Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 Who Is Ning Shuqian?

Wen Xinya could not help but sneer. Ning Shuqian thinks she can set me up and shame me in front of everyone just because she owns 3% of the Wen Corporations shares and has become a director. I dont know if shes silly or smart.

Im the heiress of the Wen Family and the successor of the Wen Corporation. Now that the shareholders are supporting me, I can attend board meetings as and when I please. Who is Ning Shuqian to say anything?

The directors were already displeased with the fact that she had caused the Wen Corporation to incur a major loss. Even though Wen Haowen had allowed her to join the board by making use of the 3% of the Wen Corporations shares that she owned, the directors wouldnt actually be infuriated with Wen Xinya just because of the seeds of discord that Ning Shuqian had sowed.

After all, Wen Xinya understood the directors too well. They had climbed the ladder using their own abilities and hard work. They despised people like Ning Shuqian who used personal connections to rise to the same position as them, despite being incompetent.

Hence, there was no need for her to explain much. A few sentences were enough to let Ning Shuqian have a taste of her own medicine.

Ning Shuqian still doesnt realize it yet. What a joke.

At this moment, Wen Haowen noticed the way that Ning Shuqian was glancing at him. Her sultry gaze was absolutely seductive, causing Wen Haowen to be enticed and aroused to the point of getting a boner.

He cleared his throat and said, "Alright, the meeting shall resume."

Ning Shuqian heaved a sigh of relief and winked at Wen Haowen before glancing at Wen Xinya with an inexplicable look in her eyes.

She initially wanted to use her power as a director to trample all over Wen Xinya and attack her, so as to assert dominance and show her prowess. She had never expected her plans to backfire.

Wen Haowen continued, "Its been a long time since weve had a new member join the board. From now on, Miss Ning will be working together with us. I hope that you guys can help her out. Lets work hard towards bringing more glory and benefits to the Wen Corporation."

Wen Haowen kept his eyes fixed on Wen Xinya while speaking.

Everyone began clapping their hands.

Wen Xinya began applauding along before grabbing the pen in front of her and twirling it nonchalantly, completely ignoring Ning Shuqians smug expression.

The applause gradually ceased.

Wen Haowen continued, "The development of the entertainment city is on track and all the job positions have been filled. It has already been several days since I applied for the fund approval request. What are your opinions about this?"

When Wen Haowen tried to talk about the funds, one of the directors cut him off. However, things were different now that he had an additional trump card. The directors obviously had to reassess their decisions.

"The project has just begun but you already need 500 million yuan. Thats almost half of our liquid assets. If we were to put this sum of money into the entertainment city project, well be too cash-strapped, and the current operations will be affected. Hence, I dont agree to it."

"I dont agree, either. We approved of the idea of a separate company, precisely because we were worried that the entertainment city project would affect the current operations of the Wen Corporation. 500 million yuan is really too much."

"The amount youre asking for is too much. I wonder what the shareholders think of this. We have to protect the interests of both the Wen Corporation and the shareholders."

Everyone expressed their opinions and the majority of the shareholders opposed to the idea, greatly drowning the ideas of those who approved.

Wen Haowen suddenly said, "Are you guys opposing to the approval of the funds because of the massive amount?"

During this period of time, Wen Haowen had also realized that the old and stubborn directors were only concerned about the Wen Corporations interests and were unwilling to approve the fund because he did not want the operations to be affected. However, the shareholders would approve of anything so long as it was lucrative. The fact that such a huge amount of money was needed even before the project was properly developed made them feel like backing out.

Hence, it was impossible for Wen Haowen to launder some money using the entertainment city.

"Exactly. The entertainment city project belongs to the expansion sector of the corporation and we ought to invest funds within our own means. We shouldnt affect the foundation of the Wen Corporation."

Everyone agreed.

At this moment, Ning Shuqian laughed and said, "I have a document here. Please take a look, everyone."

The secretary stepped forth to distribute the document to all the directors.

Ning Shuqian continued, "The company has just gotten on track a few days ago. Due to the fact that we hired new employees, they are probably still unclear about the Wen Corporations abilities. Hence, the budget that they had estimated is solely based on the needs of the entertainment city. Hence, it might be a little inappropriate. The document that Ive just given you guys is the updated budget. I think it should meet your demands."

If it werent because of Wen Xinyas suggestion to set up a separate company, there wouldnt be so much hassle. She had tried to make an issue out of the funds, but the directors were too smart.

Wen Xinya browsed through the document to see that it was a precise budget plan which was even more seamless than the previous one. The amount of funds needed was now 300 million yuan, 200 million lesser than the original budget.

The sum was not too large nor small for the Wen Corporation. Hence, they were certain that the shareholders would accept it. However, Wen Xinya knew that they could not approve of the funds because the entertainment city was a large scale project that would require a long time to be built. Once they approved of the funds, they would definitely ask for more. It would then be a matter of time before the Wen Corporation got implicated.

Wen Xinya shot Secretary Cao a glance.

Having understood what she meant, Secretary Cao answered, "This budget is seamless and the amount is reasonable too. However, this is only the starting funds and we havent made such a large investment in several years. I have to give this some consideration before coming to a decision."

Secretary Cao was shocked by everything that happened during the board meeting and could not quite recover from it.

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