Rebirth Of The Famous Wife: Li Shao And The Thief Chapter 2383

Chapter 2383: One More Good News

"It's great Jing Yi, really, great." Tang Nuan couldn't stop the excitement of painting.

She couldn't find any words to describe her feelings at the moment, as if she saw a rainbow on a cloudy day, got a fine needle in a sea, and a miracle happened. She felt happy from the heart.

This was probably the happiest and most contented moment in her life.

"From now on, I can take care of you for the rest of my life."

Li Jingyi was also very content, gently taking this girl into his arms, feeling an unprecedented relaxation in his heart.

I thought that my life was hanging by a thread, but I didn't want to come back to life. It's rare to experience this kind of mood.

And it was precisely because he walked around the gate of the ghost gate that Li Jingyi understood who is the most important person in his life and what is the most important thing in his life.

The most important person is of course Tang Nuan painting.

The most important thing is to love her and take care of her for the rest of your life.


For the next period of time, Tang Nuan still took care of Li Jingyi.

Although Li Jingyi's body has improved, it is impossible for him to recover all the time because of the spread of germs before.

The doctor said that although the serum can be used to target the germs in Li Jingyi's body, the amount of serum is also particular.

Using the right amount, of course, can eliminate germs in the body, but if you use too much, it is likely to produce side effects, such as bone necrosis.

Therefore, for a long time, Li Jingyi still had to stay in the hospital.

Nevertheless, Tang Nuan's painting was already very satisfied.

As long as he is still alive, as long as he is still by his side, Tang Nuan dare not have too much hope.

During this period of time, Tang Nuan's painting took care of Li Jingyi every day, and Li Jingyi's complexion became better day by day, and he began to have some color.

Over time, Li Jingyi gradually got out of bed and walked around, playing games and chess with Tang Nuan painting.

Although I still can't enter into a large-scale exercise, at least I can start the activity.

And Tang Nuanhua manages the Li Group every day, and by the way, also manages and manages the Tang Group, making it better and better.

She thought to her heart that when Li Jingyi's body got better, she could officially abdicate and let Li Jingyi officially return.

By that time, this news will definitely make a global sensation!

Every time he thought of this, Tang Nuan couldn't help but smile with a smug smile on his face, and he was very happy.

But Tang Nuan painting didn't expect that when this day came, God suddenly made a little joke with Tang Nuan painting.

This afternoon.

When Tang Nuan came to accompany Li Jingyi, he saw that the weather outside was good, so he helped Li Jingyi on a whim, and the two went to the backyard of the hospital for a walk.

The air in the backyard is very good, there are flowers, grass and scenery. Many patients walk around here wearing hospital gowns.

At this moment, Li Jingyi was holding Tang Nuanhua in one hand and a cane in the other, just advancing so hard.

"Jing Yi, when it's clear and spring is here, let's go kite-flying together?"

The wind in winter is getting warmer and warmer, and spring is coming soon, Tang Nuan's painting can't help but want to play with Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi smiled and touched her small head, her handsome face was filled with a smile, "Well, you will accompany you wherever you go."

"Tsk tusk, look, a patient over there is so handsome!"

"Really, that patient is too handsome, isn't he a star?"

At this moment, two strange female nurses not far away saw Tang Nuan painting supporting Li Jingyi and couldn't help exclaiming.

This is the first time they have seen such a handsome patient in the hospital!

This is definitely not a male celebrity, it is a character, in short, definitely not an ordinary person!

"Cut, you're handsome, you can just look at it secretly, why have to say it."

Tang Nuanhua complained a little bit dissatisfied, no way, she is so stingy, her husband, don't want others to come to see.

"Go, let's go back to the ward!"

Tang Nuan lost the mood of wandering after painting. He just wanted to take Li Jingyi back and hide him like a baby.

Li Jingyi chuckled, naturally following this girl.

But I didn't want to. In the next moment, Li Jingyi suddenly felt dizzy, and the picture before him became dark.

After that, Li Jingyi's body fell directly in the direction of Tang Nuan's painting.

Tang Nuan was shocked when painting, and shouted, "Jing Yi, Jing Yi!"

Li Jingyi closed his eyes and seemed to have passed out in a coma.

Not far away, the two little nurses who just discussed rushed over in a hurry, "Hello, can I help you?"


Tang Nuanhua said firmly, "Put him on my back!"


The two young nurses were taken aback, but Tang Nuan painting had already squatted down.

The nurses had no choice but to help and put Li Jingyi on the back of Tang Nuan's painting.

After that, Tang Nuan didn't know where the strength came from, so he directly memorized Li Jingyi!

Not only did he recite, Tang Nuan's painting also quickened his pace, carried Li Jingyi to the ward, and then hurried to call Li Jingyi's attending doctor.

The doctor rushed over immediately, and immediately took Li Jingyi to the examination room and gave Li Jingyi a physical examination.

Finally, the doctor sighed deeply and pushed open the door of the examination room.

Tang Nuanhua rushed forward anxiously and asked, "Doctor, how is Jing Yi? Didn't you tell me that the serum is very effective for him and there will be no side effects? What's wrong with him?"

The doctor listened to the words and first calmed down Tang Nuan's painting emotions, "Miss Tang, listen to me, don't worry."

"According to my inspection just now, your husband is only temporarily unconscious because of insufficient nutrition after eating for a long time, which leads to low blood sugar. It is not a big problem."

"Huh-so it is!"

Tang Nuan painting was about to be frightened, and he was relieved.

"Then, I have another good news to tell you."

The doctor said and chuckled again, "The good news I want to tell you is that according to my examination of your husband just now, the germs in your husband's body have almost been wiped out. It will be about another week or so. You can be discharged from the hospital."

"What? You said he can be discharged from the hospital, really?"

This was a surprise, and Tang Nuan couldn't believe it in his paintings.

The smile on the doctor's face will not be false, "Of course it is true. Don't worry, Miss Tang, your husband is healed!"


Tang Nuanhua moved fiercely in her heart. What she looked forward to every day, wasn't it just Li Jingyi's recovery?

Now, I finally waited until this day!

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