Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Cat And Mouse Game

Chapter 469 Cat and Mouse Game

Gu Changle heard Shao Tianze said so and opened her mouth slightly. It seemed that she was surprised by his decision.

Shao Tianze saw the surprise on her face. He bent down and held her up.

Gu Changle was held up before she began to kick, “Let me go!”

“Well, dear, come back with me.”

“No. I’m not going back with you. You liar! Big liar!”

Gu Changle refused to go back with him.

Shao Tianze could only promise in front of her again and again, “You have my word. I will never lie to you. Tomorrow I will fire Lily Yuan and let you take over her position, OK?”

Gu Changle finally got what she wanted. Although she still showed a look of anger, she had already been sniggering in her heart.

What she wanted to get with such huge efforts was simply a chance.

A chance to be in the Shao enterprise as his secretary.

With Shao Tianze’s deterrent power, she could get a raise in the company step by step and became one of the Shao’s top executives.

Gu Changle lost her temper and came back home until afternoon.

By then, Shao Xue had already returned from the date.

Seeing Shao Tianze coming back with Gu Changle in his arms, she seemed surprised.

All the servants in the house rushed up to take care of her.

Shao Xue looked at her in Shao Tianze’s arms and got worried, “What happened? Is Changle ill?”

“She’s not feeling well. I’ll take her back to her room and let her rest.”

He did not explain much.

But since he went back to the room with Gu Changle, Shao Xue hadn’t heard that anyone come out to call the doctor for a long time.

If Gu Changle had been under the weather, Shao Tianze would have called the doctor as soon as he got home.

This was odd. After Shao Tianze brought Gu Changle back, he did not call a doctor.

They stayed in the bedroom for a long time. Many thoughts arose in Shao Xue’s mind.

She made a cup of hot coffee in the kitchen and drank it in the living room while texting to Song Yunxuan.

After learning about her blind date, Song Yunxuan immediately found out the background of her blind date, Liang Ziting.

She also attached a comment after reading the materials, “Good.”

Since she said so, he must be really good.

Shao Xue pursed her lips and looked at the materials and fell into thoughts. What should be done next?

Song Yunxuan read the information of Liang Ziting twice, which attracted Chu Mochens attention.

Chu Mochen came over and sat beside her. Noticing her reading the materials repeatedly, he raised his eyebrows, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with Liang Ziting?”

“There is no problem. I think that this person might be helpful to Shao Xue and me.”

Chu Mochen took the file over from her hand. He read it and nodded, “He looks good.”

“It’s a pity that he is only the second son in his family, and his parents don’t like him. He is doomed to get nothing in the future.”

Song Yunxuan saw the Liang Familys situation clearly.

Chu Mochen heard her. He asked, “Aren’t you going to help him?”

“No, I won’t.”


Chu Mochen did not understand why Song Yunxuan chose to stand by.

After all, he knew her well after spending a great deal of time with her.

As long as there was a profitable chance, she would never let it go.

She wanted the Song Family to take charge of Yuncheng, but the methods she applied had always been very clever and low-key.

Take the Xue Family for example.

Although the Xue Family had got a problem with Song Yunying, Song Yunxuan had never given up on her.

Because as long as Song Yunying gave birth, she could stabilize the position of the Xue Familys young Madam.

With Song Yunying’s help, it would not be difficult for Song Yunxuan to control the Xue Family.

After all, the Xue Familys heir was useless.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t do the same thing with other families. Yet she did not give up trying to win over those forces that might bring her benefits.

Such as the Xiao Family, the Huo Family, and the Xia Family in Harbor City.

Although these forces could not all be mastered by her, they could stand by her and help her.

With such support and network, she had become a figure no one could underestimate in Yuncheng.

If she had wanted to help Liang Ziting become the Liang Familys successor, she could do it.

But now, she did not want to help Liang Ziting at all.

“Why not?”

“Even if you have a dog, you should have a dog who guards the house and doesn’t bite its owner.”

Song Yunxuan had a smile on her face, but her words were resolute and merciless.

She took out the photo at the bottom of the file and put it on the desk, showing Chu Mochen, “With this photo, I don’t want to get involved in any of Liang’s affairs.”

Song Yunxuan put the photo on the desk, and Chu Mochen naturally put his eyes on it.

He fixed his eyes on the picture on which Liang Ziting was kissing a young girl in a secluded garden.

