Primitive Tribe Adventure Chapter 2918

Chapter 2918: Big Gain

"You still want to fool people on my site, who do you look down on."

Feng Yun looked at the round crab monster cut in half by himself through the incarnation of consciousness, and couldn't help but let out a sneer in his heart.

He has reason to despise the Monster Crab, it is really stupid this time.

Although it is undeniable that its avatar incarnation technique is quite beautiful and has a very high level, but the problem is that it should also consider the occasion.

Playing this trick in his sea of consciousness is simply carrying a lantern and going to the hut to look for death.

For him, the Sea of Consciousness is definitely his home court, coupled with his level of perception, it is now very high, so that his level of control over the Sea of Consciousness has become very strong.

Otherwise, before and after destroying the gate of flesh and blood, he would not be able to make four monsters appear in the sea of consciousness, and his strength would basically not be affected.

You must know that the four monsters will not stay honestly in the sea of consciousness.

In fact, after they were attacked to death by the wind and cloud and appeared in the sea of consciousness, they immediately began to do things, wanting to avenge the killing.

They worked very hard one by one, but as a result, they were all firmly suppressed by his incarnation of consciousness, until Fengyun completely killed them, and they did not cause any storms.

This time, the round crab monsters are much stronger than them in terms of strength. Adding them together may not be as good as half of them. However, if you make small movements in the sea of consciousness, there is still only a possibility of deflation. .

When the round crab uses the avatar incarnation technique, it is like a magician performing magic in front of a person with perspective eyes.

No matter how high the level of the magician is, no matter how subtle his technique is, he will still be able to see him clearly, so how can he be fooled.

But even so, Feng Yun still felt that it was necessary to put on a disguise, so that his incarnation of consciousness did not show at the beginning that he had seen through the trick of the crab monster.

This approach is to reduce the vigilance of the round crab monster, and then launch an attack on it by surprise, trying to kill it in one fell swoop.

To be honest, Fengyun still attaches great importance to the Crab Monster.

Dont look at it dying in his hands. The process seems relatively simple. It seems to be a relatively easy victory, but only Feng Yun knows that the round crab monster is actually quite difficult and powerful, killing it. It is not easy.

He killed it, feeling exhausted physically and mentally. If the conditions were not right, he would go to rest.

Now that it entered his sea of consciousness, he was already mentally prepared for a battle to be able to eliminate it.

It's just that he didn't expect it to have done a stupid thing and made a very low-level mistake.

Mistakes made by the opponent are opportunities for him, and the lower the mistakes made by the opponent, the greater his chances.

After he confirmed that the mistake the round crab monster made this time was not a trap it deliberately designed to trick him into being fooled, his heart couldn't help beating.

His instinct told him that if he could make good use of this very low-level mistake made by it, he would have the opportunity to kill it with one blow.

Killing in a single blow was what he dreamed of.

In addition to being very efficient, it also prevents him from revealing flaws.

He has a hunch that if he shows a flaw now, he is very likely to be attacked, and the first to attack him is most likely to drive the crab monster to deal with his monster.

This is what he didn't want to see.

That monster can drive the round crab monster, and make it afraid to resist, obediently following its instructions, is enough to prove that there is a gap in strength between them, and the gap should be quite large.

Even if Feng Yun was confident in his own strength, after killing the monsters one after another, his strength had been greatly improved, he couldn't guarantee that he could defeat the monster that drove the crab monster.

Not to mention that the sea of weirdness is endless, and there must be more powerful monsters hidden in it.

No matter how strong he is, it is impossible to defeat all the monsters in the strange sea.

For him, the best result is to accept it and retreat.

But this is not an easy thing to do. After all, he was the one taking advantage and killed the round crab monster. It was like killing the generals who came out to meet the enemy at the gate of the enemy camp.

This is simply a shame, and there will be revenge if there is a chance.

Therefore, a very important prerequisite for Feng Yun to retreat is not to let the opponent find opportunities, that is, not to expose flaws in his body.

The key to not revealing the flaws is to maintain his condition very well, because the condition is bad, like a damaged armor, it is useless to cover up.

Because of this, after Feng Yun killed the round crab monster, he immediately began to think when it appeared in his sea of consciousness, how he could kill it quickly and with relatively little consumption.

What he didn't expect was that the process of its appearance in the sea of consciousness gave him a chance. The speed of its appearance was quite slow, making his attack on it a lot more full.

He was very happy at the time. He felt that even if he couldn't get rid of it all at once, he should be able to grab the initiative.

In this way, even if a series of high-strength attacks would cause him a relatively large consumption, as long as it can be killed, he can still accept it.

Its just that he didnt expect that the Crab Monster would react so stupidly when facing his attack. He even wanted to confuse him through the avatar incarnation technique, which made him suspect for a while and thought it was Set up traps to trick him into being fooled.

When he confirmed that it did not lie to him, he immediately realized that his opportunity had come.

Next, his performance was also commendable. He didn't show any flaws, at least the Crab Monster didn't realize what was wrong with him until he was hacked.

It also has no chance to figure out the truth.

The knife held by Feng Yun's consciousness incarnation was completely condensed by the intent of the knife, which also gave it super lethal power. The moment the round crab was chopped by it, it was completely dead.

Feng Yun himself has no time to continue laughing at the foolishness of the Crab Monster.

As soon as the body of the monster crab cracked, a huge amount of colored light spewed out, like a firework that had been ignited, rushing to Lao Gao, and then exploding, there is a way to give its consciousness sea to the sky Full of illusions.

