Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Forced Her Into Marrying Him

Chapter 477 Forced Her into Marrying Him

Everyone close to Shao Xue was quite jealous on seeing the flowers.

And they were also wondering who the sender was.

Some of them immediately thought of Liang Ziting.

Shao Xue’s colleagues came up to her, asking, “Who sent these flowers, Shao Xue?”

The onlookers wanted to know the details.

Yet Shao Xue just pressed her lips and put the name card back into the flowers.

Then she told the courier who delivered the flowers indifferently, “Maybe you found the wrong recipient.”

The courier was slightly taken aback and came to understand that Shao Xue would like to refuse to accept the flowers.

He hastily wanted to explain.

Yet Shao Xue didn’t even give him a chance to explain. She said indifferently, “I will not accept something that doesn’t belong to me. Please take them back.”

Shao Xue refused to accept the flowers beneath the gaze of so many eyes.

The courier seemed to be in a dilemma. After all, he was entrusted to deliver the flowers. He didn’t know how to account for it if he hadn’t given the flowers away.

Seeing that he was still standing there with the flowers, Shao Xue decided not to pay attention to him. Instead, she went straight into the canteen to have lunch with her colleagues.

Liang Ziting came to her company and wanted to see her, but she turned him down.

Liang Ziting sent her flowers, yet she refused to accept them.

She had made herself clear.

And Shao Xue thought that Liang Ziting would stop here as he was a smart person.

Yet out of her expectation, she came across Liang Ziting on the way home in the afternoon.

Liang Ziting was driving a silver grey Porsche sports car.

Seeing that Shao Xue was going to take a bus after parting from her colleague at the crossing, he got off from his car, strode to Shao Xue, and grabbed her hand.

Shao Xue frowned as her hand was suddenly grabbed by a man. Then she turned to look at Liang Ziting, asking, “What do you want, Liang Ziting?”

“There’s been a misunderstanding. I hope we can sit down and talk. Please let me explain myself.”

Even if Shao Xue felt a bit disposed towards him, after reading the gossips between Ye Xinyu and him, which were in vivid detail, she couldn’t delude herself.

And she had decided to disassociate herself from Liang Ziting. Now she felt that Liang Ziting didn’t have to explain himself to her.

“Mr. Liang, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. There is no reason for you to do this.”

“Shao Xue, I really want to be together with you.”

After being refused, Liang Ziting immediately professed his love to her.

Shao Xue was tired of his nonsense. She looked Liang Ziting in the eye and ordered him seriously, “Mr. Liang, I need to go home now. Please let go of me.”

But Liang Ziting was clutching her wrist, making it impossible for her to break away from him.

She didn’t want to make a fuss on the road.

Hearing that she would leave, Liang Ziting pondered for a moment. Then he opened the door and then pushed her into his car.

Being pushed into the car, Shao Xue was a bit flustered, asking, “What are you doing, Liang Ziting?”

Liang Ziting knew what losing Shao Xue meant to him. Now he felt upset as Shao Xue was going to leave and refused to listen to his explanation.

Since Shao Xue insisted on leaving, he had to force her to stay for now and apologized to her after explaining himself.

Liang Ziting got on the car right after bundling Shao Xue into the car.

He drove the car in the front. As it moved faster and faster, Shao Xue began to feel more and more anxious.

Liang Ziting locked the car right after getting on it, so it was no use for Shao Xue to slap or push the door.

As the car was moving too fast, no one could notice that Shao Xue was slapping the door.

Shao Xue frowned as she could not get off the car. In desperation, she questioned Liang Ziting, “Liang Ziting, what is this all about? Are you kidnapping me?”

Liang Ziting was driving calmly in the front and explained to her unhurriedly, “I know what happened yesterday hurt you, so I want to explain the whole thing to you.”

“So, bundling me into the car means explaining the whole thing to me? Won’t you let me go home?”

“You were too excited just now. Let’s find a place to sit down and talk.”

Shao Xue didn’t want to talk to him at all.

But Liang Ziting took no notice of her objection. He drove to a cafe in the suburb of Yuncheng.

Then he opened the car door and took her to a private room in the cafe.

Though the cafe’s decoration and service were not bad, its customers were fewer than those in urban areas as it was in the suburb.

Shao Xue felt quite worried in such a cafe where there were so few customers, worrying that Liang Ziting would do something to hurt her.

Liang Ziting sensed her insecurity. He slightly pressed his lips and reassured her, “I just want to explain what happened yesterday. I won’t do anything to you.”

“Hurry. I need to go home.”

After Shao Xue entered the cafe, Liang Ziting put his hands on her shoulder and pushed her onto the couch next to the round table.

After that, Liang Ziting got down on one knee, held Shao Xue’s fingers, and looked at her earnestly and sincerely, asking, “I’ve broken up with Ye Xinyu. I really like you and want to be with you. Will you forgive me?”

Liang Ziting looked at her fondly.

She slightly frowned and wanted to withdraw her hand from Liang Ziting.

Yet Liang Ziting gripped her hand harder every time she tried to do this. He clearly didn’t want her to withdraw her hand.

