Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/destroyer Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Sam Wakes Up

Sam picked up his communication token and called his friend's communication channel.

"Hey guys, I don't how you guys got me here, but great job. Someone please, get me a meal from Mackey. I am starving."

The trio was overjoyed when they heard his voice and Watt who is on the silver-wind and on his way to the tower turned back and went to Mackey's restaurant to get some food.

He packed every available dish there at the moment and rode back to the tower.

When they reached the tower, Sam is inside the shower and he didn't come out for over an hour.

He came out refreshed and Watt served him the meal on the table.

For some time no one spoke. They left Sam to eat as they saw him devour dish after dish.

After more than half an hour, his meal was finally over.

He finally looked at his friends, who are eagerly waiting for him to finish the meal, and said.

"What's up, guys? I am sorry. I was really starving."

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