Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 3453

Chapter 3453: Such A Comprehensive Good Man


The housekeeper of the Long family soon investigated and identified Nan Weiyue's identity. She was indeed the Nan family, and she was also the young lady of the Nan family. However, the young lady did suffer.

Even if it was not favored, the stepmother's daughter died and wanted to take her away. The Nan family owner even imposed a ban on Nan Weiyue, forcing her to accept a body with Nan Weiyun.

Nan Weiyue is a good one, but Nan Weiyun is not. He used Nan Weiyue's body to do a lot of bad things and lost a lot of face.

Nan Weiyue met a senior a few days ago and helped lift the ban. Then Nan Weiyue swallowed up Nan Weiyun's soul and was hunted down by the Nan family.

I have to say that what this South family did to South Weiyue was really unkind.

The owner of the Dragon family has only one wife, two children and one daughter, all of whom are petting.

The treatment of brothers' children was not suppressed, and everyone received the same resources for each level.

Of course, the family is big, and there are many brothers and sisters. Contradictions are inevitable. Generally, they resolve it by themselves. If they get into the homeowner, they will handle it fairly.

After ten days in Keel City, Li Moyu finally came.

Leng Yan changed their identities. Except Song Qingling, others Leng Xiaoyao couldn't make it up, and only after they introduced them did they know who was who.

The objects they robbed were the bodies of monks in the foundation period, so their cultivation is now very ordinary.

"I plan to take them to practice first, and don't rush to the Tiancheng faction, and we also need to cultivate, and also inquire about the situation of the Tiancheng faction." Li Moyan said: "Although Lingfeng took the position of the head, Tiancheng faction did Maybe it's all his people. What we need to know now is whoever is in conflict with Lingfeng and has the energy to take charge, then he will join forces to replace Lingfeng. "

"You really don't have any interest in the position of head? This represents high power!" Leng Xiaoyao joked.

Li Moxian approached her suddenly, a warm breath sprayed into her ears, and itchy, "I'm only interested in you."

Leng Xiaoyao's cheeks immediately became hot, and his heartbeat was already accelerating. He stared at Li Moyu fiercely, and there were others here! He said such a thing.

Leng Xiaoyao didn't continue, and left the topic directly: "Since you have changed your looks now, you can join the Tiancheng faction directly, and then find a chance to start!"

"Well! I think so too, but before that, they still need to cultivate, they can only strengthen themselves first, otherwise they won't be seen in the Tiancheng School. After all, I don't plan to continue to be the head At most, it is the identity of an elder, and then I want to take you to more places to see, so I ca nt stay in the Tiancheng pie, so at this time, they have to rely on themselves. "Li Mozhen said.

Hearing that Leng Xiaoyao thought it was the same, so now they still have to work hard to cultivate.

"Now it's going to be dark. Let's find the inn first, and we will enter the keel forest tomorrow." Li Mo said.

The Dragonbone Forest is not only for hunting animals. At the same time, the hunting animals also improve their behavior through battle, because they must have sufficient practical experience to improve their behavior.

If you want practical experience, you don't practice against others! Because the pair will always worry about hurting the other party and cannot send out the most powerful force, such suppression will not be improved at all.

"Okay." Leng Xiaoyao responded, and then suddenly thought of something, he said to Li Moyu: "Yes, I saved the Heiyuncheng city's daughter Nan Weiyue when he was in Heiyuncheng. Kill, she wants to worship under the Tiancheng pie, she may have to take the maid with her, so should she take them directly? "

Although Nanweiyue and Qin'er are masters and servants, but they are also sisters, it is impossible for Nanweiyue to leave Qin'er here alone, she would not rest assured.

Unless the two of them are not watched by the Celestial Sect, they will return to Dragon Bone together.

Although the Tiancheng pie is on the mountain, there is a town under the mountain, because the Tiancheng pie also needs to buy money, oil, and salt.

This town is called Tianshui Town. Although it is not as big as Keel City, it is not small. It is a big town.

If Nan Weiyue can enter the Tiancheng School, but Qin Er cannot, she can arrange Qin Er in Tianshui Town.

The reason why they didn't go to Tianshui Town at the beginning was because Tianshui Town is not the same as Dragon Bone Town. Dragon Bone Town is the site of the Dragon Family and has many constraints. The Nan Family did not dare to mess around in Dragon Bone City.

However, Tianshui Town is not controlled by the Tiancheng faction. Although the Tiancheng faction will protect it, if the Nan family hurts Nan Weiyue in Tianshui Town, this is only their personal feud. Tiancheng faction has no right to interfere.

Therefore, if they live in Tianshui Town, they will be much more dangerous.

But if Qin'er is alone, just be careful, there is no big danger.

If it is possible, Nan Weiyue certainly hopes that both of them can enter the Celestial Sect.

"It's okay for you to decide, but you have to make it clear to us that when we go to the Tiancheng faction, it may not be safe. If we want to fight at that time, we may not be able to protect everyone." Li Mo said, not bringing an extra person What's the problem, and since it was spoken by Leng Xiaoyao, it must be to help each other.

"Well! I'll go and tell her, with or without us, she chooses." Leng Xiaoyao said, after all, it may not be safe to be with them, so naturally they choose.

After Leng Xiaoyao and Li Moyao had a good meal, let others rest in the inn, Li Moyao went out with Leng Xiaoyao to get along and get along alone.

They haven't seen each other for a long time, and they all miss each other.

Because of their good looks, they frequently attracted a lot of attention.

Suddenly, Leng Xiaoyao and Li Moyu felt caught up by two eyes.

Although not hostile, these two eyes are very uncomfortable.

The source of eyesight is in front of the window on the second floor of the tea house in front.

In front of the window on the second floor of the tea house, there were two good-looking women. Both of them had stunning eyes in their eyes. One of them was exaggerated, not only showed greed, but it seemed that saliva was about to flow Already.

Then she heard the woman say, "Oh my God, this man is so handsome. From body to appearance, to temperament, everything is in line with my aesthetics of men. It is the first time I have seen such a comprehensive man. Well, if only I could become an accomplice. "

"But there is a woman next to him, and that woman looks like him, he should be his accomplice!" Another woman said that although she was amazing, she did not have the idea of Long Jiaojiao, because she was facing such a perfect man , She will feel embarrassed.

(End of this chapter)

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