make the various superpowers Guild Leaders go crazy. During his previous life, even when the Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds offered billions of Credits, they still couldnt secure a slot in the Upper Zone. Only the Guild Leaders of super-first-rate Guilds could barely manage to do so.

Yet, now, Frost Heaven was actually offering three slots to Zero Wing!

At this moment, Shi Feng wouldnt be surprised if Frost Heaven wanted Zero Wing to mount a full-on assault on the Five Great Super Guilds.

"Youre quite lucky, honestly. If it were any other time, Frost Heaven most likely wouldnt offer such a price for Zero Wings help," Duan Hanshan said, sighing. "As for what exactly Frost Heaven wants Zero Wing to do, I cant reveal it to you now. Someone from Frost Heaven will notify you when the time comes. In any case, it isnt a simple task. Zero Wing has to be careful. Otherwise, it wouldnt be surprising if Zero Wing were to perish."

"Thank you for your reminder, Elder Duan," Shi Feng sincerely thanked Duan Hanshan. Duan Hanshans willingness to reveal the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions and Saints Hands matters to him already demonstrated Azures sincerity in its partnership with Zero Wing. Shi Feng naturally had to show his appreciation.

"Azure hasnt done anything noteworthy. How youll proceed in the future is still up to you to decide," Duan Hanshan said, chuckling. Seeing as Shi Feng was willing to accept the Azure Chamber of Commerces kindness, his task here was done. "Alright, I should go now."

After saying so, Duan Hanshan left the reception room. He didnt even let Shi Feng send him off as he silently disappeared from Zero Wings headquarters.

"Guild Leader, what should we do now?" Liang Jing asked worriedly after Duan Hanshan left.

Saints Hand posed too much of a threat. If they didnt act carefully, they might very well end up like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Nine-star Family.

"We can only take things as they come," Shi Feng said. "However, well have to reorganize our plans. Once Gods Domains system update ends, have all of Zero Wings main force members gather at Silverwing City. Its about time Zero Wing underwent some changes." Gods Domains major updates were extraordinary, each triggering a complete shift in the games structure. Since the first major update came a little sooner than expected, he would have to start overhauling Zero Wings expansion plans. Otherwise, the Guild wouldnt even have scraps to fight over, let alone contending against Saints Hand and the various superpowers.

"I understand. Ill get it done as soon as I go online," Liang Jing said, nodding.

Time passed quickly. Before anyone knew it, Gods Domains major update had been completed, and everyone started logging back into the game at seven oclock in the morning.

Lying in his virtual gaming cabin, Shi Feng took a deep breath when he saw the "Login" button appear on the screen before him. "Login!"

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