Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/destroyer Chapter 235

Chapter 235: The Preparations

Sam doesn't know that two people who can crush the planet he is living in a second almost had a fight because of him.

Because he is busy with planning something.

From the hill they are staying in, he can watch some places in the Southern star city, although they are not completely visible and he cannot see what is happening there closely with a naked, he doesn't have to use a naked eye at all.

So, while his friends went on to collect the required beasts, he started building a telescope so that he can observe what is going on in the city, particularly in a person's home.

That is none other than the General Spark. Sam is here to honor his words about General Spark.

And he can use this chance to send a message to the emperor as well as all the other nobles and officials who are after him.

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