Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/destroyer Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Lessons

Watt, Philip, and Jack. All three of them opened their eyes and exchanged glances and smiled wryly. They truly regretted not breaking through earlier and now they have to face this. If they had been in the Grand realm, they would have tried to deal with these people, even with those beasts.

But now, what they wanted to avoid the most has come.

They immediately relaxed and sat down on the ground.

They didn't even feel that tense anymore.

Because they sensed some extra presence nearby and there are four of them who are all Grand realm experts who seemed to be in the later stages.

The demon trio also looked in a direction from where four middle-aged men are running towards them.

They all have badges of the four major professions on their chests. They are here to save Watt, Philip, and Jack.

When the demon trio looked at the four people coming, they couldn't help but frown. They looked at them coldly and Tran asked.

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