Perverted Demon Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Unexpected turn.

Rowen didn't want to take any risk with Garu. He knew that if his estimation failed the only result will be him losing his life.

That is the reason why he flew up in the sky to help Aurora in defeating this Garu guy and he has chosen the perfect moment for it.

As aurora was currently attacking Garu with her full power, even if Garu notices him it will be impossible for him to divert his attention to him.

"You bitch! You think you can defeat me with that puny trident of yours, that you find in this tomb. I will make you regret this decision. If you have silently listened to me like a good whore, I may have let you off the hook however now you will suffer under me."

"I will not kill you, Instead you will suffer a fate worse than death. And even your family will suffer because of you." Garu Stonebone said with a sneer on his face.

He was completely focused on the sparkly Spirit Saint in front of him and for a few seconds, he completely forgot to look back.

He dropped his guard from his back, as he estimated that the only guy present in this cave was like an ant to him.

However, when he suddenly felt a killing intent on his back, did he noticed Rowen riding a Spirit Saint realm demonic beast.

There was a smile on Rowen's face and he was holding a red colour flute in his hand.

Garu's eyes widened when he noticed the flute in his hand. 'It's... It's the Flute of Enchantress! How did this useless piece of shit get his hand on it? And what about that beast of his? How did he manage to tame a beast more powerful than him?' He thought, however, he couldn't do anything against him right now as Aurora was coming at him with great speed and he was sure that his cultivation will drop after he contended against her.

"This bitch! Aaaaa!"

He roared and raised his sword in anger, he completely lost his sanity and attacked with all the power left in him at Aurora.

A heavy red deathly aura covered his whole body and he opened his jaw wide and with a roar sped towards Aurora with his shiny sword pointed at her trident.

"You Bitch! I will make sure to kill you even if it means my death!" He said and with anger flashing in his eyes.

Only now did Aurora noticed Rowen smiling on the top of a Death worm and with a flute in his hand and a smile formed on her face.

"Hahaha! You will pay for the things you did to all those innocent guys, you will definitely die today!" She said and then collided with his sword.

Flashes of sparks appeared in the air as both the trident and sword stricken with each other.

The whole cave shook and even Rowen felt a shock wave that pushed him a little back. All the clothes on Aurora's body got completely ripped apart and many wounds appeared on her supple white body.

Only pants remained on Garu's body and his body was even more mutilated blood dripping from everywhere and even some flesh fell off of his body.

Both of them landed on the golden floor with a bang, creating craters on the metal floor.

Aurora could feel her bones cracking and the blood flowing out of her mouth, nose and many wounds in her body.

Although she knew that her body was completely naked she didn't have enough power to even move her body, however suddenly she felt something in her body that made her clench her jaw in anger.

It was a strange red-coloured aura that was coursing through her veins and slowly eating up her body.

She fathomed that if she didn't get help in time this aura will definitely kill her.

This strange aura was definitely from the feminine Garu Stonebone, in his last attack he injected this strange aura in her body.

If she was in her peak condition she could have easily dissolve this aura, however, currently, all her spiritual power has been used up and she didn't even have enough power to move her body and take out some energy replenishing pill from her spatial ring.

Her eyes then landed on the figure still flying in the air and hope flashed in her eyes, she looked at him and a satisfied smiled formed on her face.

She was happy that she treated that brat right previously, now if he helped her just to fetch a spirit replenishing pill from her ring she will save her life.

Her eyes then moved towards her left and her gaze landed on Garu, she could tell that his condition was even worse than herself.

Garu was currently laying on the damaged floor, many pieces of the gold embedded in his body, his whole body was covered in red blood and even his breathing was shallow.

'Shit! I have no power left.' He thought and then also looked at the figure flying in the air.

He previously estimated that he would at least have a true deity realm cultivation after attacking that bitch, however, due to this guy he completely abandoned his safety and attacked with his full power at the Aurora.

And even after that, he failed to kill that bitch, he looked at Rowen and then anger flashed in his face.

'This guy is the reason for my demise.' He thought and then spat a mouthful of blood on the ground.

Rowen landed near, Garu and a smile formed on his face. He looked at Garu with a pitiful expression.

Garu looked at him and sneered. "No need to act, go ahead and end my life, however, don't forget that I am backed up by the Great Rubloa sect itself and if you killed me my sect will destroy you and your seven generations." He said as his last resort, he knew that no one in this world will be foolish enough to leave him alive, however, he still tried.

Rowen dropped his act and a huge smile formed on his face. He kicked in the face of Garu with full force and then laughed out loud.

"You Gaylord! How dare you beg for death, you will be very useful to me in the future, I can't just kill you." Rowen said and landed another kick on his face.

Listening to him Aurora's eyes widened and a worried expression appeared on her face she opened her mouth and said loudly. "No! Junior brother you have to kill him now, or later he will get back his power and kill you instead."

Garu heard him and a smile formed on his face and then Aurora's voice landed in his ears and his expression contorted again."You bitch! You just shut up! Junior brother, I promise if you help me now then I will remember this favour of you for life and definitely help you however you want in future." He said with a forced smile.

Garu even forgot the kicks that Rowen landed on his face while saying the previous words.

Rowen looked at both of them and his smile widened even more. He cupped his hand towards Aurora and said. "Thanks, senior sister for your suggestion, however, stupid bitches like you should keep their mouths shut when someone is having a conversation."

His eyes then rolled over her naked body and then he licked his lips. "Senior sister, your body is just suited to my, liking, I will be using it to my heart's content after dealing with this retard on the floor." He said while pointing at Garu.

Listening to him, a terrorised expression appeared on her face, her brows frowned and her eyes widened, even her breathing hastened, she can't believe that this innocent looking boy was a devil himself.

She has previously tried to help him only because he looked innocent, however, it was only now she realised that he was a demon in the skin of a sheep.

"Junior brother, you are doing a mistake here, that guy over there is very crafty, he will kill you the first chance he gets. And I even tried to help you before so why are you talking rudely to me." She said in a pleading tone.

"Shut up!" Rowen said and ignored her, his gaze landed on Garu and he kicked him again in the stomach.

However, Garu has just found hope in this hopeless situation and he completely ignored the insults and kicks Rowen was barraging on him.

"Junior brother, I see you like women like her. Trust me I will provide you with even higher quality women to enjoy if you just help me. I will even help you to break through to the Martial Formation Realm." He said again.

However, Rowen just completely ignored his words and raised his right hand in front of his chest and a red claw formed over his hand.

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