Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832 Probe 4

Under Elder Pans coercive look, Leng Weiming could only braced himself to open his mouth.

"This Guardian Jun, the matter happened like this. Our familys Elder Leng Fugui was murdered by someone a few days ago. We found this corpse and suspected that this matter had something to do with your Sects Li Moying, so wed like to ask Blue Profound Sect for an explanation regarding this."

Leng Weiming was shaking in fear and trepidation as he immediately shrunk back to his seat the minute he finished his speech.

Elder Pan was thoroughly upset by this. This fellow had obviously become terrified after he saw Cang Po Jun and his words were just too weak so who would bother about him at all?

Elder Pan immediately spoke out, "What suspect! He is killed by Li Moying! How could an Elder from a large powerhouse die for no reason? Arent you guys going to hand over the murderer!"

Cang Po Jun revealed a cold smile, "Elder Pans words are really interesting. Youre saying that that person was killed by Young Master Li but does that really mean that he killed him? What proof do you have?"

"Proof? What proof do you need? Everyone knows that Li Moying and the Leng family had a feud! Hes the one who obviously nurses a grudge against the Leng family and intentionally created trouble, simply because he was relying on the fact that hes a disciple from Blue Profound Sect so he could kill anyone recklessly! Hes simply a villain who has moral turpitude!"

Elder Pan started off with a round of abuses the minute he opened his mouth, casting out various malicious accusations towards him.

"I have personally seen Elder Lengs corpse. The bones on his body had been crushed into dregs and his meridians had all been broken but yet he didnt die immediately. He struggled for four hours on the ground before he finally breathed his last! This method of killing someone is simply too cruel and Li Moying is simply devoid of conscience! I am here today, to help the entire Sky Emperor City get rid of the venom!"

Elder Pans aggressive look was just like an envoy of justice, just as if Cang Po Jun didnt immediately tie Li Moying up and handed him over to them, he would become one of those evildoers.

Cang Po Juns expression was extremely gloomy.

Elder Pans words had insulted the entire Blue Profound Sect, and he even splashed dirty water onto his Sovereign whom he respected the most.

In Cang Po Juns mind, Li Moying was the greatest existence in the entire Continent and no matter what he did, he was absolutely right. Even if he did casually kill someone, that was something which should have been done so who was this clown Elder Pan to judge?

A loud resounding "crash" was heard as the main hall exploded.

Cang Po Jun smashed an arabesque designed porcelain teacup heavily on the ground as he stood right up.

"Elder Pan, please use your words carefully! This is Blue Profound Sect, not some place where you can behave atrociously at will or where you can speak freely without thinking! This Guardian allowed you into this hall is considered as giving Seven Stars Palace enough face but now youre maligning our Sects disciples openly, do you really think Blue Profound Sect is that easy to bully?"

Cang Po Juns ability originally overpowered Elder Pan and now that he was in a rage, it made one even more terrified.

Elder Pan subconsciously took a step back but his lips were still extremely tough.

"I am standing on the righteous side. Its only just and right to pay ones life for murder! Guardian Jun cant win me in words and is unwilling to hand out the murderer, are you intending to use your power to threaten me? Too bad, we Seven Stars Palace isnt someone who you can threaten easily!"

Cang Po Jun gave a cold laugh, "What a joke! A mere Seven Stars Palace, actually dares to challenge Blue Profound Sect? Arent you thinking too highly of yourself! Youve insulted our Sects disciples and this guilt cannot be forgiven. On account of Seven Stars Palace and Cloud Ocean Sects relationship with our Sect, we will forgive you this once so why dont you hurry up and scram?! Men, send the guests out!"

His astute and arrogant attitude seemed as though he wasnt chasing away some Elder from the Seven Sacred Lands, but rather a beggar who came up to beg for alms.

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