The meaning of the wind and cloud, although the sea can not be said to be endless, but it is also very huge, this time the round crab monster was killed, the color light released can achieve such an effect, it is a little beyond his expectations.

Although it is not clear how long the color light released from the corpse of the round crab monster can last, even if it ends immediately, he will undoubtedly make a lot of money this time.

It gave him more benefits than he expected.

When no more colored light was released from the corpse of the round crab monster, Feng Yun roughly estimated that the benefits he obtained from it were several times more than he expected.

Feng Yun is naturally very happy with the gain, because it will greatly enhance his strength, and in this situation, the stronger his strength becomes, the better.

Only in this way can his goal be achieved and his safety can be guaranteed.

He immediately stepped up his absorption of colored light, and only when the benefits were eaten into his stomach and digested, could he be regarded as truly his.

Feeling the rapid increase in strength and all aspects of the whole body, Feng Yun's mood became very good, but at the same time, he couldn't help but feel fortunate.

He was able to kill the monster, and it went so smoothly, it was really lucky.

If his speculation is not wrong, the strength of the round crab monster is stronger than he expected, and it is not even a bit stronger. After all, the benefits he gets from it cannot be faked.

The stronger the monster killed, the more benefits he can get from it. The monsters killed by him follow this principle. He doesn't believe that the crab monster will be an exception.

Its strength is so powerful, and he killed it without spending too much setbacks. Of course, there are reasons for its poor performance and no real display of its strength, but on the contrary, it is not his luck. It.

And this also made his mood to leave the seaside become urgent.

The round crab monster is stronger than he expected, and the monster that can drive it will be even more terrifying.

This means that if he stays for an extra minute, there will be an extra point of danger.

He still forced himself to stay in place. First, he had not absorbed the benefits from the round crab monster. Leaving at this time would not only affect the absorption efficiency, but also easily reveal flaws. Second, he was worried about the remains of the round crab monster. It will be more troublesome to deal with.

The same is the experience gained through practice, the stronger the monster is, the more difficult it is to deal with the wreckage left in the sea of consciousness after being killed by him.

The best way he currently knows to deal with the remains of monsters and the decayed air released by them is to use the water of the strange sea.

If there is no accident, a lot of seawater will be needed to deal with the wreckage of the round crab monster. If he leaves now, where to get the seawater.

He didn't want to leave the remains of the round crab monster in his sea of consciousness.

He must not only absorb the benefits obtained from the monster crab, but also pay attention to the situation in the sea, and pay attention to the remains of the monster monster in the sea of consciousness after being killed. The real multi-tasking made him feel a little nervous, because None of these three sides can cause problems.

Fortunately, the process went smoothly.

Although when absorbing the benefits from the round crab monster, he has a feeling of being stared at, and it gives him a lot of psychological pressure. The monster staring at is not simple and may be even more dangerous than the round crab monster. Many, but it did not show up after all, let alone shot him.

But what makes him most happy is that the remains of the round crab monster are far fewer than he thought.

Its volume was originally small, and after it released the colored light, it became an empty shell.

In this way, the rotten air he was most afraid of was released, and he did not even kill as many monsters at the gate of flesh and blood, and the comparison was still one-to-one.

"It looks like it should be more than enough to rely on the sea water in Qiankun's bag."

Feng Yun made a quick calculation in his heart, and his tight heartstrings could not help but relax a lot.

Originally, he was still worrying about how to obtain seawater from the strange sea. According to experience, processing the wreckage of the crab monster would require a lot of seawater.

As a result, his experience has deviated this time. The weight of the wreckage left by the round crab monster is less than he expected. It is likely that the seawater he stored in the Universe Bag will be enough.

But this is exactly what he wants to see.

No need to fetch water from the weird sea, which will undoubtedly greatly improve his situation.

If he found something wrong, he could just leave.

So he decided not to leave the seaside for the time being and enter the interior.

He feels that he needs to learn more about the water of the strange sea. What he cares most about is its mechanism for dealing with the remains of monsters and the rotten air released by them.

If he could figure it out, maybe he would be able to deal with the remains of the monsters and the rotten air released by them without using sea water.

Once he succeeds, he is equivalent to getting rid of the shackles and no longer needs to go to the strange sea from time to time to fetch water.

The most important thing is that he can effectively avoid most of the threats to him from monsters in the strange sea.

After thinking about it, Fengyun released his perception, condensing a thin thread, the diameter of which is less than one-tenth of the hair.

But he was quite confident in it.

After he absorbed the benefits from the round crab monster, his perception not only grew very much, but also gave him a feeling that it was undergoing a special change.

Maybe this is the so-called quantitative change causing qualitative change.

Although this change from quantitative change to qualitative change is far from complete, it is just a start, but Fengyun still feels that it is much stronger than before.

This time, even in order to avoid being discovered by the monster, he released very little perception, even less close to the sea, but he was still confident that it would bring him some gains.

A surprise is not impossible.

The thread formed by the condensed perception quickly came to the beach, and without hesitation, it gently dived into the sea.

Almost the next second after the perception touched the sea, Feng Yun had something in his mind out of thin air.

This shocked him, and almost wiped them out with a knife.

It wasn't until the sword intent surrounded them all round, and they didn't reveal any danger, that his heart was let go.

Then he tried to understand and interpret it and figured out their identities, which made him feel a little grateful.

Fortunately, he was still more cautious, and he didn't directly use the sword intent to erase them directly, otherwise he would be at a loss, at least his understanding of the strange sea would be delayed.

The things that appear in the sea of Fengyun consciousness are all about the weird sea and sea water. To be more specific, they are the data and information obtained by analyzing the sea water with his perception.

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