Perverted Demon Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Spirit Synchronization

"Now become my servant," Rowen said and embedded his claw finger in Garu's glabella, separating the skin on his forehead.

"What... What are you doing? Are you gonna kill me after all that talk just now?!" Garu said in a loud voice, he was terrified and really wanted to save his life. However, seeing Rowen placing his sharp claw finger in his glabella, he thought that Rowen was gonna kill him. He even completely ignored the words that Rowen just said now.

Rowen looking at his terrified and confused expression smiled and then composed his demeanour. "How can I kill you, senior brother, I am just giving you some power so you can walk again, so kindly accept it." He said while forming a smile on his face.

"No! Don't give him any sort of help! He will definitely kill you! And then destroy this whole continent!" Aurora on the other hand said with a scared expression on her face.

She was sure that if Rowen helped this monster regain his power again, it will be bad for both her and the whole continent of Rubloa.

Rowen completely ignored her and injected his flesh in Garu's forehead. He was using his Fiend Flesh transmutation technique on him instead of Devil Bloodline Magnification art because in the latter he has little to no control over the demons he created.

And he wanted to completely control this Garu guy, or else he was sure that he will kill him the first chance he got.

Garu listened to him and a smile formed on his face, he looked at Rowen and said: "Yes junior brother I am ready, give me the power now and then I will help you, definitely."

Rowen looked at him and he knew that he was lying, he could even sense his powers surging from all the negative emotion coming from Garu, he was on the verge of a breakthrough.

Rowen pulsed his flesh in Garu's body, however, opposite to what he expected, Garu actually rejected his flesh. Rowen gritted his teeth and with a forced smile said. "Senior brother, why are you rejecting good fortune from me?"

Garu looked at him and snorted. "Haaa! You thought I would fall for your tricks, I have already sensed that your flesh is demonic, it is not to increase my power, however, to completely control me. I will rather die than being controlled by a piece of shit like you!" He said.

Rowen squinted his eyes and went silent, he was confused about how this guy sensed his demonic technique. After some thinking, he came to the conclusion that it was all because his own cultivation was too low and as Garu was many levels higher than him and also a demonic cultivator, he easily sensed him.

Rowen took in a deep breath and then let it out with a sigh. He loosened his body and pulled his finger out of his forehead. He silently moved to the side. He can't do anything about this situation so he didn't stress over it much and calmed down.

He was really disappointed in Garu guy, he will rather choose death than being someone's slave. "Ahh... It's rather disappointing big brother that you don't believe me, I was just helping you out here." He said and then reluctantly removed his claw.

"Pathetic people like you could never fool me, an elder of Great Rubloa sect! Now go ahead and kill me, I am ready to die, however, remember one this my sect will not leave this matter as it is, they will definitely find you and kill you." Garu said with a hint of mockery in his tone.

"Brother, why are you talking this way to your junior here, how can I kill you when you still have many uses to me?" Rowen said and then a crafty smile sparkled on his face.

He was not gonna kill this chicken that lays golden eggs if he can't use him as a slave then he will use him as a cultivation resource.

After all, he was someone in martial manipulation realm, Rowen could easily break through to Spirit Saint realm if he just completely break this man down, he just needs to seal his cultivation down, so Garu can't attack him and then it will be perfect cultivation resource for him.

"I will not help you do anything!" Garu said and started laughing while coughing out blood.

"Ohh... You are actually doing it just now." Rowen said and then summoned his mom and Blair.

"Mom, can you seal his cultivation?" Rowen said and then moved towards the unmoving body of Aurora laying on the ground.

He came near her, his body kneeled down beside her, his left hand reached out her lips and he took a little blood of her on his finger. "Hello, senior sister, you tried to help me back then, however, you are the one that needs help now. Do you want my help?" He said and then raised his finger and licked her blood.

"You... What do you want?! I will kill you if you did anything to me!" Aurora said with a disgusted look on her face, she tried to move her body, however, only a grunt left her mouth as all her energy was completely drained out and due to the red aura circulating in her body, she couldn't even move her fingers.

Rowen looked at her and chuckled, "I wish I could get killed by a beautiful senior like you." He said and then rolled his hands on her waist to her boobs and then finally pinched her nipple tightly.

She had pretty big boobs, almost compared to Blair in her Flame Elf form, and her dark contrasty nipples on her white skin looked very tempting to Rowen.

"Ahh..! Stop, don't you dare to touch my body, It will not end well for you." She said and again helplessly tried to move her body.

"Aaaa! Bitch! What are you doing?! How dare to touch me! Stop right now!" Garu shouted from behind the Rowen.

Rowen stood up and saw his mom sealing his cultivation after she did so, she stood up and then angrily looked at Garu.

She raised her leg and adding some force she kicked him in the stomach.

"Shut up! You piece of trash, do you want me to throw you to Herculean apes, they will surely like your feminine body and those shrieks of yours." Lilias said and then moved towards Rowen, her face caught a smile just as she looked at Rowen.

However, Rowen suddenly felt a power surge through his whole body and strange information entering his mind. 'I broke through to the spirit synchronization realm!' He thought.

Rowen looked at his arms and feeling the power coursing through his body, he clenched his fist and a smile formed on his face.

Lilias also felt the power increasing in his body and her smile even widened more, she truly was happy for him.

She came close to him and embraced his body.

Her lips landed on his and then both of them started kissing.

"Congratulations my king" Lilias said, while still being in his embrace.

On the other hand, Bair also noticed his breakthrough and she also congratulated him while kneeling down on the floor.

He kept the new art he got from his demonic technique in the back of his mind and looked at Garu, whose face was currently contorted in pain.

Garu was the reason for the breakthrough of Rowen and he was sure that he will be his ticket to the Spirit Saint realm.

His eyes again landed on his mom and he smiled at her. "Mom, your idea was not bad, we should let our Herculean apes enjoy some of this exquisite piece of meat. I am sure they will love it and forever be thankful to me." He said and then laughed out loud.

Lilias also laughed out with him. Blair on the other hand also had a little smile on her face, she was rather amused, she wanted to know what will happen to this guy after those herculean apes used him.

As she was a demon, she loved to see people suffer, and she was not even a bit grossed out of Rowen's idea.

However, Garu, on the other hand, has goosebumps raised on his body, his eyes widened and he looked at the pair smiling in front of him.

Garu has already figured out that this guy, is really a demon and he would really do what he is saying.

"What do you mean? Kill me now or I will definitely kill you latter! You piece of shit!" Garu said trying to end his life as he couldn't just handle the humiliation of being used by some apes.

Rowen just smiled more at his words and summoned five herculean apes to form his hellish dimension.

They were giant and had a rough expression on their faces.

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