Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Please Guide Me Along

A whirlpool of emotions surged in Wen Xinyas heart.

She did not expect Ning Shuqian to use the 3% of her shares to delve into the Wen Corporations core. It was something that even Old Mr. Wen definitely didnt think of. She had no choice but to admit that Ning Shuqian had indeed pulled a brilliant move.

The current situation was disadvantageous for the entire Wen Corporation as well as the Wen Family. Although Ning Shuqians 3% shares seemed insignificant, they were enough to help Wen Haowen have the same authority as Old Mr. Wen once combined with his 20% shares.

Ning Shuqian had already planned her move to join the board a long time ago.

Her purpose was to give Wen Haowen some help and not to make it easier to facilitate the supervision of the entertainment city project like what Wen Haowen had claimed.

Wen Haowen now had 23% of the Wen Corporations shares, including the 3% that belonged to Ning Shuqian. Hence, he and Ning Shuqian managed to gain the upper hand, for the shareholders could no longer rival him. And since the directors took instructions from the shareholders, they could not stop Wen Haowen either.

Wen Xinyas hands turned cold and she was filled with an inexplicable sense of disappointment.

So far, every move that the mastermind had made during the entertainment city project was precise and meticulous. It was as if they were bent on achieving their motive, thus making Wen Xinya feel extremely perturbed.

"Hello, everyone. Im Ning Shuqian. Im glad to be able to join the board and work alongside all the directors and shareholders. Please guide me along, everyone."

Her tender and sultry voice was as light as a feather, and it was as if it had tickled everyones hearts gently.

"Director Ning, dont stand on ceremony" Everyone began applauding and gossiping fervently amongst themselves. It was unknown if they were genuinely welcoming her or just brushing her off perfunctorily.

"Yeah, youre being too formal. Were going to be working alongside each other. No such thing as guiding"

Wen Xinya took a deep breath and looked up to see Ning Shuqian standing beside Wen Haowen.

Ning Shuqian was dressed in a black suit that had a cutting that resembled Chanel blazers. She wore a red shirt beneath the blazer, which had a fancy collar that made the suit look less stiff and more graceful. Ning Shuqian looked absolutely alluring.

Ning Shuqian was extremely smug and proud as well.

"Im very glad to have received such a warm welcome from all of you. From now on, Ill definitely prioritize the Wen Corporations interests," Ning Shuqian said while glancing at all the directors with a sultry gaze. At last, she glanced at Wen Xinya with raised brows and electrifying eyes, clearly trying to brag about her success.

The applause in the office gradually came to a halt.

Ning Shuqian shifted her alluring gaze onto Wen Xinya and reached her hand out smilingly, her long and slender fingers appearing like jade. Her nails were nicely trimmed and painted with red nail lacquer. It was as if her fingers were enough to seduce someone.

Wen Xinya shifted her gaze onto the hand in front of her before looking at Ning Shuqian with her eyes glassed over, as if she were confused.

Wen Haowen frowned slightly and chided. "Xinya, you may be the heiress of the Wen Family, but Director Ning is both your stepmother and a director of the corporation. Dont be rude."

Ning Shuqian would still be of help to him in the future. Hence, he was upset with Wen Xinyas nonchalance towards Ning Shuqian and decided to berate her.

The directors in the conference room were all aware of the feud between Wen Xinya and Ning Shuqian. Hence, they were all waiting to see a good show.

Ning Shuqian smiled radiantly before exclaiming, "Hello, Miss Wen!"

Wen Xinya probably didnt expect that Id come up with this, did she!?! Ive become a director and undermined her.

Ning Shuqian had already noticed the look on Wen Xinyas face as soon as she entered the conference room.

Wen Xinyas face was as pale as a sheet and she seemed to be in disbelief. She could not hide her astonishment at all. Ever since Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family, Ning Shuqian had never seen such an expression on her face at all.

If it werent for the sake of seeing such an expression on Wen Xinyas face, she wouldnt have gone to the great lengths of trying to convince Wen Haowen to let Wen Xinya join the board meeting.

Wen Xinya recovered from the shock and shook Ning Shuqians hand. "Congratulations, Miss Ning."

The room was full of directors and yet, Wen Xinya was the only person whom Ning Shuqian offered a handshake to. Clearly, she was out to make Wen Xinya feel uncomfortable and flaunt her success.

"Xinya, I heard that youre going to represent Old Mr. Wen in all the future board meetings and shareholders conferences. Youre free to join as and when you please. Do guide me along," Ning Shuqian said with a smug expression. She could feel the moisture of Wen Xinyas palms which were also clammy. Clearly, Wen Xinya was distraught.

In Ning Shuqians eyes, Wen Xinyas current smile was pathetic and useless. She felt that it was much more easy on the eyes compared to the sarcastic smirk that Wen Xinya would have on her face whenever she looked at her condescendingly.

"Dont mention it, Miss Ning." After a brief handshake, Wen Xinya nonchalantly grabbed a piece of tissue and wiped her hands gracefully. She meticulously cleaned every finger, as if there was nothing more important than that.

Her movements were graceful and elegant.

Ning Shuqians face grew sullen and she asked coldly, "Xinya, there has been a lot of misunderstandings between us. Now that the shareholders are all here, shall we bury the hatchet?"

Ning Shuqians sincerity came as a surprise to the shareholders, who were slightly impressed and glanced at her less nonchalantly.

Wen Xinya pressed her lips together without uttering a single word.

Her calm and mysterious attitude compelled Ning Shuqian into putting on a pitiful expression. "Xinya, are you still unwilling to forgive me? I dont mean anything else. I just think that we should clear the misunderstandings between us since were going to work with each other in the future."

Ning Shuqians words were reasonable and everyone agreed with her. They could only cooperate well when there were no misunderstandings.

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