Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1902

Chapter 1902 Who Is Li Moying? 3

Especially Feng Xiaoyan, she even took the opportunity when Liu Buyan wasnt around, to create trouble for her.

"Youre not worthy of Divine Doctor Liu at all!"

"Other than that face, what other parts of you are there to be proud of? Did you think that just based on your looks, youd be able to keep a mans heart?"

"What sort of vixen tricks did you use to make Divine Doctor Liu get engaged to you?"

Various kinds of sneering and ridicule lingered.

But the strangest thing was Huang Yueli actually didnt feel angry at all. She only lamented in her heart that Liu Buyan indeed was very charming and moreover, a little overprotective for the fairer gender.

There were so many young female Pill Masters and he was actually able to call out each and every one of their names, so it would be strange if he didnt cause wild and fanciful thoughts in them.

Liu Buyan was very anxious about Huang Yueli. Moreover he had plenty of spies in the Alchemist Guild so every single time someone tried to create trouble for her, he would make a timely appearance and help her to solve her trouble.

Initially Liu Buyan was really afraid that Huang Yueli would get angry and regretted his past self-abandonment very much, which was why he had once teased so many young ladies.

But the moment time dragged on, he discovered that Huang Yueli was really indifferent about this. Moreover during this period when he showed her unwavering care and gentle yet determined protection, it was totally unable to stir up any ripples in her heart.

Initially Liu Buyan was frustrated over this and even when Feng Xiaoyan was bullying Huang Yueli, he arrived a little later just so that he could let Huang Yueli know his importance.

But out of his expectations, although Huang Yuelis meridians were under restrain and she had no cultivation at all, but she was able to remain calm and composed, even extremely intensive which made Feng Xiaoyan being spun into circles by her, totally unable to gain any advantages at all.

Liu Buyan liked Huang Yueli and that black bellied intelligence of hers, naturally became an important element.

But she was so incredible, as though she totally didnt need a mans protection and that made Liu Buyan not know where to start from, so that he could make Huang Yueli fall into his arms willingly.

There were times when he even admired Li Moying.

Just what endurance did that man had, to make this talented lady lower down her head to fall in love with him and to cook for him?

As Huang Yueli could not cultivate, her days in the Alchemist Guild were extremely boring.

Hence even though there was always someone who kept on creating trouble for her, she still loved to slip out to have a leisurely tour.

Only thing was Liu Buyan always used the reason where her memories had not returned back to her, refusing to let her leave the boundary of the Alchemist Guild at all.

One fine day, when she returned from a tour around the medicine farm, she heard Liu Buyans voice from the room next door when she returned back.

She had no intention to eavesdrop but the room door was not closed and a faint voice was heard drifting out.

" How is Li Moying currently?"

Huang Yueli had turned around and was prepared to leave when she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Li Moying?

The name which came out from Liu Buyans mouth seemed like a huge rock which had dropped on the clear and tranquil lake, causing multiple ripples.

Huang Yueli suddenly jolted as her mind started buzzing, feeling waves and waves of dizziness.

Li Moying

Even though she only heard the pronunciation, but Huang Yueli was already certain of the way the three words were written.

As though, this name had been engraved in the deepest end of her soul with no way of eliminating it, only temporarily being covered by the dirt and ashes.

But even though it was covered in dirt or ashes, she just needed to blow out gently and she would be able to see the traces of it hidden below.

"This Subordinate had followed your instruction and arrived at Sky Emperor City five days ago. I had yet to enter the city when I saw Blue Profound Sects notice."

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