Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 3456

Chapter 3456: Three Months Later

Chapter 3456 After Three Months

"If you don't want us to take this risk, then wait until we get revenge, or it s dangerous to go now. But we do nt go right away, we first go to the Dragonbone Forest, and then gradually enter the Tiancheng School, Only when you are sure will you shoot, but you ca nt say that there is no danger at all. After all, no one is sure about what happened. "Leng Xiaoyao said, although she felt confident, she could nt say too much. Is not responsible for Nan Weiyue.

Nan Weiyue was just surprised and didn't react too much, but she did not hesitate to decide: "I'll follow you."

Leng Xiaoyao had a life-saving favor for her, and kindly came to tell her these things. If she refused, it would make her chill!

Of course, Nan Weiyue didn't agree to go with them because of this issue. Instead, she knew that Leng Xiaoyao was the true prince of Yuan Ying. Naturally, her princes were at least the true prince of Yuan Ying. Too!

Traveling with Leng Xiaoyao for a while, she also knows Leng Xiaoyao's temperament. She generally does not easily do things that are not sure. Since she did, she is sure.

"Are you sure?" Leng Xiaoyao asked. Once Nan Weiyue determined, she had to take responsibility for her actions. When something really happened, she wouldn't blame herself.

What she can do is try to protect her as much as she can.

"I'm sure, but I want to bring Qin'er together, can I?" Nan Weiyue asked, she couldn't leave Qin'er.

"Certainly." Leng Xiaoyao said, knowing that they could not be separated, she could not do anything to separate them!

As a result, Nan Weiyue and Qin'er packed their luggage with great joy.

Early the next morning, Leng Xiaoyao took Nan Weiyue and Qin'er to the inn where Li Moyu and others were.

After meeting, they introduced each other.

After having a good breakfast, the group left Keel City.

However, he happened to meet Long Qi in the street.

"Senior, where are you going?" Long Qi asked curiously.

"We are going to experience the Dragonbone Forest." Li Moyu did not hide.

Long Qi heard his words, his eyes brightened, and asked, "Can you bring me? I want to go too."

He always wanted to go to the Dragonbone Forest, especially in the depths, but he did nt dare to go forward.

Unless led by a family elder.

The keel forest is divided into outer, inner and deep.

The surroundings are generally monks who build foundations, or monks who dare to enter the Jindan period.

After Jin Dan, he barely dared to enter the inner wall, but it was only the first half of the inner wall. Few Jin Dan monks dared to go in the second half of the deep, because no one knew whether the second half of the inner wall would Will rush out of the high-level spirit beast that has been moving in the depths!

However, they are not the same as Li Moyu. Li Moyu s cultivation is relatively high, not to mention that the other party is protecting himself, but at least when the other party is in danger, the danger is not so dangerous.

"Yes." Li Mozhen didn't refuse, after all, they really just went through the training, and there was nothing inconvenient to take Hanglong Qi.

Inquiring about the Tiancheng faction is not as it is now, and even if he inquires, he will go alone.

He disappeared by himself for a short time, and nothing was found.

With Li Mo's consent, Long Qi followed with joy, no one took it.

Leng Xiaoyao couldn't help but jokingly asked, "If you follow us alone, aren't you afraid we will be against you?"

Long Qi hesitated, he hadn't really thought about it yet!

But he is not really afraid!

"Will you be against me?" Long Qi asked jokingly.

"Maybe then, after all, you are the eldest son of the Long family owner, so you can use it a lot!" Leng Xiaoyao said, this is the truth, but Leng Xiaoyao said it in a joking tone because they There is no use of Long Qi's mind.

"It's the same, but I'm not really afraid!" Long Qi laughed.

Although he only met Li Moxie and Leng Xiaoyao, he felt that they were not secret villains.

Li Moxu saw Leng Xiaoyao and Long Qi talking and laughing, and the vinegar flew up in his heart. He took Leng Xiaoyao's hand and grasped it tightly, and his breath was unconcealed. .

After everyone felt it, they all felt speechless, should they be so stingy!

Long Qiyi smiled, and did not dare to talk to Leng Xiaoyao again.

When the party left the city, they flew directly to the Keel Forest.

Only Li Moyu, Leng Xiaoyao, and Long Qi have instruments. Long Qi can take two people, Leng Xiaoyao can take two people, Li Moye puts the other three on.

The crowd flew all the way to the inner boundary of the keel forest before landing.

When encountering low-level spirit beasts, neither Li Moyu nor Leng Xiaoyao will shoot, because they kill immediately as soon as they shoot, then it is boring. Let Nan Weiyue shoot them and get actual combat experience.

Even if they are injured, as long as they are not serious, Li Moyu and Lao Xiaoyao will not take any action, they will only heal them later.

Such actual combat can accumulate powerful experience, strengthen the body's meridians, absorb more aura, and can be improved.

Three months later

Leng Xiaoyao broke through the peak of Yuan Ying and entered the early stage.

Long Qi broke through the Jindan period and reached the early stage of Yuanying.

Leng Yan reached the peak of Jindan, and South Weiyue also broke through the foundation period and became a real person in the early days of Jindan.

Qin'er went from the beginning of the foundation period to the middle period, and everyone else also reached the early stage of Jindan.

Although Li Moxie is still out of the pinnacle, the strength of the previous pinnacle is not stable enough, and it is now stable.

Long Qi also knew a few people after they met Li Moyu, and they were stunned.

Looking at the whole Guiyun continent, I am afraid that there will be no more than a hundred of them.

Therefore, the status of the cultivator in Guiyun Continent is not generally high.

Long Qi is very envious of Li Moyan. He is not even thirty years old, but he is out of the pinnacle, and the days are long. For him, the Mahayana period may not take many years!

Within the past three months, the investigation of the Tiancheng faction had also been made.

Furthermore, Li Mozhen has reached an agreement with his brother Lingchen Zhenjun. Lingchen Zhenjun assisted Li Mozhen to destroy Lingfeng, and Li Mozhen assisted Lingchen Zhenjun in his position.

Li Mozhen did not reveal that Lingchen Zhenjun was the Lingling before him, but said that he was the clone of the Lingling.

As for Ling Ling himself, Li Mozhen said he didn't know, he just got Ling Ling's instructions to come and destroy Ling Feng.

Because Li Mozhen had Ling Ling as evidence, Ling Chen Zhenjun also believed.

Ling Chen Zhenjun is now an elder of the Tiancheng faction. Although he had a general relationship with Ling Zhen at that time, he had resentment with Ling Feng.

(End of this chapter)

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