Perverted Demon Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Don't tease me.

Rowen took out a pill from his space ring and embedded it in Garu's mouth.

"Stop!, what are you feeding me? I will never eat it!" Garu said while struggling to avoid the purple coloured pill.

He didn't want to take anything from Rowen as he has already understood that Rowen was no normal guy and instead is a demon. A very ruthless demon.

It was best for him if he avoided taking anything from the hands of this crafty brat. He tried to evade his hands, however as his cultivation realm was sealed, Rowen easily forced the purple colour pill down his throat.

A medicinal fragrance entered Garu's nose, he felt a bittersweet taste enveloping his tastebuds, the pill started melting in his mouth and he could feel it in his throat.

A warm current circulated in his body, all the pain that was in his body slowly started to subside. The punch of freshness hit his tongue, the sweat on his body dried out and a supple blush formed in his face.

"Energy Replenishing pill?!" Garu said while looking at Rowen, he couldn't believe that Rowen will give him energy replenishing pill.

"Why are you giving me Energy Replenishing pill when you have sealed my cultivation. Many of its effects will be completely wasted." Garu said.

"Big brother, you need to be in peak condition to handle five herculean apes at the same time, I am afraid that you will lose your life if you had been ravished by them in your previous condition. That is the reason why I have given you such an expensive pill, I hope big brother cherish my generosity." Rowen said while his teeth beamed with joy.

"What do you mean? Are you kidding me, I am a male! Stop joking right now and just kill me!" Garu said while his face contorted and tears started to fell down of his eyes, his nose turned red and fluidly. Little sobs started to echo in the cave.

"He is really a feminine male, look at how he is crying," Lilias said with a chuckle, she looked at Aurora laying on the other side and then squinted her eyes.

Her face turned red and then she looked at Rowen. "Son you still haven't fulfilled the promise of spending time with me." She said the tone of her words lowered with her each word.

Her hand brushed up against his waist and her eyes were completely focused in his, her lips parted and a slow smiled built upon her face.

Rowen leaned towards her and, his hand brushed up against her back and then landed on her butt. He licked his lips and then a silly grin formed on his face.

He looked deep in her black eyes and parted his lips slowly. "You want me to keep your promise?" He said with a chuckle.

Lilias Rapidly nodded, her hands were fidgety as she straightened her back, her eyes went wide she even refused to blink. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, she moved her head towards him with her lips formed in a pout.

However, Rowen squinted his eyes and with a smile on his face back up from her.

"I promise, I will do it later." He said with a teasing tone.

Blair on the other side pressed her lips against each other her cheeks ballooned as she tried to stop her laugh. She knew that her master was teasing Queen of Ellesmere. She was jealous that even in this weird condition, both of them still took time to have fun.

Lilias's face reddened as her nostrils widened up, her lips curled up and she furiously moved her head towards Blair. Her eyes glaring dagger at her joyful face.

If looks could kill, Bliar would have already died over a thousand of time.

Blair quickly averted her eyes from Lilias as she turned her head towards the sky, trying to look for the stars in this closed cave. She doesn't want to look at Queen's annoyed face. And neither she wanted to face the wrath of Queen.

"You, little brat what are you laughing at?" Lilias said with her arms closed over her chest. Her face was completely flushed red by annoyance, however, she didn't want to get angry at Rowen and that is why she found a new target that was Bliar.

Blair's head pulled back as her shoulders pushed forward, she pressed her lips together and started glancing around uneasily, Refusing to answer or even make eye contact with the angry Queen.

She gently bit her lips, her belly clutched and she glared at Rowen while nodding slowly. "Master, how about, I take that girl to hellish dimension and then I will present her to you in fine and beautiful condition." She said to Rowen with an amiable smile on her face as she moved towards him quickly.

She completely ignored the Queen as she was just thin air.

Rowen almost burst out laughing seeing her act and then with a slight nod, he waved his hand towards Blair. He didn't want to get her in any more trouble as he has already enjoyed the show.

"Make sure to seal her cultivation." He said and then moved towards Lilias.

Blair nodded, cupped her hands and then quickly vanished from the spot with the naked body of Aurora.

Rowen didn't really want, to ravage Aurora right now as she was truly in pathetic condition, he would rather enjoy her supple body while gold and stone are not embedded in her body and blood was not flowing out of her.

He then also dismissed the five Herculean apes and they also vanished with Garu as his screams still resounded while they entered in the Hellish dimension.

He has specially ordered them to not kill him as he wanted to completely juice out as much emotional power as he could from Garu.

And before they vanished he made sure to take Garu's spatial ring and then kept it in his ring.

This ring was very important to him as he was certain that all the treasures contained in this tomb were really in this ring, except the dagger, flute and the trident that Aurora was holding while she fought Garu.

Rowen then looked at Lilias with a satisfied smile on his face. He ignored her annoyed demeanour and hugged her tightly. His eyes glared in her's and then his lips landed on hers.

"Are you angry at me?" Rowen said while holding her in his embrace. She looked more like a cute jealous girl, rather than his mom.

"Could you not tease me?" She said while enjoying the warmth of his hug. She felt especially safe and small in his embrace. Her heartbeat beating faster than normal and there was a beaming blush on her face.

She rolled her fingers in his robe and then kissed him again. She has never felt this feeling before with her husband.

"So mom doesn't like me teasing her?" Rowen said with a crafty smiled on his face, he knew all the weak points of her mom.

Lilias looked at him, a frown formed on her face, revealing a forced and hard smile she pushed him back in annoyance. "Hmph... Don't forget that you are still my kid, so don't try to tease me too much." She said.

Rowen laughed and then again tightly grabbed her in his arms, "Ok I will never tease you eve..." Before he could speak any further Lilias kissed her cutting his words in the middle.

"You can tease me as much as you want, I am completely yours." She said in a deep voice as she brushed up her finger over his nose seductively.

"Now, let's go and collect that dagger, without wasting any time, no one knows what will happen next in this God-forsaken place." She said again as she wanted to escape this situation.

Rowen also looked at the Golden colour dagger hovering over the altar in front of them, he focused his eyes on it and then raised his brow in suspicion.

As he knew that the Giant protecting this dagger was already defeated, he knew that it can't be this easy to get his hands-on this dagger.

"There should be more traps laying here," Rowen said and slowly moved towards the side of his mom.

Lilias also focused her gaze at the dagger, opened her third eye and then nodded, "I can also sense something amiss here, there should be some traps still laid there, we should be careful." She said.

Rowen summoned a werewolf from his hellish dimension and then pointed at the golden dagger. He wanted to check the surrounding by sending the werewolf there.

As even if the werewolf died it will not be much of loss as he could create may more latter. He just wanted to test the waters before fishing in them.

"Go and get me that dagger," Rowen said while looking at the werewolf.

The werewolf leaned forwards and moved towards the dagger slowly.

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