Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Recommending An Employee To Join The Board

Wen Xinya went to her seat slowly.

It was actually nothing major, for she had known right from the start that Wen Haowen had ill intentions for inviting her to the board meeting. Her only problem was selecting an identity that she could use to attend the meeting.

She had found out long ago that her mother had been granted access to the board meeting despite not being a member of the board. Hence, she discussed the matter with Old Mr. Wen. Since her mother had already taken the lead, she would be able to do so as long as Old Mr. Wen managed to convince the shareholders.

Greatly taken aback, Wen Haowen asked, "How could that be? How could I not know about my father holding a shareholders meeting? Im also a major shareholder of the Wen Corporation."

Wen Haowen could not believe his ears at all. Old Mr. Wen actually held a shareholders meeting without informing him at all. Clearly, Wen Xinya and Old Mr. Wen did not take him seriously at all.

Secretary Cao said calmly, "The other shareholders have already agreed."

The other shareholders owned a total of 70% of the Wen Corporations shares combined, a far cry from Wen Haowens pathetic 20%. Hence, the decision had already been set in stone and could not be rescinded.

As pale as a sheet, Wen Haowen said angrily, "Chairman is obviously just abusing his authority for personal reasons. Shes not a member of the board and yet, shes allowed to join the board meeting. It doesnt fit the rules at all."

Overwhelmed with anger, Wen Haowen thought to himself,The old man has already retired and barely cares about the affairs of the Wen Corporation. I had such a hard time when he first retired, but he didnt even help me at all. Yet, hes so eager about paving the way for Wen Xinya when shes just turned eighteen and has yet to even join the management officially. Hes obviously biased.

He almost suspected that Old Mr. Wen was prejudiced against him right from the start.

Wen Xinya said in a sharp and menacing voice, "Seems like youre very forgetful, CEO Wen. Well, it makes sense, actually My mother has passed away for more than a decade. Its only normal that youd forget about her. However" Wen Xinya continued in a stern and high-pitched voice, "You cant forget everything that my mother did for you and the Wen Corporation."

Everyone seemed to be deep in thought when Secretary Cao mentioned about Old Mr. Wens decision. Clearly, they still remembered Mo Yunyaos contributions to the Wen Corporation. Unlike Wen Haowen, who had forgotten everything because he was too obsessed with going against Wen Xinya.

She was utterly disappointed.

Wen Haowen suddenly thought about Mo Yunyao and his face turned sullen when he noticed the look of regret and disappointment on everyones faces. All of a sudden, he seemed to have lost the right to speak.

He could not deny that he had managed to secure his position as CEO all thanks to Mo Yunyaos help.

Her talent in jewelry design, combined with Wen Haowens efforts, was what helped the Wen Corporation break their sales record and stabilize Wen Haowens position as CEO.

Mo Yunyaos death and his incompetency made everyone badmouth him by saying that he had depended on a woman to rise to his position!

It was a great insult to him.

Everyone said that it was his fortune to have married Mo Yunyao, but he was the only one who knew the true hardship and struggles.

Secretary Cao tried to give them an out. "The time is almost up. We can begin the conference now."

Wen Haowen took a deep breath and took a look at the time to see that it was already 10:08 AM. He glowered at Wen Xinya coldly before saying, "I hope everyone can all declare the changes in plan beforehand. I dont want to cause a delay in the board meeting because of a single person."

He was clearly going against Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya smirked coldly without saying a single word.

Ever since she entered the office, the directors had begun making things difficult for here. Since Wen Haowen was around, there was no chance for her to declare her stand to everyone at all. However, they were no fools and could judge the situation themselves.

The conference finally began.

Wen Haowen explained about the entertainment city briefly and even suggested that they begin the development now.

Before Wen Haowen could even finish, one of the directors opposed. "The entertainment city project has already been delegated to the sister company which will handle the development independently. Theres no need to specially hold a board meeting to report to everyone. Well just go according to the Wen Corporations standard of protocol."

The statement had prevented Wen Haowen from proceeding to raise the request for a fund.

Wen Haowen had a sullen expression on his face.

"CEO Wen, the board meeting today is meant for the discussion of the issues related to the entertainment city. I think theres no need to hold this meeting at all. Its been less than three months since the proposal was approved and yet, weve already had four meetings. Since when has the Wen Corporation ever held such frequent board meetings? You held a board meeting as and whenever you pleased, just to talk about trivial matters. What do you take us for?"

The directors initially disagreed to the entertainment city project and had merely accepted it reluctantly because the shareholders had already approved of it. The long string of problems and hassle that came with the entertainment city project had long sparked unhappiness amongst the directors.

Wen Haowen broke out into cold sweat and said, "Dear shareholders, please simmer down. The matter about the entertainment city is really important."

"CEO Wen, if you cant cope with handling the entertainment city project, why dont you terminate it now? Otherwise, you may also get another expert to handle it? You made us directors attend a board meeting just for a trivial matter. We still have work to do. Are we supposed to ignore the current operations?"

He was directly calling Wen Haowen out for being incompetent.

Wen Haowen could not tolerate the insult at all. Overwhelmed with anger, he grimaced and said, "Director Li, youre making it sound more serious than it really is. The shareholders will agree to this. How could we just terminate it halfway or hand it over to someone else?"

Wen Xinya sneered to herself.Oh, how the tables have turned. Wen Haowen is acting all smug and haughty just because he holds 20% of the Wen Corporations shares. Actually, he doesnt know that he has already angered everyone by initiating the entertainment city project.

Is this Grandpas arrangement?He first used the shareholders authority to deal with Wen Haowen so that Wen Xinya would be able to retaliate calmly.

Wen Haowen took a deep breath and said, "I called for the board meeting because I want to select one employee from the sister company to join the board. After all, a large amount of money is required and we cant afford to be slipshod with the project. If someone from the sister company were to join the board, itd be easier for us to supervise and manage. Dear shareholders, what do you think of this?"

He initially planned to use the entertainment city project to approach the topic of nominating a new director. Yet, before he could even finish, the directors began objecting and expressing their displeasure. Hence, he had no choice but to reveal his agenda.

An icy cold expression formed in Wen Xinyas eyes. It turned out that Wen Haowen had such plans in mind. She did not expect it at all.

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