Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Traped The Playboy

Chapter 471 Traped the Playboy

“You should attend the appointment.”

Song Yunxuan said to Shao Xue.

Hearing what Song Yunxuan said, Shao Xue nodded, “I’ll wait for him to pick me up in the afternoon.”


Song Yunxuan didn’t say anything else.

After the conversation with Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan ordered the servants at home to take good care of Ye Meiqi. Then, she went to the Song enterprise.

Mei Qi worked dutifully in the company, dealing with various departments’ affairs.

As soon as Song Yunxuan arrived at her office, Mei Qi came to report on his work.

Song Yunxuan regarded Mei Qi as an intimate and caring assistant besides helping her run the Song enterprise. Therefore, Song Yunxuan also liked taking Mei Qi when going out.

Seeing Song Yunxuan not switch on her computer after entering the office, Mei Qi knew she would not stay in the company long.

“Did you come to the company to particularly meet me?”

Mei Qi asked her.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “You know me.”

As she said, Song Yunxuan handed him the documents she brought from home, “Find this woman, and find out how much she loves Liang Ziting.”

Mei Qi pulled out the documents from the file folder and saw a picture of a woman printed on the paper.

“Ye Xinyu?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I heard that she is Liang Ziting’s current girlfriend, but she and Liang Ziting have been in secret love. I don’t know if it is true.”

“She is the campus belle of Peicheng Art Institute and has become an actress with a good reputation. As long as someone is willing to invest in her in the future, she will become popular.”

“Well, I’m afraid she is happy that Liang Ziting has not gone public with their romance. After all, Liang Ziting now is a nobody in the Liang Family and couldn’t make her famous.”

Song Yunxuan was sitting on the leather chair in the office and resting her chin on her folded hands.

After reading the documents, Mei Qi said, “Liang Ziting now cannot make this woman popular. However, if someone could help him get the whole Liang Family, he will be able to make her a star easily.”

“It depends on whether he can meet a person who can help him seize the Liang Family.”

Mei Qi laughed, “You’re right.”

Then, Mei Qi sorted out the papers in his hands and said to Song Yunxuan, “What shall I say to Ye Xinyu after finding her?”

Song Yunxuan concisely said, “Liang Ziting met Shao Xue through a blind date. Now he wants to take advantage of Shao Xue, and he has invited Shao Xue to have dinner at a sea-view restaurant tonight.”

Mei Qi nodded, “I know what to do.”

Mei Qi was brilliant. He was so smart that he could almost read Song Yunxuan’s mind.

Smart people could always know what to do before others had finished speaking.

After Song Yunxuan arranged for Mei Qi to deal with it, she calmly and quietly waited for Liang Ziting to invite Shao Xue to dinner in the afternoon.

And Song Yunxuan even went to look on with Mei Qi at the appointed time.

Mei Qi drove a different car. He parked the car at the Shao enterprise’s gate and waited with Song Yunxuan for Liang Ziting to pick up Shao Xue.

It was a little earlier than the agreed time. Song Yunxuan looked at the Shao enterprise’s door through the car window.

Seeing Song Yunxuan looking outside, Mei Qi chatted with her, “Manager Song, did you tell Childe Chu that you came out?”

“He is busy and doesn’t have time to care about what I am doing.”

In fact, she had never liked telling Chu Mochen everything.

She did not want to tell others what she wanted to do.

Therefore, what was the point of telling Chu Mochen her every movement?

“Manager Song, Childe Chu may be anxious if he doesn’t see you when he gets home.”

Mei Qi reminded Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan realized that she should send Chu Mochen a text message to tell him that she was outside.

She took out her mobile phone and sent a text message to Chu Mochen.

As she was typing the message, she asked Mei Qi, “Did you meet Ye Xinyu?”

“Yes. Ye Xinyu is a pretty and young girl of vision.”

Song Yunxuan smiled because of Mei Qi’s comment, “It seems that you have reached an agreement with her, haven’t you?”

“Yes. And I have used Childe Chu and you as bait.”

Song Yunxuan stopped looking at the phone screen and turned to look at Mei Qi, “What did you promise her?”

“I promised to recommend her to the film crew of The Nine States on behalf of you, Manager Song.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “No wonder that she agreed. This is an excellent opportunity to hit the big time.”

“Yes. This film’s promotion has achieved good results recently. Its casting has also received a lot of attention. If she can stand out, she will surely become an instant hit.”

Song Yunxuan put the phone away and said casually, “But our Song enterprise does not invest in this movie.”

“It can be done with just a few words from Childe Chu.”

Mei Qi knew this matter well.

That made Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but seize Mei Qi up, “You are well-informed.”

“Since I work for you, I have to be well informed to gain a foothold in the Song enterprise.” Mei Qi said jokingly.

Song Yunxuan knew Mei Qi liked news from all sources most.

While they were talking, Shao Xue came out of the Shao enterprise.

