Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Chapter 3452

Chapter 3452: Break Off An Engagement


Although this marriage was terminated, gossip could not be avoided, but their Shen family went to the Mu family and the Mu family came to the Shen family, it was still different.

After all, the Shen family also had to maintain face, so they didn't tell Mu Hongcheng and Shen Yulin what they were doing. Outsiders only knew that Shen Yunqing and Mu Hongcheng got together and had no feelings, so they had to terminate the marriage contract.

Nevertheless, there are still many people speculating, is Mu Hongcheng doing something that is sorry for Shen Yunqing?

Some people also speculate that Shen Yunqing did something that was sorry to Mu Hongcheng?

However, the dissolution of the marriage was made by Shen Yunqing, so more people still think that it should be Mu Hongcheng who did something sorry for Shen Yunqing. After all, Shen Yunqing liked Mu Hongcheng's affairs, everyone knows.

Instead, it was Mu Hongcheng, who was not so concerned about Shen Zheqing.

Therefore, if the Mu family were asked to remarry, more people would think that it was Shen Yunqing who did something that was sorry to Mu Hongcheng.

Mu Hongcheng did the wrong thing, why was Shen Zhenqing paying the bill?

Mu Hongcheng stopped talking and could only turn away.

As soon as I came out, I saw Shen Yulin. Shen Yulin was very concerned: "Brother Hongcheng, what happened? You haven't been scolded by my father!"

"No, your father said, he took Shen Minqing to the Mu family to remarry in a while." Mu Hongcheng enlightened.

"So did you say between us ..." Shen Yulin asked, she wanted Mu Hongcheng to directly acknowledge the relationship between them, and then they could be together brightly.

When mentioning this, Mu Hongcheng's brows frowned tightly: "I said that I only treat you as my sister. There is no special relationship. Your father told me to keep a distance from you."

Shen Yulin heard that, her face was white: "Why don't you say I and you ..."

"Yu Lin." After waiting for Shen Yulin to finish, Mu Hong achieved dozens of stops: "Now it's not suitable to say that if you let your father know that I am close to you, Shen Yunqing and I were dismissed, I'm afraid it would be angry. It was not so easy for me and Shen Zhenqing to dissolve the marriage contract, so I want to wait for Shen Yanqing to cancel the marriage contract before I say it. "

Shen Yulin froze at the moment, but only felt that Mu Hongcheng was stupid, and said helplessly: "Brother Hongcheng, you are wrong. Since Shen Yunqing wants to dissolve the marriage contract with you, naturally he has already said the reason, and his father must believe in Shen Yunqing Yes, so my father is already angry about this matter. If you just admit that you really like me, my father may be angry and reprimand you, but it may not stop us. But if you deny it, you will make it My father feels that if you are with him or playing with him, he will make things difficult for you, and maybe he will not keep us together. "

After hearing this, Mu Hongcheng was surprised and thought that Shen Yulin was very reasonable.

But he has denied, what else can he do?

At this time, the owner of the Shen family came out and saw Mu Hongcheng and Shen Yulin talking in the courtyard, his face suddenly darkened: "What are you doing!"

When they heard Mu Hongcheng's voice, the two were startled. Mu Hongcheng immediately explained: "We are just saying a few words of shame, and I will go back."

Mu Hongcheng said, and turned and left.

This hurried look aside from the relationship not only made Shen's homeowner look down on, but also made Shen Yulin somewhat depressed.

"Father." Shen Yulin looked at the owner of Shen and yelled weakly, waiting for his anger to erupt.

"Mu Hongcheng said that there is no overrelationship between you. He just treats you as a younger sister, but if you do nt go too close, Qinger will not misunderstand. Therefore, there is a difference between men and women. In the future, you have to Keep your distance so that people do nt get misunderstood and say that Miss Shen is an improper woman! You are not too young, it s time to say pro, and I will let your mother help you pay attention to it. " Get angry, but since they do nt admit it, he does nt break it, because he does nt want Shen Yulin and Mu Hong to be together.

If Shen Yulin and Mu Hongcheng are together, no matter now or in the future, everyone will think that Shen Yunqing and Mu Hongcheng dissolve the marriage contract because Mu Hongcheng likes Shen Yulin.

Shen Yulin will also be directed and condemned by everyone, and the Shen family will also embarrass her when she has such a daughter.

Shen Yulin heard that, her face suddenly changed: "What? Father, I don't want to ..."

"Are you planning on not marrying your whole life?" Shen's face sank.

"No, I'm just, I'm just ..." Shen Yulin wanted to admit it, but didn't dare, because Mu Hongcheng denied it. If he admits it, it would be more troublesome.

The owner of the Shen family didn't like Shen Yulin very much at first, but now he is even more displeased: "From today, you will give me a full month's ban."

"Father ..." Shen Yulin was startled and anxious.

Mu Hongcheng will return to Tianyunzong soon. If she banned her feet, wouldn't they see him?

She knew that her father was intentional, but she did not dare to violate her words.

Shen Yulin immediately went to her mother and talked about it.

"Mother, what should I do? I only like Brother Hongcheng! I don't want to marry someone else ..." Shen Yulin cried.

"At this critical moment, Mu Hongcheng is so stupid!" Liu's was also annoyed.

Actually! Mu Hongcheng is not wrong in saying so. After all, each has his own thoughts. Who knows what the Shen family owner thought?

"But what to do!" Shen Yulin asked anxiously.

"Relax! Mother will not find you other men, but for the time being, keep a distance with Mu Hongcheng, so as not to make your father angry." Liu's comforted.

For so many years, Liu has been cautious in her work, because her own husband did not like her, and it was she who used her means to become his wife.

Although the two later respected each other as guests, but after all there was a gap, so they did not want to conflict with him.

She also wants to do better. In this way, her son's status will be more stable in the Shen family, so she has never been embarrassed by Shen Yanqing even though she can't get used to it.

And what about letting your daughter feel wronged for your son and yourself?

The next person came to inform him that Shen Yunqing knew that Mu Hongcheng was back, and his father made her prepare, and then went to the Mu family to remarry.

Shen Yanqing sighed heavily, but she still felt a little uncomfortable, but this was an imperative, so she immediately packed up and went to Mu's house with her father.

The Mu family also knew that their son was responsible for their losses, so they always had a good attitude towards the father and daughter of the Shen family.

Moreover, they also want to make a marriage with the Shen family! So it's even more impossible to turn around with Shen.

It's just that the daughter-in-law changed from Shen Yunqing to Shen Yulin.

(End of this chapter)

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