Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 3455

Chapter 3455: Long Jiao Jiao Was Punished

3455 Born-1960

"Get off!" Li Moxun said. Even if he apologized for such a person who framed his reputation, he didn't look so good. He didn't directly abolish her, which is pretty good.

"Going back to plead guilty to the owner, if I go back and say it, your punishment will be more serious." Long Qi said coldly, looking at Long Jiaojiao's eyes could not conceal the disgust, because Long Jiaojiao did He couldn't understand those things.

"Yes." Longjiao Jiao was unwilling, but did not dare not to do so, and then fled.

After Long Jiaojiao left, Long Qi held a fist to Li Moyu: "Senior, it is the Dragon family who is not well disciplined and offends the seniors, and also asked the seniors not to give birth to the Dragon family because of this. Dragon is the main eldest son of Dragon Bone City, Long Qi, and has the heart Intersect with my predecessor, I do nt know if the predecessor can deserve Long, and give him the urgency, and invite the senior to have a cup of tea! "

When Long Qi confessed his identity, he did not show any ostentation and arrogance. His identity in front of the strong was nothing at all.

"Of course it can," Li Mozhen answered. As the former head of the Tiancheng faction, he naturally knew what kind of family the Dragon family was, and also knew the person of Long Qi.

Long Qi is also a very talented person. Now he is thirty-five years old, and he is the peak of Jindan.

As for human beings, at least he hasn't heard the bad side.

Of course, this was before, and now, he dare not conclude that the other party is still good, but these have nothing to do with him.

Make friends, and if you are good, you will have a deep friendship. If not, then you will not have a deep friendship, and he will not lose much.

Seeing Li Moyu's agreement, Long Qi was quite pleased, so he took Li Moyu and Leng Xiaoyao to the best teahouse in Longkecheng for tea.

"I don't know how to call seniors?" Long Qi asked.

"Li Moyu," Li Moyu said.

A tea, talk to each other Sheng Huan, and Long Jiao Jiao's side, not so good.

Upon returning to the Long family, Long Jiaojiao went to the Long family owner and confessed his crimes, and because he was worried that Long Qi would talk to the Long family owner again, Long Jiao Jiao did not dare to avoid the importance.

The owner of the Dragon family was aggressive.

Long Jiao Jiao's usual bad behaviors are not very clear, but he also knows that Long Jiao Jiao is not a peacemaker, and usually causes a lot of trouble. Therefore, he taught a lot, but as the head of the family, he had more things to do, so he didn't have so much time to pay attention to her, the words and deeds of the children of the Dragon family.

But Long Jiaojiao's self-incrimination act surprised him.

However, when he learned that Long Qi had been hit and Long Qi had let her go home to plead guilty, it was clear.

When such a serious incident happened, the owner of the Dragon family could not afford to spare lightly, so she punished her for three days on the knees of the ancestral hall and was banned for one month.

What happened outside the Long family did not know, but the punishment of Long Jiao Jiao immediately spread to the Long family, and Long Jiao Jiao's parents immediately found the Long owner.

"Brother, what's going on, why did you suddenly punish Jiao Jiao's kneeling ancestral hall for three days, for one month, and no training resources for three months? What did Jiao Jiao do?" The younger brother Long Er asked in a desperate manner.

"You think, if she didn't get into trouble, I would punish her for no reason?" The owner of the Long family replied coldly.

Grandpa Long Er was stunned, but Madam Long Er was a little guilty.

Although she didn't know what was going on, she knew her daughter's character and what she did in peacetime, but she didn't think it was a big deal.

Miss Long Family, she should have the prestige of Miss Long Family.

Although not the daughter of the owner, it is also the family of the Dragon family!

Because Long Erye is the brother of the owner of the dragon family!

She acknowledged that she was jealous of her uncle, that is, the wife of the owner, so she deliberately condoned her daughter to play the power of the Dragon family outside, letting everyone know that her Long Jiao Jiao was a Miss of the Dragon family.

"Then, what did Jiao Jiao do?" Long Erye asked. Although his elder brother said that, it had been shown that Long Jiao Jiao had indeed done too much, but he still wanted to know.

The owner of the Long family told Long Erjia the confession of Long Jiaojiao.

After listening to the couple, they didn't dare to speak anymore. Although Long Erye was eager to protect his daughter, he was not right or wrong.

But Mrs. Long Er felt unwilling.

Even if Long Jiaojiao fancy people, arrange a few words so what? It was the blessing of the other party that was seen by the Miss Long.

Besides, isn't Jiaojiao unsuccessful? Why punish Jiao Jiao!

Although Madam Long Er thought so, she dared not speak up.

However, the words of the owner of the dragon family were to ease the unwillingness of Mrs. Long Er.

"The other person claims to be the monarch, that is, Yuan Ying Zhenjun. Such a young man who is a high-strength man is naturally not simple, and his status is definitely not simple. Fortunately, the appearance of Long Qi has stopped the deterioration of the matter, Jiao Jiao said I apologize, the other party does not compare. If the other party cares about it, at the time, Jiao Jiao s practice was abolished. Even if Jiao Jiao was not abolished, I d like to ask my own owner to apologize. If so, let s The Dragon family is afraid to be gossiped. "Said the owner of the Dragon family.

Yes, the majesty of the strong must not be provocative. Since it is provocative and stigmatizing, even if you are hypocritical, they are yours.

After hearing this, Mrs. Long Er felt afraid.

Although the Dragon family is one of the four major families of Guiyun Continent, it is not the strongest. There are three major gates and four royal families.

Even the second-class families are actually not weaker than their first-class families.

People really fight together, they destroy the enemy one thousand and hurt eight hundred.

In this way, the couple Erlong Long had nothing to say, and could only leave slumped.

After Long Qi returned, he also told his father what happened this evening, and also talked about his association with Li Moyu.

"What's the origin of the other party?" Asked the owner.

"I didn't ask. I met for the first time, so it's hard to ask too much." Long Qi said.

"Well! For such a strong person, friendship is not a bad thing."

On the side of Leng Xiaoyao, after separating from Long Qi, he also returned to the courtyard of Nan Weiyue. Li Mozhen left after leaving her.

Li Mozhen didn't want to be separated from Leng Xiaoyao, but Leng Xiaoyao had to go back, and Li Mozhen didn't keep it.

After returning to Nan Weiyue's residence, Leng Xiaoyao directly asked Nan Weiyue: "Weiyue, I have something to tell you. Didn't you say you want to enter the Celestial Sect? I can take you there, but some Adventurous. My ancestors were once from the Tiancheng faction, but they have deep hatred against Lingfeng Zhenjun, who is now the head of the Tiancheng faction, so we have to return to the Tiancheng faction for revenge. "

(End of this chapter)

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