Rebirth Of The Famous Wife: Li Shao And The Thief Chapter 2385

Chapter 2385: Finally Came Back To Me

Li Jingyi looked at them calmly, seemingly disdainful but funny and raised his mouth, "Yes, in the future, you two will work hard for me. If you do something wrong, you will deduct one thousand wages. Let's take care of it."

"Ah? A thousand? That's too much! My God! The exploiters of capitalism!"

Jiang Jingfeng immediately complained to Xu Mo and left, and the two of them became brothers and sisters.

Li Jingyi and Tang Nuanhua looked at each other tacitly, with thick smiles on their faces.

In short, after a party, everyone was very happy.

While happy, but also a little tired.

After all, Li Jingyi had just recovered from a serious illness, and it happened to be when he needed rest the most, so he would easily get tired.

So when the banquet ended later, and it was too early, the two hurried home.

In the evening, Li Yuan.

Li Jingyi, who hadn't returned for a long time, felt a cordial feeling when he got home again.

The servants of the family came back at some point, and saw Li Jingyi and Tang Nuan painted together and bowed their heads to say hello, "Young Master, Young Lady, welcome home!"

Upon seeing this, Tang Nuanhua and Li Jingyi smiled lightly, as greetings.

At night, after the two of them washed up, they lay together on the familiar and warm big bed at home, with a long-lost satisfaction in their hearts.

"Jing Yi, you finally returned to me."

Tang Nuan painted his head and looked at Li Jingyi, his eyes filled with happiness.

"Well, I will never leave you again." Li Jingyi was equally happy.

"However, although your illness has recovered, you still have a lot of things to deal with. You disappear for so long without saying a word, and there are rumors about your death on the Internet. To clarify, in short, there are still many things waiting for you to do. I guess it will be hard for you again in the next few days."

Tang Nuan's painting felt distressed when he thought that Li Jingyi had just recovered from a serious illness and had to deal with these things.

However, when Li Jingyi heard these things, he didn't feel any pressure at all, but rather enjoyed it.

He hugged Tang Nuan's painting tightly and said, "It doesn't matter, some of these things will be time to deal with in the future, but now, I still have one more thing I want to do. Do you know what it is?"

"Huh? What is it?"

Tang Nuan asked ignorantly.

Before he could react, suddenly the tall body was already pressing on her.

The two hadn't made each other for a long time, Tang Nuan painted silently and swallowed his saliva, saying that it was a fake not to be nervous.

But in addition to nervousness, it turned out to be more expectation.

"Come on." Tang Nuan didn't know where the courage came from, she bit her lip, "I'm ready."

"Oh, silly girl."

Li Jingyi couldn't help but chuckled softly as she looked at her being slaughtered, and then gently overturned.

The sweet night is still very long.


Five years later.

The sunlight fell from the tall woods outside the window, making the two people's room very clean and warm.

Tang Nuanhua woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, quickly unfastened his apron, and removed the rubber bands from his hair. A seat of black and beautiful curly hair fluttered in an instant.

Today's Tang Nuan paintings are already twenty-eight years old, still exquisite and beautiful, not old, but they already have a more mature, intellectual and charming atmosphere.

But when this breath called Li Jingyi to get up, it completely broke the power.

"I've gotten up to eat, Jing Yi, you're still asleep, the sun is basking."

Li Jingyi has developed a bad habit in the past few years, that is, he loves to sleep late.

As long as it's weekends, he will definitely sleep three nights and get up again. According to him, he learned this from Tang Nuan's paintings.

But now Tang Nuan painting has learned to go to bed early and get up early, but Li Jingyi can't change it. It's ten o'clock in the morning, and he still sleeps like a pig that can't wake up.

Tang Nuan had no choice but to go to the room to wake up people.

The strange thing is that Tang Nuan couldn't wake up Li Jingyi no matter how he pushed it, no matter how hard he put it, Li Jingyi couldn't open his eyes.

It's like being unconscious.

"Jing Yi, are you okay?"

Tang Nuan painting was slightly startled, and immediately reached out under Li Jingyi's nose and tested the person's breathing.

Unexpectedly, in the next second, her wrist was grabbed by a big palm, and then the whole person immediately took advantage of the situation and lay in Li Jingyi's arms.

Li Jingyi's domineering and powerful aura immediately stunned Tang Nuan's painting. Tang Nuan's painting was sitting in Li Jingyi's arms, his face flushed with a brush.

"Wife, good morning."

A magnetic voice came from the top of his head, and a spoiled smirk appeared on Li Jingyi's face. After five years, his handsomeness has not been reduced by half, but he has become more lazy and clingy.

Tang Nuanhua's face was still ruddy, and she was immediately shy and wanted to get up from his arms, "I'm getting up soon. Let's have breakfast."

"But, won't you give me a good morning kiss?" Li Jingyi's tone suddenly seemed aggrieved.

Tang Nuan was softhearted, and had to drop a kiss on his forehead. The next second, Li Jingyi's warm lips quickly blocked her small mouth.

After a few minutes, Li Jingyi said with satisfaction, "This is a qualified good morning kiss."

Tang Nuanhua's face flushed, and Xiao Xiao pushed him, "You are bad." Then the two were about to continue kissing.

"Ah! Children. Not suitable!"

At this moment, a childish voice suddenly rang.

Tang Nuanhua and Li Jingyi were startled. They looked towards the door together, and saw a handsome young boy who hurriedly covered his eyes with his hands at the door, as if they had seen something they shouldn't look at.

Although it was covered, but after a while, quietly opened a finger.

Between their fingers, Li Jingyi and Tang Nuan were looking at him.

Tang Nuan's voice became more and more severe, like a tigress about to show off, "Strong, scared, night!"

"Yeah, my mother found out, run!"

The child immediately turned around and ran. Although the child is only five years old, he runs very quickly.

Tang Nuan chuckled with a sneer, and turned back to Li Jingyi, "Okay, get up for breakfast. Didn't you agree to go to a picnic with Jingye today? Get up."

"Okay, here we go."

Li Jingyi finally got up, after which a family of three ate breakfast downstairs.

After eating breakfast, Tang Nuanhua took the children upstairs to change clothes. Li's wife began to prepare things for a picnic. Li Jingyi went to the balcony and looked at the scenery outside.

The sky is blue and there are no clouds. It is indeed a good weather for a picnic.

Not long after winter, spring is coming, and the green plants in the backyard begin to sprout again, and they will grow more and more densely over time.

Together with a family of three, life will become better and better.

The most satisfying thing is...

Such days will continue to grow in the future.

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