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  • Razing The Heavens

  • Genres : Xianxia
  • Status : Ongoing
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Razing The Heavens summary:

"You're too arrogant."To Dyon, it seemed as though these words were heard all the time.However, how could these people possibly know of all his hard work? Of the fact that sleep was but a distant relative of his. How could they know that he never had a single moment to rest. And yet, despite their ignorance, they still said, "you're too arrogant..."But where were those people when a...

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Razing The Heavens Chapters

Time uploaded
139 Walk 3a month ago
138 Walk 2a month ago
137 Walk 1a month ago
107 Wills 4a month ago
106 Wills 3a month ago
105 Wills 2a month ago
104 Wills 1a month ago
94 Take Me 5a month ago
93 Take Me 4a month ago
92 Take Me 3a month ago
91 Take Me 2a month ago
90 Take Me 1a month ago
77 Slap 3a month ago
76 Slap 2a month ago
75 Slap 1a month ago
72 Desires 3a month ago
71 Desires 2a month ago
70 Desires 1a month ago
62 Deal 4a month ago
61 Deal 3a month ago
60 Deal 2a month ago
59 Deal 1a month ago
44 Come 3a month ago
43 Come 2a month ago
42 Come 1a month ago
26 The Weddinga month ago
25 Ragea month ago
22 Rallyinga month ago
20 ..a month ago
19 Femme Fatalea month ago
18 The Banquea month ago
17 Bea month ago
15 Madeleinea month ago
14 Saviora month ago
11 Avaa month ago
10 What An Idioa month ago
9 Fucka month ago
8 Heads Meea month ago
7 Splasha month ago
6 Domineeringa month ago
4 The Librarya month ago
3 Fooled?a month ago
2 Deliaa month ago
1 The Naked Boya month ago
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