Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 Well Done

He Yi would get busy with his own work and had no time for the two interns, namely Qiao Nan and Deng Wenchang. Qiao Nan liked to keep herself busy. She felt that she did not have enough time, so she would not waste her time doing nothing.

Once He Yi closed the door to his office, Qiao Nan went back to her seat right away, taking out a foreign history literary work that was in English.

Deng Wenchang, having nothing much to do, sat down as well. As his seat was only separated from Qiao Nans seat by a partition, he could tell what she was doing.

Deng Wenchang sneered when he noticed that Qiao Nan was able to read the English literary work calmly. She was indeed conscientious, but it was merely to keep up appearances. He wondered how capable she was.

She was merely a college student. To put it bluntly, Qiao Nan was overestimating her capabilities!

If she wanted to read and to learn, she should go back to school.

This was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the central government. It was not suitable for everyone. It was a very important ministry in the country. Deng Wenchang felt saddened that Qiao Nan could join the ministry through connections when she was without any skills.

This wouldnt do. When he went back home today, he must ask his father to do a check. He wanted to know where this college student came from and what methods she used in order to join the ministry. Most importantly, he hoped that his master was not the person who allowed her to join the ministry. Otherwise, he would be ready to punish his own family if justice demanded it.

Deng Wenchang kept quiet about the fact that he might report his master if he was the one who allowed Qiao Nan to join the ministry. Deng Wenchang was a man of actions. Once he reached home, he passed Qiao Nans photo to his father. "Hurry, Dad. Can you help me do a check on this person? Could it be that college students nowadays are so shameless?"

Father Deng looked at the person in the photo. She had clear, sparkling eyes, and she looked upright. He tried to make his son calm down. "Dont get angry. Although one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature, from the pair of clear eyes that the young lady has, she doesnt seem to be problematic." He had seen many women who took the wrong path and climbed up the social ladder with their looks.

He had rejected some of them, and for those that he was interested in, he would accept their offers.

The young lady in the photo was unlike the women that he had seen in the past. "Alright, let me ask you. She must have joined the ministry for a certain period of time. From your observation, is she capable?" They should not over-generalize. Although she had the looks, she might be capable as well.

Father Deng was not lauding the spirit of the enemy and belittled that of his own.

It was just that his son who was used to doing very well in school became flustered and lost his calm at the mention of Qiao Nan. He had forgotten everything that he had taught him at a young age.

The father should know the son best.

Given his sons reaction, Father Deng did not believe his sons one-sided view that the young lady joined the ministry based on her looks.

It was such an important ministry in the country. One could not join the department easily based on illicit offers. If so, their country would be in trouble,

Furthermore, it was not as important whether she engaged in illicit offers or not. If she had no talents, it would be useless even if she engaged in indecent acts.

"Hmmph. She is merely a third-year student. Dad, do you think she is capable?" Deng Wenchang was unconvinced. He graduated with a masters degree and he completed two years of overseas study in America before returning to the country in glory.

He had graduated from college and also came back from his overseas study. He had proven that he was capable and had abilities.

Although he was able to join the ministry because of his master, he was in a different situation from Qiao Nan. He had the capabilities and he could contribute to the ministry. Unlike Qiao Nan, it was already considered good if she did not cause any trouble to the ministry.

Deng Wenchang would not admit that she had the abilities.

"Is that so?" Father Deng refused to believe. I have known He Yi for a long time. I know him very well. If he would accept such favors, his wife would have divorced him a long time ago." Father Deng respected He Yi for that. He would lose his senses occasionally, but He Yi never made a single mistake.

As he knew He Yi very well, Father Deng did not believe what his son said totally. He did not jump to conclusions and believed that Qiao Nan joined the ministry based on her looks. "Both of you have joined the ministry for some time. What have you done for the ministry? How about Qiao Nan? Is she idling around?"

Since they had joined the ministry for some time, he believed that his son and the young lady must have been given the chance to perform in the ministry.

Even if they did not have the chance, they would have created the opportunity for themselves if they were determined to work in the ministry.

"Dont bring that up. The mention of it makes my blood boil." Deng Wenchang slammed the table. "The ministry had an urgent and important task. Everyone in the ministry, including Uncle He, stayed through the night to complete the task, but Qiao Nan was able to go back home on time. I dont understand why Uncle He would give such an important task of researching and compiling information to an indecent woman. If anything happened, it would implicate the entire ministry and shame our country."

Deng Wenchang was boiling in anger. He could not bear to watch the horrible outcome. Otherwise, he would not be back home at such an early time.

Father Deng knew what his son was talking about. When he first learned about it, he was shocked as well. Luckily, no matter what happened, it had nothing to do with him. That was why he did not let it bother him.

Now that his son brought it up, Father Deng took the remote control and switched on the television. "It is eight oclock at night. The issue that you spoke of will be on the news tonight. You can watch the news with me, and we shall see if it is as bad as what you made it to be."

Would He Yi be so foolish?

If so, He Yi would have been sent out of the ministry. Even though Elder Lin was his master, it would be of no use.

Even if someone got in through the back door, if they did not have the ability, they would not be able to succeed in any organization or company that he joined.

True enough, the nighttime news on the state-owned television channel was reporting the issue that Father Deng and his son had been talking about.

The news broadcaster spoke in fluent Chinese. She was very professional as she reported about the event.

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