Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 A Hermit Would Definitely Have A Brilliant Scheme

Wen Xinya was over the moon. She lifted the hem of her dress and sprinted towards the room.

Si Yiyan was holding onto a thick book that he seemed to be engrossed in. It made him look cultured and knowledgeable. His light green shirt made him look suave and elegant.

Wen Xinya scurried towards Xinya and yelled his name excitedly, "Yan~ Yan~ Yan~"

Si Yiyan seemed to be immersed in his book.

Wen Xinya pouted unhappily and leaned towards him in a bid to find out what he was reading. He was so engrossed that he couldnt even be bothered to talk to her.

In the end, she was dumbfounded when she saw all the strange characters and symbols.

She could not recognize them at all.

They did not seem to be English nor French. The special characters and the alphabets that she was familiar with mixed together to form a beautiful, exquisite and rustic vibe on paper.

Could this be another language that Si Yiyan was proficient in?

Wen Xinya subconsciously looked at Si Yiyan, who coincidentally held her gaze.

When she was not realizing, Si Yiyan had already shifted his attention from the book to her face. His alluring gaze seemed to glisten under the moonlight.

Wen Xinyas heart palpitated and she subconsciously asked, "What are you looking at?"

Si Yiyan smirked and pulled her onto the seat beside him. "Wen Haowen has invited you to attend the next board meeting, but you dont seem to be nervous about it at all."

Wen Haowens motive for holding the board meeting and deliberately inviting Wen Xinya was obvious. He clearly had ill intentions. Si Yiyan was just worried that she wouldnt be able to deal with it. After all Wen Xinya had to deal with the mastermind, not Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian.

Wen Xinya said self-righteously with gusto, "Since I already know that theyre out to get me, why should I be worried at all? Ill take whatever comes my way."

She would deal with them regardless of what tricks they get up to.

Si Yiyan said calmly, "In that case, what status do you plan to attend the board meeting as?"

She could not avoid Wen Haowens attack, but she would be offending the directors regardless of whether she attended the board meeting or not.

Wen Xinya chuckled and said, "Hermits would naturally have brilliant plans."

We both have our own tricks. Its just a contest to see whos more shrewd.

If she couldnt deal with Wen Haowens petty tricks, how could she run the huge Wen Corporation? However, she was indeed shocked by Wen Haowens actions.

Si Yiyan could tell from the gaze in her eyes that she was very confident of winning. He smiled and said, "You must remember that regardless of what happens, Ill always have the ability to turn back time."

His calm words and confidence simply meant that he was extremely confident, especially since he could make a statement like that with such composure and casualness. The more normal he sounded, the more terrifying it was.

He was not at all fazed by what would pose as a major problem to others. Clearly he was extremely arrogant and confident.

He resumed his reading as soon as he said his piece.

After feeling a little stunned, Wen Xinya calmed herself down and looked at the book in his hand. "What are you reading?"

Si Yiyan answered, "The Legend Of Athena."

Wen Xinya exclaimed in shock, "Greek mythology!"

She was rather taken aback, for she did not expect Si Yiyan to read about mythologies. The all-rounded Si Yiyan was knowledgeable, scholarly and well-versed in the Confucian six arts and skills, namely etiquette, music, archery, charioteering, literature, and calculus. He also had a penchant for reading about the history of different nations. He would also read some loose extracts and adaptations of history and literature. Even Old Mr. Mo was in awe of his knowledge.

Si Yiyan nodded and answered, "Yes, its very interesting. In order to get to know a country better, youd first have to understand their culture. Culture combined with the wisdom of the citizens is what gives a rich imagination and endless creativity. At the same time, its also proof of their humanities. Mythology is one of the classics of culture."

Hence, there was nothing odd about him reading mythologies at all.

Wen Xinya asked curiously, "Does that mean that youre keen on getting to know more about Greece?"

Shaking his head, Si Yiyan answered, "Youre wrong!"

Wen Xinya looked at him in bewilderment and wondered to herself,Wasnt that what he was implying?

Si Yiyan continued smilingly, "I just wanted to see what the determined and strong-willed goddess Athena is like."

He wanted to see if she was any different from the goddess in his heart who had been sharpened by determination.

Wen Xinyas eyes turned teary and she took a glance at the book in his hand. "I didnt know you could understand Ancient Greek. Youre really something, huh!?!"

Ancient Greek was a beautiful language that had a clear structure and concept. There was also a plethora of ways of expressions and it catered to the needs of the stringent and strict thinkers as well as the talented poets. It was full of imagination, too.

Plenty of famous classics were written in Ancient Greek, just like the Bible!

She heard that the Ancient Greek version of the Bible was much more imaginative and had a deeper meaning compared to its Latin and English counterparts. The characters also gave the words a magical touch of religion.

Si Yiyan smiled and explained, "Yeah, my mother likes the Ancient Greek culture and she taught me some of it when I was younger."

Language was Wen Xinyas weakness.

She truly did not possess a flair for picking up languages. She was now trying to learn two foreign languages, English and Russian. She was only well-versed in written English and conversational in Russian.

That was also the reason for her resentment towards her lack of talent in learning languages.

Wen Xinya said bitterly, "Oh, I see. I heard that you have to start from a young age in order to master a language well."

The most she could manage was reading short passages in simple English. Yet, Si Yiyan managed to understand the thick book of Greek mythology written in Ancient Greek. What a stark contrast.

In other words, she had missed the best opportunity to learn a new language because of the fact that she had led a wandering life for fifteen years.

Si Yiyan burst into laughter, finding her excuse to be rather convincing. "Old Mr. Mo has tried to learn a foreign language for decades, but hes still worse than you. Youre already doing very well."

Old Mr. Mo, Im just stating facts. I dont mean to offend you.

Indeed, comparison was what showed ones flaws. Wen Xinyas eyes lit up and guffawed. "Si Yiyan, youre really brazen. How dare you mock my Grampy. Im going to tell on you and get Grampy to punish you."

Wen Xinyas sense of inferiority was placated by Si Yiyan.

Sweat droplets began to form on Si Yiyans forehead.

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