Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous Ceo Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Daisy Pendant 7

Luo Anning could smell a faint metallic odor of blood on him, though she was unsure if it was because she knew his identity

“Xiaoran, why are you in S City?” Luo Anning walked up to him and looked at him more carefully under the lights.

She only realized when she was closer to him, that his shirt was unusually dark and that his eyes were bloodshot while his face was full of fatigue.

“Are you injured!?!”

Du Xiaoran looked at the person in front of him with affection. She was the one whom he had been missing dearly and she was now so close to him that he would be able to embrace her again as soon as he reached out.

It was as if he could hug her again.

However, he was no longer in any place to hug her now.

“I’m okay, don’t worry.” A warm smile formed on his lips and Du Xiaoran looked at her quietly while admiring her beautiful face.

“Let me look at your arm,” Luo Anning said as her heart sank when she noticed that his arm was unusually stiff.

Du Xiaoran leaned towards the side and avoided her hand. Luo Anning looked at him in astonishment.

After a while, she chuckled again and said self-deprecatingly, “Oh right, how could I have forgotten that you’re the Master of Menace. How can I be your match?”

“Anning, don’t behave like this ” Du Xiaoran sighed in frustration and stepped forward to hold her shoulder.

Luo Anning smacked his hand away and asked coldly, “Do you have a reason for looking me up? If not, I’m going to go in and get some rest.”

That was the way they were now.

Do I only have the right to see her when there’s an issue?

Filled with immense agony, he said composedly, “I’m here to carry out a task and at the same time, visit you. I wanted to know if you’re doing well. Anning, you still hate me, don’t you?”

Does she still hate me now?

Luo Anning didn’t understand it at all. She asked herself more than once, whether she resented Du Xiaoran as much as she did when he let her go two years ago.

Facing him again two years later, she realized that the hatred in her heart had gradually disappeared overtime.

Perhaps time was really the best medicine for healing all wounds, including those that were thought to be incurable.

“Xiao Ran, I don’t hate you.” Luo Anning said. “Everyone has their own considerations while making choices and I can’t control your thinking. I can only change myself.”

She convinced herself not to hate him and instead chose to remain indifferent.

She remembered the words that Mo Qiange once said to her when she returned home heartbroken two years ago.

“Dear girl, no matter what you have experienced, you must try to make yourself composed and clear like a glass of water. Water is not tasteless. It’s fundamental for change and creation of flavor. Be it vibrant or plain, it must always return to its initial state. Be like a glass of clear boiled water, gentle and just right.”

She neither loves nor hates me. So she’s long lost all feelings for me. Is that so?

Du Xiaoran suddenly smiled and his body began to quiver. “Anning, maybe I shouldn’t have come to see you you’ve really stabbed me in my Achilles heel. That’s fatal.”

Du Xiaoran then glanced at her and turned around to leave.

Luo Anning frowned a little as an ominous hunch overwhelmed her. She stepped forward and grabbed his hand. “Wait a minute!”

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