Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 3 Of The Wen Corporations Shares

As the CEO of the Wen Corporation, Wen Haowen held 20% of the Wen Corporations shares and was indeed a major shareholder. Hence, he had the rights to decide who could join the board.

He wanted to let his employee join the board of directors!

Who is he going to nominate?

Ning Shuqian?

Hes got such a wild imagination. Ning Shuqian dropped out of secondary school and had only gone to work at the sister company for a few days. She did not qualify for the board at all, be it in terms of education, work experience or credentials. Is he a fool for wanting to nominate her?

However, Wen Haowen seems to be very confident about it. Could there be something that Im not aware of?

Wen Xinya was immediately alarmed.Is this what Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian have been planning?

Is Ning Shuqian planning to delve into the core of the Wen Corporation because she couldnt plant her snitches in the internal management team?

If its like what I guessed, they definitely have a trump card.

While Wen Xinya was busy racking her brains, the directors were trying to recover from the shock. Wen Haowen had the rights to nominate someone to join the board and hence, they could not reject his idea. Besides, Wen Haowen was right about the entertainment city project being very important. Although they had yet to approve of the 500 million yuan fund that he had requested, it was only a matter of time before they did. Hence, Wen Haowens suggestion was apt.

Everyone agreed.

Wen Haowen smiled and got ready to declare Ning Shuqian as the latest member of the board.

At this moment, Wen Xinya smirked sarcastically and gibed. "I wonder who youre going to nominate, CEO Wen. Why dont you let us know who it is? All the members of the board are all elite and competent, be it in terms of abilities or experience."

Does Wen Haowen want to let Ning Shuqian join the board? Impossible!

Ning Shuqian is greedy and scheming, and the person behind her is mysterious. The entertainment city project is obviously a conspiracy against us. How could I possibly let Ning Shuqian join the core of the Wen Corporation?

I would be letting a wolf in.

Secretary Cao said, "CEO Wen, youre the CEO and the major shareholder of the Wen Corporation. You have the right to let anyone join the board, but the board is not childs play. Why dont you let us know who youre planning to nominate so that we can discuss about it?"

Although they could not stop Wen Haowen from nominating any employees, they could voice their opinions. If they were displeased with the candidate he proposed, they would have the right to stop the candidate from joining the board.

After all, Wen Haowen wouldnt have discussed it with the directors if the shareholders did not approve of it.

Wen Haowen laughed and said, "Theres no harm in letting you guys know. Its someone youre familiar with. My wife, Ning Shuqian. She has just joined the sister company a few days ago as Deputy Manager."

The directors broke into a commotion.

Wen Haowens words made everyone feel flabbergasted.

"CEO Wen, are you kidding me? What rights does Ning Shuqian have to join the board? Just because shes your wife? What a joke she was the one who caused the Wen Corporation to incur a major loss. I dont agree to it at all."

"I disagree, too. The board is the core of the corporation and its no laughing matter. Ning Shuqians reputation has been ruined. We cant afford to be embarrassed further."

"I oppose, too. Everyone here is an esteemed employee of the Wen Corporation, unlike Ning Shuqian whos not capable enough. She also has a bad reputation. CEO Wen, your decision is going to be an insult to us hard workers."

Everyone fervently expressed their opposing opinions.

Wen Xinya glanced at Wen Haowen, who appeared calm despite the differing opinions. Clearly, he was confident.

Wen Xinya suddenly realized that there was no way she could stop Wen Haowen today.

Wen Haowen said, "Everyone, please keep quiet and let me finish what I have to say."

"Alright, go ahead"

Once the directors quietened down, Wen Haowen continued, "Im not trying to abuse my authority by allowing my wife to join the board. Its because she holds 3% of the Wen Corporations shares."

The news was like a bolt out of the blue.

The directors immediately kept quiet. Since she owned some shares, she was considered to be a minor shareholder. They were in no place to reject at all.

"Does anyone have any objections?" Wen Haowen asked smugly. Their reactions were exactly the same as his when Ning Shuqian first told him about it. They were dumbfounded. He did not expect that Madam Zhang would be so generous as to acquire the Wen Corporations loose shares and give them to Ning Shuqian.

Since he was married to Ning Shuqian, her shares would be combined with his. Hence, he thought to himself,Once I coax Shuqian into giving me the 3% of her shares, the old man wont be able to do anything to me.

Wen Xinya tightened her grip on her pen and her arms began to tremble.It turns out their trump card was the 3% of the Wen Corporations shares.

Wen Haowen will definitely become a major shareholder, no doubt.

Wen Xinya did not think of that at all.

3% of the shares.

Her mind was sent in a state of frenzy while shock overwhelmed her.

Where did those 3% come from?

Did Wen Haowen give them to her?

No it cant be. Wen Haowen is so selfish that hed even covet Grandmas shares. How could he possibly give his shares to Ning Shuqian? Its impossible.

Theres only one possibility, then.

Those were the shares that were bought from the Wen Corporation. Like most corporations, there were some loose shares of the Wen Corporation available on the stock market. It was nothing peculiar at all. Due to the fact that they were not solely owned by one owner, they could not pose a threat and hence, no one thought much about it.

It was no wonder that Wen Xinya did not think of it.

Due to the fact that the Wen Corporation was doing extremely well in the stock market, no one was willing to let go of their shares. Even if anyone wanted to purchase all the loose shares on the market, it would require a great ton of effort, money, and manpower.

Who would go to such great lengths to acquire those shares? There was no equal trade-off at all.

Wen Xinya was immediately alarmed.

Those people actually managed to purchase the loose shares without alarming the Wen Corporation at all. They actually went through such painstaking means to acquire the shares. Since they paid such a huge price, they are definitely coveting something bigger. What exactly does the mastermind want?

Wen Xinyas face grew sullen.

Seeing how smug Wen Haowen was, Wen Xinya sent into a state of emotional turmoil. Wen Haowen has no idea that hes being manipulated and that hes already let a wolf in. Fancy him still being all smug and haughty,

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