Shao Xue tried twice, but she still didn’t make it. Thus she came to realize that Liang Ziting didn’t want to let go of her.

“I can forgive you. Let go of my hand.”

Hearing that Shao Xue was willing to forgive him, Liang Ziting’s face immediately lit up.

Yet Shao Xue didn’t like Liang Ziting’s smile at all.

He was clearly a sophisticated man and didn’t like her at all.

It was just because she was of use to him.

So he came to apologize to her and wanted to continue lying to her through such tricks.

How could such a man be reliable?

She didn’t like to see Liang Ziting at all.

Yet Liang Ziting immediately took out an elegant crystal ring box from his suits pocket after hearing that Shao Xue was willing to forgive him.

He opened the ring box.

Then Shao Xue saw a diamond ring inside.

It was a beautiful diamond ring. In the circle of little diamonds lay a big diamond.

In the light, the light reflected from it was so shiny.

Seeing the ring in Liang Ziting’s hand, Shao Xue realized that Liang Ziting wanted to propose.

“Shao Xue, will you marry me?”

Shao Xue slightly pressed her lips, and she certainly wanted to refuse him.

“Liang Ziting, we’ve known each other for less than a week. Maybe you are being too hasty.”

“I fell in love with you at first sight.”

Liang Ziting looked at her fondly.

Shao Xue didn’t know what to do.

She wanted to get away from Liang Ziting as soon as possible.

She felt that the man was becoming more and more abnormal.

If she had refused his proposal, she would have provoked him.

However, if she hadn’t refused him, she would have been unwilling to marry him.

Liang Ziting’s fingers grabbed Shao Xue’s and Shao Xue seemed to be his one and only, “Shao Xue, I will treat you well. Marry me, OK?”

Shao Xue pressed her lips and didn’t want to say yes.

Yet Liang Ziting simply took out the ring from the ring box on seeing that she held off making a decision.

Then he prepared to put the ring on Shao Xue’s finger.

Shao Xue tried to withdraw her hand.

But Liang Ziting didn’t want her to do it as his fingers gripped hers.

“Liang Ziting, you…”

Shao Xue pressed her lips, sounding nervous.

She felt her blood ran cold.

She didn’t want to marry the man in front of her. He didn’t like her at all. The reason he wanted her to marry him was just that she was useful to him.

“I can’t marry you. I don’t want to marry you.”

Shao Xue withdrew her hand violently.

Liang Ziting’s face had already clouded. He gripped her fingers and didn’t want her to break away from him.

In the struggle, the ring had been put on Shao Xue’s fingertip.

Just at this moment, someone suddenly opened the door.

A light voice came to the two people’s ears, “What are you doing? Forcing her to marry you?”

The woman’s voice was quite cold. But Shao Xue immediately recognized that it was Song Yunxuan’s voice.

Song Yunxuan suddenly showed up, making Shao Xue less worried.

And she began to feel somewhat safe on seeing that Song Yunxuan arrived.

Song Yunxuan pushed the door open and entered, followed by Mei Qi.

Her voice drew Liang Ziting’s attention.

Liang Ziting turned to look at Song Yunxuan and frowned querulously, asking, “Who are you?”

His eyes had already become red as he was provoked by Shao Xue’s refusal.

Seeing this, Song Yunxuan knew that he was now in desperation.

“Shao Xue is my good friend. You bundled her into your car and drove her here. You didn’t respect her at all. As her friend, why should I tell you politely about who I am?”

Liang Ziting frowned, and his fingers still gripped Shao Xue’s.

It seemed that he wouldn’t have let go of her if Shao Xue hadn’t agreed to marry him.

Seeing what he was doing, Song Yunxuan slightly pressed her lips, advising, “Liang Ziting, you’d better let go of Shao Xue.”

Liang Ziting glared at Song Yunxuan, “This is between my girlfriend and me. It’s none of your business.”

“Oh, really?” Song Yunxuan appeared shocked, asking, “When did you become Shao Xue’s boyfriend? Why haven’t Shao Xue ever told me about this?”

Song Yunxuan’s voice sounded so indifferent, and the look on her face suggested that she was sneering at him.

Such an expression made Liang Ziting furious.

Meanwhile, he felt that he had seen Song Yunxuan somewhere before.

He distantly remembered that she was Chu Mochen’s fiancee.

The Chu Family and Shao Family were racing together bridle to bridle in Yuncheng, and he could not afford to offend either of them.

Though Song Yunxuan strangely showed up today, he could only drive her away. He couldn’t do anything to her.

But it was not easy for him to drive away such a person like Song Yunxuan.

“Since she doesn’t want to marry you, why do you insist on putting the ring on her finger?”

Song Yunxuan looked at him, and her words meant that she wanted him to let go of Shao Xue now.

Yet Liang Ziting showed no inclination to let go of her.

Seeing this, Song Yunxuan looked askance at him and couldn’t help but remind him, “Don’t you forget that the one who can take the decision is not Shao Xue but Shao Tianze.”

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