Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090 Please Leave The Conference Room Immediately

Wen Xinya and Secretary Cao arrived at the Wen Corporation at 9:50 AM. She had deliberately chosen to arrive on time, so as to show her composure.

Wen Xinya boarded the elevator to the 19th floor where the conference room was situated.

All of the members who had attended the meeting belonged to the board. Hence, Wen Xinya caught everyones attention when she appeared.

The directors were overwhelmed with shock, suspicion, displeasure, and anger. A sudden tension filled the air in the conference room.

Although Wen Xinya was the successor of the Wen Corporation, she had yet to officially join the Wen Corporations internal management. However, she had already intervened with the boards decision twice, thus arousing the displeasure of the directors.

Noticing how upset and infuriated they were, a smug look formed in Wen Haowens eyes.

Although he could not change the fact that Old Mr. Wen regarded Wen Xinya highly and put her on a pedestal, Wen Haowen could use the board of directors to give Wen Xinya a hard time. As long as they get upset with her, it would be difficult for her to control the Wen Corporation in the future.

Doesnt Wen Xinya like meddling with the affairs of the board?

In that case, I shall let her know that she cant just intervene as and when she pleases. One mistake is all it takes for her to shoot herself in the foot.

One of the directors glanced at Wen Xinya and said politely, "Miss Wen, did you enter the wrong room? Were having a board meeting and everyone here is a member of the board. You may be one of the Wen Corporations shareholders, but youre not a director, so please leave immediately."

His words were harsh even though he sounded polite.

Before Wen Xinya could even answer, another director continued, "The shareholders may have the final say, but they dont have the rights to interfere with the management of the company. Hence, Miss Wen, you dont have the rights to attend the board meeting."

"You may be the Wen Corporations successor and your grandfather may be the chairman, but the board is the core of the corporation. We must go by the book and follow the standards of the protocol. We cant mix work and personal life, so please be more understanding, Miss Wen."

"The companys secrets would be shared during board meetings. Hence, its highly exclusive and not everyone is allowed to attend. If the companys confidential information is leaked, whos going to be liable for the losses incurred?"

"The members of the board are all core members of the company who have contributed greatly to the corporation. They have also been recognized by the employees of the corporation and nominated as a director. Miss Wen, do you fit the description?"

"Miss Wen, I understand that you want to understand the situation in the Wen Corporation as soon as you can. However, you cant be too impatient when it comes to such things. I heard that youve made it to Capital University. At this point, you ought to prioritize your academics."

"The board meeting will begin very soon. Miss Wen, please leave the conference room. Dont delay the start of the meeting. You have to understand that our time is precious."

Wen Xinya remained calm despite knowing that everyone was staring at her in disdain. Her outfit made her look refined and beautiful like apricot blossoms that had bloomed after plum blossoms and peaked before peach blossoms. Apricot blossoms were cold yet resplendent.

Wen Haowen frantically said, "Dear directors, please simmer down. Xinya is on her summer break now. Thats why she got the idea of learning at the Wen Corporation. As her father, I ought to fulfill her wishes. After all, shes still the successor of the Wen Corporation which will be handed to her in the future. She definitely has to learn the ropes, so"

Wen Haowens words were indeed very intelligent.

She attended the previous board meeting as a shareholder and under the pretext of trying to learn the ropes. Hence, she could not retaliate because Wen Haowen was speaking the truth.

Besides, Wen Haowen did not deny the fact that he was the one who had invited Wen Xinya to the board meeting, though he did not explicitly express it either. Regardless of what the directors say, the blame wouldnt be put on him and they would merely find that Wen Xinya was being arrogant.

His words were truly shrewd, and he was obviously trying to sow discord. He was also indirectly hinting that she was arrogant and haughty just because she was the heiress.

Just like Wen Xinya had expected, the directors expressed their displeasure after hearing Wen Haowens words.

"You have to start from the basics if you want to learn. The board is not a place for learning."

"Yeah, the board is the core of the Wen Corporation. As the successor, how can you take the corporations interests as a laughing matter?"

"Why are you so insensible? Even if you want to learn how to run the Wen Corporation, you dont have to be so impatient. Chairman is old but healthy and strong. Theres plenty of time for you to learn from him."

The outcome was just like what Wen Haowen had expected.

He was eager to see how Wen Xinya was going to handle the matter now that Qian Jianhui was not by her side to speak up for her.

At this moment, Secretary Cao said softly, "Dear directors, please listen to me."

The directors would definitely give Secretary Cao some face. Not only was Secretary Cao Old Mr. Wens right-hand-man, but he was also highly respected in the Wen Corporation. Not to mention, he was also a member of the board.

Wen Xinya smirked slowly as her eyes lit up radiantly.

Secretary Cao said, "Missy is attending the board meeting on Old Mr. Wens behalf today. Throughout the years, Old Mr. Wen has put in so much effort into the Wen Corporation and developed it into what it is today. Since when has he ever made any wrong decisions?"

Everyone looked at each other in shock.

Most of the directors had joined the board only after Old Mr. Wen nurtured them. Only a few were granted the opportunity by Wen Haowen.

Secretary Cao continued, "Missy is here today because Chairman held a conference over the phone yesterday with the shareholders, all of whom have approved of letting Missy represent Chairman during the meeting today. At the same time, she can also learn how to manage the corporation."

That was Wen Xinyas trump card. Hence, she was not fazed by Wen Haowens tricks at all.

Secretary Caos words gave everyone a great shock as they could not help but be reminded of Mo Yunyao who had gained the approval of the shareholders before she even joined the board. Hence, she was granted access to board meetings and shareholder meetings.

However, everyone was convinced by Mo Yunyaos abilities.

Now that Chairman had used the same method to arrange for Wen Xinya to join the meetings, could it be that she had the same qualities as her mother?

Everyone could not help but be reminded of Wen Xinyas performance during the previous board meeting, after which they began to raise doubts.

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