Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/destroyer Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Attack on the City

Philip was on the way to capture Arman along with a team, meanwhile, Arc is getting ready to go back to the Imperial Capital so that he can better organize the troops.

But at this moment, they got the calls about the sudden appearance of the church followers from nowhere. There are a total of fifty cities which are being attacked and Sam's city is one of the main targets.

The city guards who are responsible for the watch duty on the city walls all have only one thing to report and that is there are hundreds of white-robed people surrounding the city from all sides.

Philip who was about to go after Arman halted in his tracks and changed his mind. He is pretty sure, that Arman wouldn't be able to escape, but just to make sure. He gave another order.

"Close off the gates of that empty factory and lock him in. Don't open until I give an order to."

With those words, he left with the city guards in tow.

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