Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 2374

Chapter 2374 A Dragons Wrath

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The leader of that group spoke, his expression unchanged: "Master instructed us to obey Young Masters orders completely. Young Master issued an order just now and prohibited us from attacking."

"Thats too foolish! What if Young Master is in danger? We wont be able to pay for that even if we had 10 heads!"

"Plus, boss, he might be Young Master, but hes still a child! How could you listen to him completely?"

The leader coldly glanced at his men. "Insolence. Regardless of how old he is, hes still Young Master. Moreover dont underestimate Young Master."

Then the leader ordered, "Everyone, dont attack. Secretly follow and protect him."

In the end, the guards who were knocked down could only watch helplessly as the people from the Yin family took Tangtang away.

Soon, one of the guards rapidly dialed Nameless Nies number.

When Nameless Nie learned Tangtang was taken away, he immediately left the hospital and rushed to the guards location.

However, by the time Nameless Nie arrived, the people from the Yin family had long disappeared.

At Tianshui City:

Ye Wanwan was currently speaking with Medusa in the mansion.

Medusa was discussing the latest situation with Ye Wanwan. "Wow, I seriously admit defeat to that woman, Yin Yuerong! What kind of grievances and enmities does she have? I heard shes been traveling everywhere recently and mobilizing all the power she can. From the looks of it, she absolutely wont allow the bill to pass!"

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin. "Is there really no method to persuade her?"

Medusa looked at her in shock. "Persuade Yin Yuerong? Are you kidding me? Women like her absolutely wont change their minds about something theyve decided on regardless of the factors!"

Ye Wanwans expression was exasperated. "Thats true"

At that moment, Ye Wanwans phone started ringing abruptly. It was Nameless Nie calling.

"Hey, Worriless!"

"What is it, Brother?" Ye Wanwan asked.

"Worriless, where are you?" Nameless Nie sounded extraordinarily anxious.

"Im still in Tianshui City. Did something happen?" Ye Wanwan frowned.

"When Tangtang was released from school, he was stopped by people from the Yin family and was taken away by them," Nameless Nie replied.

"What did you say?!"

Ye Wanwans expression changed drastically.Tangtang was abducted?!

Astonishment also appeared on Medusas face.

"The guards responsible for protecting Tangtang said it was Tangtangs grandmother who wanted to see Tangtang," Nameless Nie explained.

"Brother Ye, are you certain it was the Yin family?!" Ye Wanwan asked hastily.

"Im certain. I already looked into it just now, and it was the Yin family without a doubt!"

"However, it couldnt have been Yin Yuerong who wants to see Tangtang the next few days are key for revising the bill, and Yin Yuerong went on a business trip to retrieve an important document two days ago. Shes been utterly exhausted from overwork recently, so theres no way shed touch Tangtang at a time like this" Ye Wanwan analyzed.

"If it wasnt Yin Yuerong, who else could it be? I investigated it and discovered the abductors were members of the Yin familys Iron Guards. Theyre Yin Yuerongs direct secret guards!" Nameless Nie was befuddled.

A chilly glint flitted through Ye Wanwans eyes. "I have a general idea of whos responsible. Brother, seal off the news for now. Ill take care of Tangtang!"


"Dont worry! I wont allow anything to happen to Tangtang!" Ye Wanwan steadied her voice.

Not long after Ye Wanwan hung up, she received a text on her phone.

The sender was an unfamiliar number, and it contained an invite for her to visit the Yin family.

Soon, a second message came. It was Tangtangs photo

"Yin Heng, youre dead!"

Ye Wanwans eyes glinted icily as she stared at Tangtangs photo.

No one could use her baby to threaten her!

A dragon had wrath

which could be incurred at a touch!

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