Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 3454

Chapter 3454: Long Jiaojiao Apologizes


"Maybe not! Even if I have the ability to **** him." Long Jiaojiao said confidently, her confidence is not derived from her ability, but from her identity.

Yes, Long Jiao Jiao is a lady in the second room of the Long family. She was selfish and overbearing since she was a child. When she was at home, she still converged, but when she was outside, she didn't know what convergence was.

Everyone dreads that she is Miss Long, and she dares not sue if she is bullied.

"But he seems to be just building the peak, but you are in the early days of Jin Dan!" Said the woman beside Long Jiaojiao.

Because Li Moxie concealed Xiuwei, the revealed Xiuwei is just the peak of the foundation.

"How about that? The peak of Zhuji will soon have a buddy. Maybe as long as he and I have become a fellow, we can have a buddy!" Longjiao Jiao didn't care, let alone the other party was Zhuzhu. Ji Feng, even in the middle of the foundation, she did not care, who let his looks and body shape have defeated everything!

The woman next to Long Jiaojiao opened her mouth and tried to stop, but after all, she didn't say anything.

She always thinks that this man is not easy to provoke, but she thinks that Long Jiaojiao may not be because Long Jiaojiao's status is extraordinary! There is no human capital in Yumu.

Long Jiaojiao jumped directly from the second floor, and rushed towards Li Moyu, and he was going to catch him. He said, "Brother, you are here, I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

When Li Mozhen's body flashed, Long Jiaojiao opened his grasp, his brows frowned, his eyes were cold, and he asked coldly, "Who are you?"

He has never seen this woman.

Because I heard Long Jiaojiao's words for a long time, I know that Long Jiaojiao isn't Li Moyu, but he approached Li Moyu intentionally.

"I'm Qianjiao Longjiao, the second grandfather of the Long family! How can you forget me!" Longjiao Jiao directly identified herself and tried to attract Li Moyu. In her opinion, men may not have much waist for women, but they don't Several men are not frustrated by power, because he sees such men more often.

As long as you marry Miss Long Family, you will not only get Miss Long Family, but you will also have the highest status and a lot of training resources.

Therefore, Long Jiao Jiao has a sense of superiority.

"You recognize the wrong person," Li Mo said.

"No, how could I admit the wrong person!" Said, Longjiao Jiao aggrieved: "When you were in the Dragonbone Forest, you, you and I had a relationship, and said you were responsible to me, but I waited. It's more than half a year ... "

This is not to say anything bad.

Also, only in this way will this man be compelled to oppose and compromise her.

So as soon as this remark came out, everyone believed Long Jiaojiao's words, and one after another accused Li Moyu of coming.

"Yeah! Even if you have a good skin relationship with Miss Long, you should be responsible to others, or you will anger the Dragon family, and the Dragon family will not let you go."

"Isn't it? The man looked decent, but his heart would be so bad. He got the girl's body and abandoned him."


"Presumptuous." Li Moxian's expression was ugly, and he immediately scolded, and then a strong coercion was pressed against the crowd, making everyone look pale and oppressed.

"Is this your defilement?" Li Moyu said, exposing Yuan Ying's early cultivation behavior, which immediately surprised everyone, especially Long Jiaojiao.

This man turned out to be Yuan Ying Zhenjun, and she even provoked Yuan Ying Zhen Jun.

If the family knows, she is afraid to peel off a layer!

She dared to fight each other's ideas because she was not good enough, but he turned out to be Yuanying Zhenjun ...

After Li Moxie deterred the crowd, he accepted the coercion. If he really hurt them, it would only make things more and more complicated.

"Since you said that I and you have skin relatives, then please take an oath here, if there is a half-word, a thunderstorm, how about it?" Li Mozhen said.

"No ..." Long Jiaojiao quickly refused. Although she was a true practitioner, she would not be killed by a thunderstorm, but she would lose a layer of practice. She did nt, absolutely never.

"I, I confessed the wrong person ..." Long Jiaojiao immediately explained, at this moment, she did not want to admit that she had thought about Li Moyu from the beginning.

"Oh!" Leng Xiaoyao smiled coldly and said sarcastically: "Do you recognize the wrong person? You think we didn't hear the conversation between you and your friend, right? I friend said that I might be his accomplice, and What do you say? How about you? You also have the ability to **** him over! And just now my confidant said that you recognized the wrong person, you said it was impossible. What a cheap thing! If you insist on your own explanation, would you dare to swear! "

Leng Xiaoyao is really addicted to swearing, who makes Guiyun mainland swear useful?

Because everyone knows Long Jiaojiao, Leng Xiaoyao said that when she heard these words, they had no doubt, because Long Jiaojiao could do it.

To this day, everyone has also believed that Long Jiaojiao lied. Although she despised her, but because of her identity, she dared not say anything.

"I don't send it ..." Long Jiaojiao immediately resisted, seeing that they would not let it go, so he threatened: "I am Miss Long, you dare to bully me, the Long family will not let you go . "

"Can Miss Long's slanders be so blatantly embarrassing? I don't know how to repent or even cheat after being exposed. Doesn't Miss Long's even apologize?" Leng Xiaoyao asked.

"of course not."

At this moment, a male voice was inserted, and then a cute boy came in.

Seeing someone coming, Long Jiao Jiao immediately panicked and shouted weakly: "Large, lobby brother."

Yes, the coming is the eldest son of the Long family, Long Qi.

"Long Jiaojiao, how brave you are! I disregarded the Dragon family's teachings, so stigmatizing a person, I didn't know how to repent, and threatened people in the name of the Dragon family." Long Qi looked at Long Jiaojiao coolly, his voice cold. Said.

"I, I was wrong, I will never dare, and begged the lobby brother to forgive me this time!" Long Jiaojiao was like a grandson at this moment, admitting wrong again and again.

"The person you want to admit is not me, but this Taoist." Long Qi said.

Even though Long Jiaojiao was unwilling, but at this time she was not willing to resist, but she looked to Li Moyu and apologized: "Sorry, please, please forgive me this time! I will never dare."

Li Mozhen had no intention of treating her, after all, he had not suffered any damage. If he really did something to Long Jiaojiao, he could not avoid conflict with the Long family.

(End of this chapter)

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