Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/destroyer Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Message

The next day after Sam was done with making his 'Gift'.

In the study of General Spark's Mansion.

General is sitting there sorting out some paperwork for his military recruits and the budget.

While he was sitting at his desk and looking at the scrolls, he came across the results of their investigation towards Sam's case.

Even though he is from the Military and in charge of border security and their training, he is deeply involved in the investigation of Sam's case.

He knew better than anyone that is definitely not a person who is projected by the emperor. Sam is so prideful that if he wants something he would rather kill the party and take it out openly, but the Emperor actually reported that Sam stole something from the prince and killed numerous guards who tried to stop him and apart from that he also said that he tried to sexually assault the princess as he tried to kidnap her when he was fleeing.

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