Princess Against The World Chapter 7026

Chapter 7026: Once Poison 16

Both men didn't believe that Ling Luoyu was the murderer, which made Tian Su unacceptable.

"Gu Lan, if you still treat me as the third brother, and treat me as a brother, then let me go, don't delay my business..."

Gu Lan remained unmoved: "Brother, you have to do it, and I will not stop you. After all, you have to avenge your daughter. That is human nature, but before you do it, I still have to say what I want to say. Finish, after listening to my words, you can do it again, okay?!"

Tian Su gave his utmost patience: "Okay, you said... I want to hear it backwards, how do you turn black and white with your brilliant lotus skills!"

Gu Lan sighed again: "Brother, if things are bad, they are bad. You are preconceived. In your subconscious, you have already classified Miss Ling as a murderer. Therefore, you will subconsciously deny what I said. If thats the case, it doesnt make much sense if we dont talk about the following things!"

Men, in certain things, reason is greater than sensibility.

Especially the other party is still a brother that he trusts very much.

"Good!" Tian Su tried to calm himself down: "You say, I'm listening!"

"The third brother probably didn't know that Lao Qi and I were almost in front and back. The girl Ling we met, and in some respects, Miss Ling and I knew each other earlier than Lao Qi!"

Tian Su's expression turned bad for a moment: "So, this is why you...want to defend that girl Ling??"

"What I want to say is the truth. I met him in a desert. At that time, because of the game I missed in my heart, I gave up helping that girl Ling, but...the old seven went back to help her if Its not that Old Qi is going back, she probably only has a pair of bones left..."

"Gu Lan, what do you mean?"

"I mean, didn't the third brother find out that she is an unarmed girl, isn't she the most common girl? And the girl... If I remember correctly, she has practiced, even if her cultivation level is not high. But after all, she had practiced, and she was a little skillful... no matter what, she wouldn't have been attacked behind her back by a weak girl who was defenseless and powerless?"

"Why is it impossible? It's because you haven't practiced, and you haven't cultivated, so you sneak attack from behind... If you have practiced, it must be a direct fight..." Tian Su directly overturned Gu Lan's argument.

Gu Lan was also not annoyed: "Okay, as far as the third brother, everything you said is true, then I ask you... Is the girl injured in a killer move, or if she is injured, she can still fight back. opportunity?"

"..." Tian Su's eyes changed a little, but he didn't speak.

"I didn't see the girls injury, so I didnt dare to jump to a conclusion. But, I think... Since the girl can hold on to your third brothers arrival, it means that the injury she suffered is not a fatal move, since it is not a move. Fatally, the reaction of that normal person would be an anti-killer after being injured? Could it be that after being injured, would the girl wait for death without moving?"

Fighting against murderers is the normal response of everyone who is hurt.

Let alone a martial artist, even an ordinary person, even a fool, will not stand stupidly and wait for death when he is suddenly attacked, but will resist desperately.

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