Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 2373

Chapter 2373 Hes Too Easy To Deceive Right?

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Tangtang looked up and tilted his head slightly, his fair face in full view. When he heard the mention of his grandmother, he appeared to have lowered his guard and appeared naive and innocent. "Grandmother wants to see me?"

The deputy quickly said, "Thats right, thats right. As you said, were from Tianshui Citys Yin family, so we were naturally sent by your grandmother. Your grandmother wants us to pick you up!"

Upon seeing the deputy bewitching their young master, a nearby guard hastily said, "Young Master, you mustnt listen to these peoples coercing words. People from Tianshui City are extremely dangerous, and you absolutely cant leave with them!"

A murderous aura flashed through the deputys eyes.

When Tangtang heard this, he didnt show any care and waved his little hand. "Theyre Grandmothers people! I want to go with them to see Grandmother!"

Those words produced a similar effect to saying "I know theyre the big bad wolf, but I want to go home with them."

The leader and deputy were both startled. It was just a careless remark but this child agreed?

He was too easy to deceive, right?!

1Before coming here, Master clearly plied them with instructions on how difficult this child was, but it appeared they truly overestimated him.

He was dumb no matter how you looked at it. As the little young master of the Nie family, how could he lack all traces of vigilance?

"Little Young Master, you cant!" You absolutely cant!" a guard anxiously protested. "Let us inform your uncle first"

As long as Nameless Nie came, forget about the Yin family, but even Yin Yuerong herself wouldnt be able to take Little Young Master away!

"No need to find my uncle. I also want to go see Grandmother. Youre all done now, so leave, everyone," Tangtang ordered and also sent a warning glance at a hidden spot.


The Nie family guards were dumbfounded. How could they allow this?

Tangtang glanced at the Nie family guards, his expression displeased. What? I cant order you now?"

He knew Daddy had sent some people over to protect him in hiding.

However, this time, the other party evidently came prepared. If he wasnt mistaken, these were all the sharpest members of the Yin familys secret guards, the Iron Guards. All of them were experts and carried gu poison. If he didnt go with them, even if he managed to safely escape by luck, the people protecting him today would all die without a doubt.

Most importantly. this way Not only would Daddy and Mommy seek unending vengeance against the Yin family, but Yun City and Tianshui City would also erupt into a major battle

Uncle was still looking after Aunt-In-Law in the hospital. Even if Uncle found out, he wouldnt be able to rush over in a short period of time, so leaving with them was Tangtangs best option right now.

1Moreover, he was well aware that these people wouldnt dare to do anything to him regardless of which member of the Yin family sent them.

"Didnt you hear? Little Young Master wants to go and see his grandmother. It was nothing to do with you all! Scram!" the deputy yelled fiercely.

"No! Absolutely no! You cant take Little Young Master away. Even if its as you said, you have to wait until Young Master Nameless from the Nie family arrives first! You can only take Little Young Master away if Young Master agrees!" a Nie family guard persistently insisted.

In the end, the group of Nie family guards was knocked to the ground.

The power differential was too great. They were no match for the Yin family at all.

In the dark, the people who Si Yehan sent to protect Tangtang fell into a dilemma.

"What should we do? Should we attack?"

"Yeah, if we dont attack, Young Master will be taken away."

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