Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 3460

Chapter 3460: Will Try To Find You


When the vow was made, a purple light fell from the sky and entered Li Mo's mind. This was a reaction to the oath taking effect.

However, after Li Mozhen made his oath, no sky thunder came. Obviously, Li Mozhen did not lie.

So everyone turned their eyes to Lingfeng again.

The second elder questioned directly: "Head, what he said is true?"

Lingfeng did not answer the second elder, but looked at Li Moyu: "Huh! You said your name is Li Moyu, who knows if you are called Li Moyu!"

It is said that many people have raised such doubts.

"I can also swear," Li Moxie said, and vowed again, still not punished by Tian Lei.

This time, it can be proved that what Li Mozhen said is true.

"Head, what else can you say?" The second elder questioned again, but was already angry.

The two elders are more upright and have no preference for anyone, so it is really angry that Lingfeng killed Lingling.

If this is the case, even if there is no revenge by Li Mozhen, Ling Feng will not be able to take over and will be dealt with by the elders.

"Head, should you give everyone an explanation!"

Of the seven elders in the Celestial Sect, two of the elders were from Lingfeng, but the other four were not, so everyone also began to attack Lingfeng.

Ling Feng couldn't hide it, so he didn't want to hide it.

"Yes, Ling Ling was destroyed by my clone. I was able to destroy Ling Ling ten years ago. Ten years later, I can also kill him." Ling Feng said viciously, rising in the sky, a black one. At this moment, the shadow floated out of Lingfeng's storage space and entered Lingfeng's body, and then Lingfeng released the immense aura of energy, carrying the imposing momentum of thunder, to cover everyone.

Everyone was surprised, and was even affected by the momentum of Lingfeng, and those who practiced weakly vomited blood to the ground.

Leng Xiaoyao and Li Motuo had no influence, because they are already out of the period, but the momentum of the Lingfeng at this moment, but the momentum of the out of the period, but also the peak momentum.

And this peak momentum, indeed ghost possession.

Yes, the Lingfeng is not only Lingfeng, but the combination of Lingfeng and Guixiu.

No one could think of it, Ling Feng had such a ghost repair beside him.

Even the elders and the four elders did not know about it, but the elders and the death of Ling Ling were also related. Therefore, he could not stand alone in this battle.

Li Moyu also flew into the sky, running the power of chaos in the body, and struck towards the lingfeng.

The elder also immediately shot and attacked Leng Xiaoyao and others.

There are also some doormen who can't leave Lingfeng together, as well.

However, the elder is just the pinnacle of Yuanying. Is it Leng Xiaoyao's real opponent?

Moreover, Ling Chen was also ready, so those who ordered him also appeared to intercept.

The huge repair made the elders quickly fall into the hands of Leng Xiaoyao, and the four elders who were still tangled did not shoot directly, and chose to stand by.

Originally this was a battle between Li Mozhen and Ling Feng. The other elders did not leave, but soon, this was not their personal battle.

Because Lingfeng released thousands of live corpses, these live corpses not only have the skills when they are alive, they will make the mana, and they are strong, powerful, and not afraid of death. It is even stronger than the living Jindan period and Yuanying period.

As soon as these corpses came out, everyone was stunned.

As soon as thousands of living corpses appeared, five monks who were not sent by the Tiancheng sent out, because these living corpses had come to attack them. If they did not fight back, it would be them.

Obviously, the disciples of the Celestial Sect are not the opponents of these corpses, and the number of casualties is obviously more than them, and there are fewer corpses.

Li Mozhen immediately took the Fu Ren from the space, and hundreds of Yuan Ying Fu Ren followed the disciples of the Tiancheng School to attack the living corpses.

Li Moxie and Leng Xiaoyao didn't know that Lingfeng had colluded with Guixiu. If they knew, they wouldn't rush to Tiancheng for action.

With the addition of Fu Ren, the children of the Tiancheng faction reduced their casualties, but this is still a fierce war.

Fortunately, Leng Xiaoyao is already out of touch, and one person can deal with many living corpses.

This battle also alarmed the two elders who were retreating.

One of the two elders is the mid-term, and the other is the peak of the tactic. Once they appear, they give Tiancheng the chance to win again.


After a day of fighting, it finally subsided and won. Naturally, Li Moyu and the Tiancheng faction won, but the Tiancheng faction also suffered numerous injuries.

Even Li Moyu hurt his soul.

Although I took the elixir, it didn't get better for a while.

Li Mozheng was the cause of this matter. Although he has been blamed by many people, he also knows that without this battle, there will be another battle.

At that time, Lingfeng and Guixiu become more powerful, and they are not the ones who win.

Li Moxie and others spent a month in Tiancheng, and the injuries were completely recovered.

Ling Chen took the seat of the head as expected, and Leng Yan also became a disciple of the Tiancheng School.

The identity of the robber cannot be concealed, and those who are high can see it at a glance, so at the beginning, they also stated their true identity.

Nan Weiyue and Qin'er also stayed in the Tiancheng School smoothly, directly under the head of the team.

Li Moyu became an elder of the Tiancheng School, but he was just a post.

Of course, it was only Li Moxuan who decided.

A month later, Li Mozhen left with Leng Xiaoyao.

Leng Yan and others wanted to follow, but Li Moxu refused them. After all, they are couples, but they don't want to have more light bulbs around them!

The two are no longer looking for a place to practice, but playing, all the way, wherever there is fun, just go and play.

Two months later.

It was Leng Xiaoyao leaving Gu Ning for two years.

Today is exactly two years.

Above the peak, Li Moxi hugged Leng Xiaoyao, and Leng Xiaoyao was very emotional at the moment.

"I don't know, will I disappear suddenly!" Leng Xiaoyao said, thinking of the possibility that he might disappear, or that they could not control and resist, Leng Xiaoyao felt angina.

She wanted to go back to her parents, but she couldn't bear Li Moyu.

Li Moyu heard the words and immediately held Leng Xiaoyao tighter: "No matter where you go, I will not be separated from you, even if temporarily separated, I will try to find you."

It's just that though he can't do it, he doesn't have the bottom of his heart, so his heart is also very panicky, and even trembles beyond control.

At this moment, the sky suddenly became densely covered with clouds, and a vortex was gradually formed. A beam of light shone from the vortex, hitting Leng Xiaoyao and Li Moyu.

(End of this chapter)

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