Rebirth Of The Famous Wife: Li Shao And The Thief Chapter 2384

Chapter 2384: Nuanhua I'm Pregnant

After Li Jingyi was pushed back into the ward, Tang Nuanhua couldn't help telling Li Haitian and Qiao Manxue the good news.

On the phone, Tang Nuan's voice was extremely excited, "Mom, the doctor said that Jing Yi will be discharged soon!"


Qiao Manxue's eyes narrowed with a smile, and his voice was full of joy, "It's great, great, my son is finally getting better, finally he is better!"

After that, Qiao Manxue couldn't wait to tell the old man and old lady at home the news.

The two old people were also very happy after hearing this. They didn't know that Li Jingyi was terminally ill, but they were in a very good mood when they heard that Li Jingyi got better.

So, when Li Jingyi was discharged from the hospital, all the family members came.

The day he was discharged from the hospital happened to be Lichun. After Tang Nuanhua had completed the discharge procedures for Li Jingyi, he let Li Jingyi walk out of the hospital with a cane.

The moment Li Jingyi walked out of the hospital, his eyes widened instantly.

Just so, I saw Li Haitian, Qiao Manxue and Xu Mojiang Jingfeng who were standing in a row not far away.

At this moment, they all held white lilies in their hands, standing in a pile, seeing Li Jingyi coming out, they all shouted happily, "Congratulations on leaving the hospital!"

Seeing this scene, Li Jingyi and Tang Nuanhua looked at each other and all laughed.

"Master, master! Take a look at Little Master! Little Master is here too!"

Just when everyone was happy, Sister Li took the child from the car and got out of the car and walked happily in front of Li Jingyi and Tang Nuan.

"The baby is here too?" Tang Nuan painted smiled when he saw the baby.

Aunt Li smiled and said, "Isn't it? Today is the day the young master is discharged from the hospital. Of course, our little young master should also come to celebrate."

Speaking with a smile, Sister Li had already handed the child to Tang Nuan's painting at this time, "Come on, young lady, hug you, the child is heavier now."


Tang Nuanhua took the child, felt the weight in his hand, and smiled in relief.

The baby is almost half a year old, and has gone from the immature appearance of the newborn period. Now it has grown white, tender and plump, very cute.

At this moment, the baby seemed to know Tang Nuan's painting and Li Jingyi's. At this moment, when he came to Tang Nuan's painting and saw his parents in front of him, he couldn't help waving his little hands and showing them. A sweet smile.

"Jing Yi, look, baby is smiling! He still recognizes us!"

When Tang Nuanhua saw the child smile, he laughed like a child suddenly.

When Qiao Manxue heard this, she interrupted, "Look at what your child is saying, you are horrified parents, he and you are in good spirits, can you not laugh when you see you?"

"Hey, mom is right." Tang Nuan painted a sweeter smile.

"Okay, okay, let's get in the car quickly, and don't be eye-catching here anymore. Others are coming to see the doctor. If you see us laughing and joking at the entrance of the hospital, how proper we are, let's get in the car quickly. I have to hurry to eat."

In the end, Li Haitian stood up and waved, and the group of people waited sparsely and all got on the train.

Li Jingyi was finally discharged from the hospital. The first thing they had to do was of course to get together and get together.

At noon, the sun was shining brightly in the city. In a big box in a five-star hotel in this city, everyone gathered together with happy smiles on their faces.

Of course, many people sent their blessings to Li Jingyi during the dinner.

First, Gu Yunzheng and Mu Wushuang, the two came over and drank a glass of wine with Li Jingyi, and said, "Jing Yi, for the sake of recovering from your serious illness now, you are allowed to use tea instead of wine, but after half a year, I and Wu Wu At Shuang's wedding party, your kid can't be absent anymore. I will definitely get you drunk by then!"

Li Jingyi raised the corner of his mouth when he heard the words, "Okay, I promise you."

When the words were over, Li Jingyi replaced the wine with tea and drank a cup of tea.

"Young Master Li, I didnt expect you to really get better. This is really great. Originally, I was worried that after you were gone, Nuanhua didnt know what to do, but when you came back, it was really great. Now, as the best sister of Nuanhua, let me have a drink with you. You must take good care of Nuanhua in the future."

Lin Nanxiang also brought Bai Ye over at this time. After having a drink with Li Jingyi, he looked at Tang Nuan painting, "Nuan Hua, you are absent from my engagement banquet. You must come to be my bridesmaid when you get married!"

"Well, don't worry."

Tang Nuanhua smiled and nodded, and looked at Bai Ye again, suddenly remembering that Lan Sixia hadn't appeared in this period of time, and asked, "Where is Sixia?"

"He, he has already gone back to the army." Bai Ye said with a grin.

"Then why don't you go back? Aren't you together?"

"I, I'm not as good as Si Xia in the army, thinking about going to a place like the army, I still feel that a place like the army is not suitable for me. It just so happens that I have also been a conscript for two years. I can also apply for retirement, so I quit. Its different from me. He has a future in the army and he is suitable there."

After Bai Ye smiled and finished speaking, she hugged Lin Nanxiang aside and said, "Besides, I am now a family member. In the future, I will make money and take care of my wife and children."


"Well, I haven't had time to tell you, Nuanhua, I'm pregnant."

Lin Nanxiang smiled shyly at this time, and said, "I don't know if it is a boy or a girl, but after a certain time, I guess I have to ask you some parenting experience."

"Okay, no problem."

Tang Nuanhua nodded, and suddenly looked at Bai Ye with warning, "Hey, Bai Ye, you will remember it to me. You must take good care of our Nanxiang in the future. If you don't take good care of her, I will kill you. ."

"I know, I know, you are a mother now, how come you are like a tigress." Bai Ye said with a grin.

Talking and laughing, the two gradually walked away.

The people who came up afterwards were Xu Mo and Jiang Jingfeng. They didn't know how to get together recently, and they followed each other wherever they went.

No, the two of them walked up to Li Jingyi and both smiled.

"President, congratulations on leaving the hospital! From now on, I can follow you again!" Xu Mo smiled.

"And me and me, cousin, although I came in through the back door, my strength should not be underestimated. Don't underestimate me!"

Jiang Jingfeng raised his chin, and his face was full of young people's pride.

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