Path Of The Lilies Chapter 272

272 Oath Of Promise


Lu Wan could feel blood in his mouth and spat it outside. He looked at Chen Zi Quan with his dark brown eyes. There was clearly indignation within his gaze that seemed to be filled with annoyance.

"Meh, you can only slap me when I'm down like this, why don't you"


"Your mouth is really bad. Do you think that I'll fall for your lowly provocation?"

"Guh." Lu Wan was trying hard to make sure that he didn't pass out. He was feeling annoyed when he thought of the slap that Chen Zi Quan gave him. How could a mere slap be so painful like that?

Lu Su was watching without any emotion in his face. It was as if the one who was slapped just now was not his brother but a stranger. "My apologies for failing to educate my little brother, Your Highness."

"It's not really your fault seeing how this brat is already too arrogant," Chen Zi Quan summoned his sword. The moment he used his Eon Energy, Lu Wan's heart fell. This damned prince was also at rank 3?!

Did it mean he was the only one who hadn't reached that rank?

No wonder the slap was so painful. This hateful prince was actually already Eon Energy Master Rank 3. At this thought, Lu Wan felt even more indignated because he wanted to reach that rank faster. If he failed, he knew that he would have to stay in this accursed Four Kingdoms for another year.


"Now, do you want to do this the hard way or the easy way, Lu Wan? Give your oath of loyalty to the Imperial Family," Chen Zi Quan threatened.

Lu Wan paid no heed to the sword that was placed right beside his neck. He knew that the king wouldn't let his son kill him because someone with his talent was rare. What would the other kingdoms do if they heard that he was getting bad treatment here?

They would surely extend their hand to rope him in.

And if they found out that he had died, they would surely try to create chaos in this kingdom by spreading news of how the Chen Kingdom treated their geniuses. No one would want to be killed just because they had better talent. They would surely move away to other kingdoms.

At that time, Chen Kingdom's end would be near.

This was what Qi Huan had explained to him. Even if they wanted to kill him in the end, they needed to wait until the time was right. As for when it was, it would obviously be when everyone had forgotten the name 'Lu Wan.' Until that time, they would have to keep him away in a secluded place without attracting any attention.

"Don't you think it's useless?" Lu Wan sneered.


"I can't kill you, but I can wound you at the very least," Chen Zi Quan said emotionlessly.


"Just do it," Lu Wan challenged.


"Zi Quan, stop it," Chen Tian stopped his son right before the young man exploded in anger.

Chen Zi Quan wiped the spit as he bowed to his father. "Yes, Father."

"You should go and depart. The Teleportation Array is ready."

"Yes, Father."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Lu Wan looked at the group of youngsters without much care. He could see Wei Yin, Mu Xin, and some others that he didn't recognize. It seemed that a lot of young generations managed to reach rank 3 in this short period of time. He was getting left behind.

"Now," Chen Tian directed his gaze to Lu Wan as he started to exert his power. Tremendous force of Eon Energy filled the hall with the center of them all being Lu Wan. Many other ministers quickly retreated as they were worried that they might get implicated.

Internally, they cursed out.

They had just seen Chen Tian angry because of the death of one of the loyal ministers. Now, they had to see this king get angry again because of a youngster. If only they knew this, they would surely depart right away after the meeting was over.

No one wanted to stay here to see the king angry again ah.

One is enough.

Lu Wan gritted his teeth as he endured the pressure. He still could remember the first time Zhan Jing trainedthem against pressure. The two of them fell flat to the ground because they were unable to withstand the force. It was so heavy that he didn't feel like doing anything.

His body started to scream in pain, yet he didn't speak. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and fell to the ground bit by bit.

"Lu Wan, will you give your oath?"

"NEVER!" Lu Wan yelled with all his might.

Chen Tian waved his hand and the pressure increased once more. It was threatening to bring down the young man, who was trying to stand up once again without result. The pressure was tearing him down.

Even the officials started to feel sorry for the young man. They knew just how overbearing the Imperial Family was, so they knew that there was no escape from this system. Unless they managed to somehow get out of the kingdom, but even then, there was no one who could say for sure that they would get better treatment.

"This is not working."

The sudden voice caused all attention to the one who spoke. They could see a middle-aged man cladded in a grey robe walking unhurriedly in the place filled with pressure to stand before Chen Tian. The way he walked made one wonder if the pressure they experienced was real or not.

"What is it, Advisor?" Chen Tian asked.

The man called Advisor turned his gaze to Lu Wan. "Even if you put pressure onto him, he won't say it with his conviction. It's better to just use the technique to force him to speak."

"It won't do good."

"Also, you won't be able to do it now."


"This boy is under the Oath of Promise. Unless the time limit was up, you can't make him say the Oath of Loyalty."

When Lu Wan heard the man speak, his eyes widened.

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