Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 3457

Chapter 3457: Come To Tianshui Town


Moreover, Lingfeng's style in Tiancheng is overbearing and unpopular.

Now, it's time to go to Tiancheng, and Ling Chen should have deployed.

"Long Qi, we are about to leave the Dragonbone Forest and go to work, so we have to say goodbye to you again." Li Moyu and Long Qi said goodbye.

"So, I wish you all the way, and when you have time, or when you come to Dragon Bone City, you must come to me!" Long Qi said.

"Yes," Li Mozhen answered.

After three months of getting along, they became real friends, that is, he didn't know the true identity of Li Moyu and others.

But it doesn't matter, as long as they have a good relationship with each other.

And he can successfully condense infants, relying on Li Moyu to clothe him and isolate him! This allowed him to get a lot of aura while condensing the baby, which reduced a lot of difficulties, and isolated all the interference, and condensed the baby smoothly.

Long Qi Yujian left, so did Li Moyu and others.

There are a lot of magical instruments in Li Moyu's space, so they all gave them to Leng Yan, so when they left, they all flew away with their respective royal swords.

Crossed the keel deep forest, and sent to the city side.

Those who have disappeared for a year and a half, or years, will not be considered dead because they often take a year and a half or several years of retreat.

Therefore, the disappearance of Long Qi for three months did not have any impact on the Long family.

However, when Long Qi came back, the owner of the dragon was happily broken, because Long Qi had condensed the baby.

"Qier, your babies have succeeded. Great, really great."

Yuan Ying Zhenjun is also rare in Guiyun Continent. The ratio of monks to Jin Ying and below Jin Dan is about 10,000 to 1, but in the Long family, this ratio reaches one to seven.

There are a total of 10,000 people inside and outside the Long family, but the monk Yuan Yuan has now reached seven people.

Long Qi is indeed the genius of the Dragon family, but his peers were the first to condense babies successfully.

Therefore, many people are crazy about jealousy.

The jealousest person is the second room.

If the son of the second room Long Yao is a good talent, now is the middle of Jin Dan, has been secretly competing with Long Qi.

At the beginning, they were almost the same, but in these years, Long Qi has surpassed him, so Long Yao has been very unconvinced.

The relationship between the Dragon family is more harmonious, but there are also discords. It is only disharmonious, and it is not to kill each other. Once they are found, they will be severely punished.

The lighter abolished cultivation, expelled the dragon family, and the heavy one directly killed the destructive.

Because of the strict clan rules of the Long family, the Long family has not killed each other for many years.

If there is any contradiction, you can directly ask the owner or elder to openly mine.

"Damn, Long Qi succeeded in condensing the babies. Why is his luck so good?" Long Yao hid in his room and secretly got angry.

Cultivation does not only need talent, but also chance and luck. Some people have obviously reached the peak, but no matter how they cultivate, they have not been able to make a breakthrough.

At this time, what you need is an opportunity and luck, so there is nothing wrong with Long Yao thinking so.

However, because of this opportunity and luck, Long Qi knew Li Moyu and others, and went into the depths of the dragon bone forest to practice, otherwise, he would not know when he would be able to condense the baby.

Li Moxie and others came to Tianshui Town and did not immediately go to the Tiancheng pie. Instead, they first found an inn to stay. The specific time for going up the mountain was to discuss with Ling Chen.

However, because Li Moxie are now unfamiliar faces, there is no need to avoid anything, Ling Chen can come to meet him in a fair and honest manner.

However, as soon as they arrived in Tianshui Town, they caused trouble.

Because Tianshui Town is close to the Keel Forest, many outsiders stop here, making the whole town very lively, and most of them want to enter the Keel Forest to experience.

Entering the keel forest experience is like going on a tour with a tour group. Tianshui Town has a special tour group place.

Because less people enter, it will be more dangerous, so everyone will choose to report to the group. When more than ten or twenty people enter, the safety factor will be higher.

Unless the practice is relatively high, you don't care about having more people and fewer people.

Li Moxie and his party arrived at the best inn in Tianshui Town. However, at 3 or 4 pm, the rooms were almost fully booked. Only the last five rooms were left, just enough for them to stay.

However, just before giving the good money and leaving the counter, two men came and said they wanted two rooms.

"It turned out to be Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren! It's a coincidence that the last five rooms of the inn have been set by these Taoists, and there are no extra rooms." The shopkeeper said sorry for this real person and Wang Zhenren Very respectful, I'm afraid it's not easy for the other party to come.

When the two monks Jin Dan heard the words, they immediately frowned, looked at them, and saw that there was a monk Jin Dan beside them, but they did not put them in their eyes, and said directly to the shopkeeper: "Then we want one, Just give them four. "

"This ..." The shopkeeper's embarrassed look to Li Moyu several people.

A few people of Li Mozhen ignored it, and turned around and left.

Why did they make the room they ordered?

When they turned, the real man shouted immediately, "Wait."

Li Moxie and others paused and turned: "What's the matter?"

"Did you not hear what we said just now?" Yu Zhenren asked, his tone was very bad, and he had a high-spirited attitude.

"Yes, what's the matter?" Li Moyu asked, not even looking straight at them, only giving them a ray of light, and not keeping them in their eyes properly.

Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren were stunned, then annoyed: "How? Naturally, we have made a room for us. We don't want you to make two rooms, which is not bad. How dare you ask us?"

"That is, do you know who we are? We, the disciples of the Tiancheng School, have offended us, and we can't make you walk around."

"People in the Tiancheng School can be so blind and domineering?" Li Moyu asked, his voice even colder.

Although he is no longer the head of the Tiancheng School, he is also the head of the team. Even if he abdicates, he still has great authority.

So, how did Li Moxue see the disciples of the Tiancheng School to do their job out of favor?

Moreover, they are all monks in the middle of Jindan. Obviously, they are regarded as core personnel in the Tiancheng School. They are either under the elders or under the head of the elders.

Teaching disciples who rely so heavily on Tiancheng s fortune and blessing is simply misconduct.

"You ..." The two of them were together. Of course, the Tiancheng faction did not allow them to have no one in their eyes and be a blessing, but they had their own sense of superiority, and naturally they could not tolerate others without giving face!

(End of this chapter)

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