Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297 Calling Him Father

Helian Qingyu was very satisfied. He turned to Huo Yunshen with his brows slightly lifted. "So what should you call me now?"

He had been calling Huo Yunshen big brother all these years. Now that Jing Xi had become his sister, he could finally win a round.

Huo Yunchen punched him in the shoulder while he held Jing Xi and snorted, "Only if you can win against me in shooting."

Helian Qingyu: ""

How could he make fun of him for that?

In that case he could only be his little brother throughout their lives.

They waited until Ouyang Qings wife and daughter arrived, then left.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen were about to go to her mother when Helian Qingyu stopped them and proposed, "Lets go check on our father."

Instead of echoing his proposal, Xu Xiyan took a glance at Huo Yunshen first. Huo Yunshen suggested, "You go with Qingyu. Ill go and take care of mother."


Xu Xiyan followed Helian Qingyu to Helian Weis ward. He had been transferred from the ICU to a VIP ward now but was still in a coma.

Looking at his pale face Xu Xiyan felt overwhelmingly sad.

Their blood ties overrode anything else.

Even if he had been absent throughout her life, he was still her father.

"Jing Xi, actually, our father was not seriously sick."

Helian Qingyu finally decided to tell her the truth.

Xu Xiyan looked confused at him, while he continued. "It was our strategy to cope with the rebels. He did not have another heart attack, nor was he seriously sick. Instead, he had given one of his kidneys to Aunt Jing. It is probably because of the transplantat surgery that he is still in a coma."


Xu Xiyan was speechless and found it hard to swallow.

If she had not been told by Helian Qigyu, she would never have known that the donor was her own father.

Xu Xiyan was deeply touched by his love. How selfless he must have been to risk his own life to give a kidney to her mother!

He suffered from heart troubles. It could have easily taken his life.

No one knew if he would wake up again.

Xu Xiyan lost control of her feelings and burst into tears.

Her mother had just barely survived. Now it was her fathers turn. Would they ever be together again?

Helian Qingyu went to his father and whispered, "Father, open your eyes, please. I brought my sister to you."

He did not react. Helian Qingyu turned to Jing Xi. "Jing Xi, come to father. You should try calling him. Perhaps he will hear you and wake up."

Xu Xiyan came to his side with her tears falling like pouring rain.

She looked at her fathers handsome face and uttered the word with a trembling voice, "Father"

Upon saying that she bent over him and cried.

It had been so long since she had said that word.

It was probably when she had lost her mother at the age of six. She never called Xu Jinshan "dad" after that.

It had been over a decade. She had been wondering what her real father was like since she found out that Xu Jinshan was not her biological father.

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