“The girl in the picture is the most popular girl in Peicheng Art Institute. She is good-looking and got her start in entertainment before graduation. She hasn’t been famous yet, but she has a good reputation. She is the love of Liang Ziting.”

“You mean that he is not going to marry Shao Xue?”

Song Yunxuan stood up and looked at Chu Mochen, smiling, “It might be possible for him to marry her, but it is impossible for him to fall in love with her.”

Chu Mochen looked at the smile in Song Yunxuan’s eyes, confused, “In that case, you still ask Shao Xue to pretend that she’s in a relationship with him?”

“Liang Ziting is not a fool. He has no reason not to seize this opportunity. On the surface, he hates dating with Shao Xue. In fact, he’s just playing cat and mouse with her. He has no position in his family. He hates that his elder brother and his father do not give him a chance to get ahead. When he met Shao Xue, he will marry her as Shao Xue’s brother is Shao Tianze. ”

“Right. After marrying Shao Xue, Shao Tianze will certainly help this brother-in-law.”

“He’s got a good plan, but he chose to take Shao Tianze’s side.”

Song Yunxuan felt a little pity. She turned around, went to the window, and looked at a plate of precious Clivia placed on the flower shelf, “It would be far better for him to choose me rather than Shao Tianze because he may not be able to win over me.”

Her fingers touched the leaves of the Clivia.

Chu Mochen saw her eyes squinting, knowing that she already had a plan.

She was confident about what was coming almost every time.

Even if she had no confidence, she wouldn’t allow things to go too bad.

“What are you going to do? Ask Shao Xue to continue to act with him?”

Chu Mochen put the file back on the desk.

Song Yunxuan heard Chu Mochen and couldn’t help laughing, “Such an ambitious man, how can I let him succeed so easily?”

She understood what Liang Ziting thought well.

Not being taken seriously in his family, he had been bullied by his brother and his stepmother. He hated his life and dreamed that he could take revenge on those who treated him like dirt.

However, he didn’t have enough power to do so.

He endured for so long and wanted to find someone and an opportunity to take the whole Liang Family in his hands.

Even if he needed to marry a woman that he didn’t love, as long as she could help him, he was willing to play a romance drama with her.

What supported his performance was nothing but the hatred in his heart and his desire for success.

If he hadn’t met with Gu Changge, who had been dead once, no one could have seen through his scheming.

However, he met Song Yunxuan, who had been to hell. She had a keen eye for human.

Liang Ziting reminded her of Gu Changle and Shao Tianze.

They were the same kind.

They all wanted to be valued, to become the focus of their families, and a figure that people looked up to.

However, they were ruthless and not reliable.

If Liang Ziting had fallen in love with Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan wouldnt have minded helping him.

But his love was someone else.

If she had helped him, he would have become the second Shao Tianze in the end.

After getting everything of the Liang Family, in order to marry his beloved woman, he would have managed to kill Shao Xue by all means.

Liang Ziting reminded her of Shao Tianze. She couldn’t help but cut off the leaves of the precious Clivia.

Chu Mochen saw her action, feeling rage flash within her.

However, he had no idea where this rage came from.

Gu Changle dressed up early the next morning and entered the Shao enterprises office building with Shao Tianze.

Inside the skyscraper, all the staff stopped to say hello to Shao Tianze when they saw him.

Gu Changle took Shao Tianze’s arm and entered the headquarters building, which was considered the top-one commercial empire in Yuncheng. The pride almost hung on her face.

However, just after she followed Shao Tianze into the elevator, Shao’s staff started to murmur.

“She is Chairman Gu Changge’s sister.”

“I heard she was just a child adopted by Gu Changge’s father from the orphanage.”

“Although she’s adopted, now she has everything that Chairman Gu had when she was alive. Her money, her house, and her man.”

“It is a pity that Chairman Gu died so early, leaving everything to that woman.”

“Why is she here?”

Female staff gossiped together.

Shao Xue, like a ghost, walked behind these people without any voice and spoke leisurely, “She is Chairman Shaos secretary.”

“Isn’t his secretary Lily Yuan?”

“She has been fired.” Shao Xue replied.

One of the female colleagues turned to Shao Xue immediately, “Why? Oh, Shao Xue…”

Seeing it was Shao Xue talking, she did not dare to ask anymore.

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