Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1833

Chapter 1833 Probe 5

Cang Po Jun waved his sleeves as an indication for the attendants to come in and chase those people out.

Elder Pan was shaking from anger, "Guardian Jun, arent you going overboard!"

"Why? Elder Pan doesnt bear to leave? Surely youre not waiting for This Guardian to send you off personally?" Cang Po Jun spoke icily.

Elder Pan got a little timid under Cang Po Juns pressurizing aura.

For the past hundreds of thousands of years, a restraint existed within Soaring Heavens Continent, obstructing many powerful practitioners from breaking through to tenth stage realm and merely remaining at ninth stage realm peak cultivations.

But precisely because of this, it caused many ninth stage realm peak practitioners to have a huge disparity in terms of ability.

The Sky Chart was used to weigh this kind of disparity and Mu Chengying who was on the top of the chart, was able to kill everyone who was in the chart below him.

Cang Po Jun was ranked number six and his ability was extremely strong so Elder Pan admitted that he was not his opponent, hence his imposing manner immediately stood at a disadvantage.

Just as Elder Pan was being hesitant, a middle aged man seated next to him, who had remained silent throughout, suddenly stood up and walked right towards a spot which was not too far away from Cang Po Jun.

"Guardian Jun, what do you mean by this? Is this the way that Blue Profound Sect treats their guests? Could it be that Sovereign Mu isnt around so you guys have lost the basic manners on how to treat your guests?"

The middle aged man who had two short stashes of moustache spoke in a slow and steady manner and the imposing manner coming from him was even stronger than Elder Pan!

"Vice Sect Master Yue, I should be asking you whats your meaning of all these? You guys just came for no apparent reason, saying that our Sects direct disciple had killed someone. You even came with such an overbearing look, why? Are you intending to capture him personally? Do you treat this as your own place Cloud Ocean Sect?"

Cang Po Jun still bore the icy cold expression but in his heart, he already felt that things were not going very well.

This middle aged mans backing was very huge, he was the Vice Sect Master of Cloud Ocean Sect and ranked number right on the Sky Chart. He was also considered as one of the top experts and although he and Elder Pans individual abilities werent comparable to his, but if they joined hands, Cang Po Jun would definitely not be their match!

From their looks, it seemed as though they were set on probing clearly if Mu Chengying was really still alive!

Li Moyings innate talent was outstanding and there were high hopes for him to become the second Mu Chengying. Anyone with brains would surely understand that this kind of peerless genius was the Sects biggest fortune. He had just killed someone out of convenience so how would they possibly hand him over to other powerhouses to be punished just over such a small matter like this?

Dont say that Blue Profound Sect was the Number One Sacred Lands, even if it was an ordinary powerhouse, they wouldnt possibly do such a stupid thing like this.

Unless. They were left with no choice.

So these people used the handle of capturing Li Moying, their main motive wasnt for him but for the sake of forcing out the mastermind Mu Chengying!

From what they saw, if Mu Chengying was still alive, he would absolutely not allow anyone to bully his people under his watchful eyes!

If he was unable to protect the genius disciples under his wing, how was he able to claim that they were the Number One Sacred Lands?

Whereas if Mu Chengying continued to keep silent like this, that would only mean that he was really dead or some accident had happened while he was cultivating. So even if he wasnt dead, he wasnt able to come out!

Those large powerhouses which were getting to stir would have no need to be worried about him then!

Cang Po Juns mind was racing fast but his face revealed a smile of ridicule.

"Interesting, just based on you twos ability, do you really think that you can do whatever you wish in Blue Profound Sect? Im not the only one in Blue Profound Sect who is at ninth stage realm peak!"

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