Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 : A Hidden Agenda

As soon as the board meeting ended, the news of Wen Xinya being granted free access to the board meetings as well as Ning Shuqian becoming a freshly minted director spread like wildfire within the Wen Corporation.

The entire Wen Corporation was flabbergasted.

As the successor of the Wen Family who had Old Mr. Wens support, it was no wonder that she would be granted access to the board meetings. However, they could not understand why Ning Shuqian became a member of the board.

She was just a homewrecker whom the Wen Family had yet to acknowledge even to this day. Previously, she was even branded as a vicious woman for faking her pregnancy in order to plot against Wen Xinya. Even if she owned 3% of the Wen Corporations shares, what rights did she have to join the board meeting?

The entry-level employees were merely gossiping about the matter.

However, those who had worked hard and slogged away to climb the ladder were extremely displeased with Wen Haowen.

Wen Xinya was not concerned about what the Wen Corporations employees thought about Ning Shuqian becoming the latest member of the board. She did not have the time to care about it either, for she was pressed for time. She had to come up with a solution to postpone the entertainment city project within three days. Otherwise, she would lose control and dominance as soon as the funds were invested in the entertainment city. Later on, she would have to be at Wen Haowens and Ning Shuqians mercy.

Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family mansion where Old Mr. Wen and Butler Yu were having a game of chess.

Despite her lack of knowledge in Chinese chess, Wen Xinya could tell the ruthlessness of Old Mr. Wens chess moves.

The game ended with Butler Yu losing terribly.

Butler Yu said, "You used to save me some face when we played chess in the past and youve never made me lose so terribly. Yet, you didnt show me any mercy at all today."

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left the living room.

Wen Xinya took a seat on the spot where Butler Yu was sitting and said, "Grandpa, Im sure you know about what happened during the board meeting."

She was firm with her tone, for she knew that Old Mr. Wen would find out about everything in the Wen Corporation.

Old Mr. Wen picked up the teacup and said with an icy cold gaze in his gray eyes, "I got someone to check on the loose shares of the Wen Corporation and there are a total of 5% that are available on the market. Three months ago, someone purchased about 3% of the shares at a high price. They couldnt acquire the remaining 2%, however. Youre right, theres indeed someone instigating and manipulating Ning Shuqian. That mastermind is making Ning Shuqian manipulate Wen Haowen and using the entertainment city against the Wen Family."

Three months ago, the entertainment city project had yet to exist. Clearly, someone had begun planning the conspiracy a long time ago.

Although Old Mr. Wen did believe Wen Xinyas words which were supported by Ning Shuqians actions, he felt that he could deal with all petty tricks, given his rich experience in the business world. Hence, he did not quite take it to heart even though he did keep his guard up.

The 3% of shares made him flabbergasted.

He had considered buying back the 5% of the Wen Corporations shares before, but it required a massive amount of manpower, resources, money and time. Besides, the profits wouldnt be equal. Hence, he gradually dropped the idea.

The person manipulating Ning Shuqian actually had the ability to acquire 3% of the Wen Corporations shares. Clearly. the mastermind was not inferior to the Wen Corporation in terms of abilities. Hence, he could not help but feel a sense of threat.

Wen Xinya was a little shocked, for she did not expect that Old Mr. Wen would act so soon. "Could you find out who the person who acquired those shares is?"

The mastermind had pulled such a great move, she felt that she could perhaps find out some clues about him. Having been a businessman for so many years, Old Mr. Wen definitely had his own network of connections and he might just be as useful as Celestial Detective Agency. After all, it was rather inconvenient for her to engage Celestial Detective Agency to check on this.

Old Mr. Wen answered with a slight frown, "There are still no useful leads for now."

Wen Xinya nodded and thought to herself,Its remarkable enough for Grandpa to have found out so much within such a short period of time. Well, at least, Celestial Detective Agency wouldnt be able to do this.

Wen Xinya frowned slightly. She subtly felt that it was not that easy for Celestial Detective Agency to find out the information that she wanted, be it about Xia Ruyas missing or Ning Shuqians tricks.

She knew that they were merely a detective agency and hence, did not have the ability to find out more in greater detail, especially since the mastermind covered up so well.

It seems she had to rely on Si Yiyan to investigate and find out the information she needed in the future.

Old Mr. Wen looked up at Wen Xinya who had a sullen expression on her face. He asked softly, "Ning Shuqian has become a director of Wen Corporation and shes going to be cooperating with Wen Haowen to push for the entertainment city project. What do you think about this?"

Ning Shuqian harbors ill intentions and I definitely cant let her stay in the Wen Corporation. Theres nothing I can do about Wen Haowen if hes willing to be manipulated by her.

Wen Xinya said slowly, "The most important thing to do now is to stop the entertainment city project from proceeding."

Since the mastermind intends to push for the entertainment city project, will they have other plans in mind if the project is terminated or delayed?

Old Mr. Wen asked, "What solutions have you got?"

Old Mr. Wen could tell from the clear gaze in her eyes that she seemed to have some ideas and hence, decided to ask her about her opinion. He was sure that she would have her own solutions regardless of what happened.

After giving it some thought, Wen Xinya said, "I havent got a concrete plan yet and still need some time to consider. However, Ill still need your help when the time comes, Grandpa."

Although the Wen Corporation did not seem to be affected by the entertainment city project, they had already been affected to a certain extent. Hence, it would be impossible for her to handle it alone and she would need Old Mr. Wens help.

After hearing her words, Old Mr. Wen said with a warmer expression, "Since youve said that, you definitely are confident. Go ahead and do what you have to. Ill be here to support you no matter what happens."

Wen Xinya had already given him too many surprises and he somehow had a lot of faith in her. Hence, he decided that he shouldnt be too hesitant.

Wen Xinya smiled and exclaimed, "Thank you, Grandpa!"

After her rebirth, her relationship with Old Mr. Wen was distant because of the fifteen years that they had lived separately. Although it was destined that they would never be that close, she was glad to have gained Old Mr. Wens trust.

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