Mei Qi saw Shao Xue first. His sight caused Song Yunxuan to turn her gaze to the door involuntarily.

Seeing Shao Xue standing in front of the gate, Song Yunxuan subconsciously glanced at the time on her phone, “It’s six o’clock now, but Liang Ziting hasn’t arrived yet. Do you think this is because he doesn’t have the most basic courtesy or because he is waiting for something?”

She asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi smiled and looked at Shao Xue as well, “He is probably waiting for something.”

Shao Xue waited at the door for ten minutes, but Liang Ziting had not come.

Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi saw Shao Xue looking at the phone all the time. Shao Xue seemed to want to call Liang Ziting. However, after thinking for a while, she put down the phone and did not make the call.

Seeing Shao Xue’s movement, Mei Qi asked, “Is Shao Xue a little fond of this second son of the Liang Family?”

“In my opinion, it’s not a little, but very much.”

Song Yunxuan had had a crush on someone. Seeing Shao Xue’s behavior, Song Yunxuan naturally understood Shao Xue’s current mood.

Shao Xue must like Liang Ziting to a certain degree. However, Liang Ziting’s ambiguous attitude made her hesitate.

Smart women were good at tantalizing men, and vice versa.

Liang Ziting happened to be good at teasing women.

Looking at Shao Xue intently, Song Yunxuan felt a little complicated in her heart.

Shao Xue was fond of Liang Ziting, but Liang Ziting was certainly not Shao Xue’s Mr. Right.

Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to investigate Liang Ziting’s current girlfriend because Liang Ziting was not good enough for Shao Xue.

However, Song Yunxuan couldn’t directly tell those things to Shao Xue.

She could only let Shao Xue see.

Shao Xue had to believe what she saw with her own eyes.

“Manager Song, you should be relieved that Miss Shao Xue is just fond of Liang Ziting rather than fall in love with him.”

“You are right.” Song Yunxuan didn’t deny it.

If Shao Xue had loved Liang Ziting, to help Shao Xue know Liang Zitings character would have been to separate them.

Shao Xue would have certainly felt sad.

If Shao Xue hadn’t got it, she would have misunderstood Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan puckered her lips and looked at her watch closely, “More than ten minutes have passed since Liang Ziting and Shao Xue’s agreed time.”

“Liang Ziting’s arrival time depends on when Shao Tianze will come out.”

As soon as Mei Qi finished speaking, they saw Shao Tianze walking out of the Shao enterprise.

Almost at the same time, Liang Ziting drove his car towards the Shao enterprise’s office building.

When Shao Tianze walked to the gate, Liang Ziting parked his car right in front of the entrance.

Seeing that Liang Ziting’s car had arrived, Shao Xue turned to say something to Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan saw from a distance that Shao Xue was introducing Liang Ziting to Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle was standing beside Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle just smiled lightly and looked down on Liang Ziting.

Gu Changle could see what Liang Ziting was like almost at a glance.

After all, Gu Changle had known Liang Ziting’s information and family background before she arranged the blind date for Liang Ziting and Shao Xue.

It was announced that Liang Ziting was the second son of Mrs. Liang.

In fact, he was a love child born from his father’s extra-marital affair. It was disgraceful, and Liang Ziting’s biological mother had been dead for more than twenty years.

Therefore, Ms. Liang reluctantly regarded Liang Ziting as her son.

However, Mrs. Liang always disliked Liang Ziting. She did not deliberately bully Liang Ziting in life, but she was very indifferent to Liang Ziting.

And the eldest son was favored by the Liang Family.

Liang Ziting naturally felt uncomfortable and hoped that he could surpass his elder brother one day.

If it had not been the case, Liang Ziting would not have been so solicitous for Shao Xue and deliberately calculated time to get the opportunity to meet Shao Tianze.

Liang Ziting arrived in time and successfully met Shao Tianze. He was cheerful in his heart but pretended to be surprised by the chance encounter.

After politely greeting Shao Tianze, he turned to look at Shao Xue tenderly, “Shao Xue and I have booked a restaurant. Would you like to join us, Chairman Shao?”

Seeing Liang Ziting’s soft eyes on Shao Xue, Shao Tianze didn’t want to be the third wheel to disturb their date. Therefore, he declined the invitation politely.

Song Yunxuan watched from a distance as Liang Ziting tenderly and gently asked Shao Xue to get in the car and drove away.

Then, she turned to look at Mei Qi, “Follow them.”

Mei Qi started the car and followed Liang Ziting’s car to Baxian Restaurant.

Song Yunxuan expected there would be an exciting show tonight. Therefore, she had booked a seat in the restaurant in advance, waiting to see the great show.

However, she didn’t know how Liang Ziting would react when his plan was exposed.

Thinking about it, Mei Qi felt excited.

After all, Liang Ziting was a man clear about his purpose, just as Shao Tianze.

If he had failed to achieve his goal, he would have inevitably become furious.