Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234 Need Your Full Cooperation

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Ying Bao nodded and said, "Grandma, my name is Huo Yinyin. Huo as in my fathers surname, Huo, and Yin as in music. My nickname is Ying Bao. Ying as in cherry, Bao as in baby."

"I see, I see. My baby has such cute names."

Jing Ruyue rubbed her on her little head. She had already fallen in love with this cute little girl.

Everyone was home. Jing Ruyue called them for dinner.

They sat down at the table. Ying Bao found that the dishes tasted different today. "Gee, its different today, not like daddy or mommys style. Oh, I know! Grandma made it!"

"Yeah, youre such a cutie. Have more."

Jing Ruyue kept refilling her plate and Ying Bao had a lot.

She also helped her daughter refill. Xu Xiyan could not stop praising her. "This is it. My mother makes the best dishes!"

Jing Ruyue disagreed. "I havent been in the kitchen for over a decade and almost forgot how to cook. It was just a trial."

"Simply a trial could be so good. Mother, if you cook everyday you will soon be a queen of cooking!"

Xu Xiyan felt so happy and hoped that she could enjoy her mothers cooking every day.

"Help yourself, Yunshen."

Jing Ruyue helped her son-in-law refill too. She found her son-in-law increasingly pleasing lately. What a perfect couple!

"Thank you, auntie!"

Xu Xiyan stepped on his foot when Huo Yunshen said so.

He turned to her and asked, "What? Why did you step on me?"

"What did you just call my mother?" Xu Xiyan raised her chin and asked.

Huo Yunshen realized and felt embarrassed. He turned to Jing Ruyue and unofficially corrected himself. "Sorry, I was wrong. Mother, you should have more, too."

Jing Ruyue did not care about the way he addressed her. "Never mind, lets enjoy our dinner!"

Having finished their dinner, Huo Yunshen went playing with Ying Bao while Xu Xiyan spent more time with her mother.

After a shower, Xu Xiyan helped her mother dry her hair, and told her about the plan. "Mother, Id like you to take some traditional Chinese herbal therapy and Ill be in charge of your daily diet. Ill need your full cooperation."

Jing Ruyue had been kept in the underground crystal palace for too long. Her physical functions were decaying, and she was weak and lacked energy. Her skin was cold to the touch.

She would need traditional Chinese medicine and herbal cuisine to get rid of the coldness, plus some exercise to improve her physical functions.

"Sure. Im all yours."

Jing Ruyue knew that her daughter was filial. They had risked their lives to save hers. There was no reason for her to waste it.

Recalling what had happened in the past, Xu Xiyan tried to ask, "Mother, did you know? Your autobiography The Perfect Scenery was made into a movie. Mr. Huang was the director and I starred in it."


Jing Ruyue found it surprising. How could she have expected her own daughter to star for the script she had left many years ago?

"And I won the Best Actress Award for that role. I fulfilled your dream, mother."

"Well done, my daughter! You made me proud."

Jing Ruyue held her daughters hands and put on a hearty smile.

Xu Xiyan held her mothers hands for a while and asked further, "Mother, that Feng in your script, the man you loved dearlywas he my father?"

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