Princess Against The World Chapter 7024

Chapter 7024: Once Poison 14

Ling Luoyu lowered his eyes. After hesitating for only three seconds, he suddenly raised his eyes: "You are a member of the Celestial Clan!"

"..." Mo Xuanchen's expression changed transiently.

"Son of the Celestial Clan!"


Mo Xuanchen suddenly took a step back, his eyes faded with horror.

This secret, the secret he hides in his heart, has never been revealed.

"How would you know?"

"I still know a lot of things, your father, your mother, your people... your wife..."


If possible, Ling Luoyu didn't want to mention their future, her "past".

Because this is an unexplainable space and time!

"If I say, I come from the future... Your future, you certainly cant understand, and I cant explain it, but this is a fact. Someday in the future, the two of us will meet, be together, and live and die together. The kind of..."

Even now, Ling Luoyu didn't want to care too much.

"I don't know what changes will happen in the future when we meet this time..."

misfortune! !

Ling Luoyu stared in shock, looking at Mo Xuanchen incredulously.

And Mo Xuanchen was looking at her with an even more incredible look.

Obviously, all of this refreshed his three views for the first time.

Such three views need time to reconcile.

But now Ling Luoyu has no time to guess what Mo Xuanchen is thinking.

She thought of the word "changing" she just said.

"The Butterfly Effect"

Ling Luoyu couldn't be sure. He was telling the truth now, telling Mo Xuanchen everything, whether there would be any changes to the future of the two of them!

If there is a change, what can this change be?

Did she and Mo Xuanchen no longer meet, or... changed her destiny ending? !

This change may be a good thing, but... it may also be a bad thing!

And her silence, for Mo Xuanchen, was just as she had made time specially for him to accept it.

With a clear cough, his eyes flickered: "It's okay, you continue to say, I can live with it... Since you know my identity, you should be able to guess what I have experienced, compared with those things, you What I said...really nothing!"

That's how it was said, but his breathing was uncontrollable with a vibrato.

After all, such a thing is still incredible to him now.

"We... the two of us, in the future... how did we meet?"

"At that time I didn't know you, just like you don't know me now... Of course, what you did to me was much better than what I did to you...!"


Mo Xuanchen suddenly turned his head and looked outside the door, his expression slightly changed.

"somebody is coming!"

Ling Luoyu rushed behind Mo Xuanchen with a "chipping".

It must be Tian Su who can come here at this time.

Now she does not have the ability to protect herself, so she can only use Mo Xuanchen to save her life.

At the same time, Mo Xuanchen stretched out his arm quickly, shielding her behind him, and looked at the door with a slightly strange look.

The light changes, and a figure stands at the door.

"It looks like I'm here...it seems a bit out of time?" The lazy voice showed a little smile.

"Gu Lan!?" Ling Luoyu was startled.

Unexpectedly, Gu Lan turned out to be at the door.

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