Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous Ceo Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Daisy Pendant 6

Lu Momo was initially exasperated but when she saw the lively scene on the beach, she felt an urge to join in the fun.

“Hold it right there, where are you going!?!”

After scurrying a few steps away, she heard Tang Chao’s cold voice coming from behind. At the same time, he also grabbed her wrist tightly.

Lu Momo turned around and glowered at him in anger. “Tang Chao, you’re so annoying! Let go of me!”

“Make me angry again and you can forget about leaving this beach tonight!” Tang Chao threatened.

“You !” How could there be such a horrendous person!?!

Seeing that she had finally behaved, Tang Chao’s spirits were gradually lifted and he snapped his fingers.

A bodyguard came forth respectfully and Tang Chao whispered into his ear, after which the bodyguard walked towards the bonfire.

Not long later, the dance stopped and the emcee said, “Next, we shall invite Young Master Tang and Miss Lu for a dance. Put your hands together to welcome them!”

Hence, everyone turned to look at the two of them while applauding and whistling loudly.

Seeing this, Lu Momo picked up in her tracks and tried to run away. Tang Chao picked her up like she was a chicken, and placed her beside the bonfire which gave their faces a glow of light.

“Tang Chao, I’m not going to do the dance. Let go of me,” Lu Momo refuted softly after looking around.

Tang Chao ignored her and instead, shot the emcee a glance, after which the music began to fill the air.

He held onto her waist insistently and grabbed her hand with his other hand. He then began performing a Waltz piece according to the rhythm of the music.

Lu Momo had never tried dancing Waltz on the beach, under the beautiful night sky and in front of everyone. Lu Momo could not get used to it at first but slowly eased into it.

The two of them were perfectly in sync and they looked extremely elegant.

After the music ended, everyone began applauding loudly.

Tang Chao smirked in satisfaction and pulled her out of the crowd before walking towards the other end of the beach where he had already gotten everything ready. He was waiting to give her a surprise

As soon as they took a few steps forward, his mobile phone rang, disrupting the wonderful ambiance. He glanced at his mobile phone and answered the call.

He suddenly hollered, “What did you say!?!”

After a while, Tang Chao let go of her and scurried forward. “Damn it! Wait, I’ll be right there!”

Lu Momo watched as he vanished out of sight.

She kicked the sand beneath her feet and murmured, “Mommy was right ”

Luo Anning did not expect to run into someone whom she thought she would never see again!

Upon arriving back at Luxury Mansion, Rong Yan received a call and learned that something seemed to have cropped up in Tang. After escorting Luo Anning home safely, he rushed straight to Tang.

As soon as Luo Anning was about to enter, she heard a familiar voice

“Anning ”

The voice was gentle, slow and tender. It was also full of melancholy and somberness.

Luo Anning turned around, only to see that it was Du Xiaoran!

He was standing still beneath the light which made his handsome and refined face look rather cold and dreamy.

Unlike what she remembered, he was not wearing a clean white shirt and black trousers. Instead, he was wearing a black shirt and black trousers which made him look inexplicably mysterious.

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