Princess Against The World Chapter 7025

Chapter 7025: Once Poison 15

How could he come! ?

As for Mo Xuanchen, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief: "It's not time to come, but the opportunity to come is quite coincidental... I just need you!"

Gu Lan's eyes were a little more playful: "It looks like you, Lang Qing concubine...what can I do?"

"There is something, I need you to check it out for me..."


Mo Xuanchen was very clear in his heart. No matter what he said at this time, Tian Su and Jing Xin would never believe in Ling Luoyu's innocence.

They would take it for granted that he was protecting her.

And the end result of being kidnapped would still let their brothers meet each other.

Therefore, Mo Xuanchen now needs a middleman.

More precisely, he needs someone who can solve the truth!

Relative to him, Tian Su would also believe in someone!

Gu Lan, it's time to come.

Tian Su's expression was a little strange for his appearance.

After hearing what he said, his expression became more subtle: "Gu Lan, what do you mean? We are brothers for many years. Now my daughter is injured. The murderer is there, but the old man is guarding... Even if he is kidding, I have nothing to say. After all, their relationship is extraordinary, but what's the matter with you!?"

In any case, Gu Lan is an outsider, a stranger.

Why did he protect Ling Luoyu as soon as he appeared?

Jing Xin's breathing was steep: "Sixth, could it be that...you are also seduced by beauty because of her beauty, so you don't even want the most basic conscience?"

Gu Lan sighed a little helplessly: "Third brother, third sister... I thought that you two know me. If you want to be greedy for beauty, what I am greedy for now should be like Old Seven. Isnt it beautiful? If you put it this way, do I have to agree with you and kill my rival in love...?"

Tian Su's expression changed slightly, and after looking at his wife, he stopped talking.

Regarding the beauty in Gu Lan's mouth, the two of them had heard Gu Lan personally say that he was not interested in women!

But if he is really interested in someone, that person... must be Mo Xuanchen! !

This matter was what Gu Lan said after drinking.

At that time, he was so drunk that he was drunk, his tongue was curled, and his speech was uncomfortable, but they still heard the most important point from his intermittent words.

Because of this, in the days to come, when they saw Mo Xuanchen and Gu Lan, they would always involuntarily think of the appearance and drunkenness of Gu Lan that night when he was drunk.

Now, Gu Lan took the initiative to bring up this matter, and the two of them were speechless.

Gu Lan sighed faintly: "Three brothers and three sisters-in-law, anyway, I watched the girl grow up. In my heart, her position is extremely important. Anyone who hurts her is an enemy to me. Even if you dont say anything, I will make the culprit pay the price of blood, but at the same time paying the price, I think the most important thing is to find the real murderer, not just find a surrogate..."

"What the girl saw with her own eyes was that the girl surnamed Ling hurt her. This is an iron-clad fact. Why don't you believe that the girl surnamed Ling is the murderer? Mo Xuanchen is like this, why are you doing this ?"

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